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Baphomet112 4. mars, 2014 @ 15:21
Really weird glitch
bodies and guns go missing
basically every few minutes or so after playing it the lights will start to flicker and once the lights start to flicker all of my enemies attacking me, my gun, and myself included will start to flicker into invisibility until everything is just gone and invisible i tried looking online for a solution but couldnt find any if anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated and ill try and send you a cookie for your efforts
Sist redigert av Baphomet112; 7. mars, 2014 @ 22:56
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Baphomet112 14. mars, 2014 @ 22:28 
i made a video so people can see what im talking about and this is the classic doom 3
EchoFiveActual 27. mars, 2014 @ 19:44 
Im not sure what it is it might be a problem with youre graphics card
Lemonfed 17. mai, 2014 @ 22:21 
have the same problem but I can play at least 20-30 minutes before it's happen , considering I have a new computer I doubt its a hardware problem.
redtiger97 19. mai, 2014 @ 18:25 
I have this problem too, and it also causes my game to crash, with this message:

loaded collision model models/mapobjects/utility/binplug/binplug_o.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/doors/techdoor1/techdr1frame.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/doors/techdoor1/techdr1lft.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/doors/techdoor1/techdr1rt.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/doors/enprodoor2/enprodoor2_rt.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/doors/enprodoor2/enprodoor2_lf.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/doors/techdoor2/techdr2frame.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/utility/inhaler/inhaler.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/doors/jumbodoor/jumbodoortop.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/doors/jumbodoor/jumbodoorside1.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/doors/jumbodoor/jumbodoorside2.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/doors/jumbodoor/jumbodoorbottom.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/doors/jumbodoor/jumbodoorfrm.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/guiobjects/techdrpanel1/techdrpanel1.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/chairs/modchair/modseat.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/chairs/modchair/modarm.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/chairs/modchair/modcorner.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/filler/keyboard1.ase
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/airlock/airlockcomp.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/airlock/airlockdoor.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/airlock/airlockdoorgui.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/delta1/warfoot/warfoot.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/elevators/elevator_glass.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/doors/delelev/delelevin.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/lights/klaxon/klaxon.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/phobos/tram_door_frame.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/phobos/tram_door_c.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/phobos/tram_door_a.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/phobos/tram_door_b.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/phobos/gon_arm_1.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/phobos/gon_shell_1.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/phobos/gon_door_L_1.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/phobos/gon_door_R_1.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/phobos/gon_nobby_1.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/phobos/gon_pipe_1.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/signs/marquee/marquee.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/cpu/pullhandle.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/skmachines/skcube.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/utility/vent/vent.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/shelf/shelf.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/healthgui/healthgui.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/doors/airlockdoor/airdoormaster.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/doors/airlockdoor/separates/airdoorfrm.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/doors/airlockdoor/separates/airdoor.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/teleporterog/telegui.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/utility/tecknob1/tecknob1.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/teleporterog/teleshoulder.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/teleporterog/telearm1.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/teleporterog/telebody.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/delta3/teleporter_warpfx/betrugger_lightning.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/delta3/teleporter_warpfx/betrugger_black_sphere.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/hell/doom3ex/phobos/d3ex_goo_1a.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/doors/deldoor1/deldoor1frm.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/doors/deldoor1/deldoor1vert.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/com/modconsole5.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/com/modconsole3.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/com/modconsole1.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/com/modconsole2.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/com/platguistand/platguistand.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/machineroom/machineclaw3a.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/machineroom/machineclaw2.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/machineroom/machineclaw5a.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/phobos/phobos1_helldoorway.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/exgen/d3xp_ccase_comp2.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/phobos/phobos1_brockerybeef.lwo
WARNING: idChoiceWindow::InitVars: gui 'guis/mpmain.gui' window 'SNDBPrimary' references undefined cvar 's_driver'
----- idRenderModelManagerLocal::EndLevelLoad -----
1 models purged from previous level, 1345 models kept.
----- idImageManager::EndLevelLoad -----
WARNING: Couldn't load image: textures/smf/bloom2/currentmaterial
WARNING: Couldn't load image: guis/assets/hud/items/armor_shard
WARNING: Couldn't load image: _emptyname
0 purged from previous
169 kept from previous
2228 new loaded
all images loaded in 13.4 seconds
----- idSoundCache::EndLevelLoad -----
28404k referenced
1229k purged
sound: found efxs/phobos1.efx
21554 msec to load game/phobos1
idRenderWorld::GenerateAllInteractions, msec = 17, staticAllocCount = 0.
interactionTable size: 3947840 bytes
33590 interaction take 3762080 bytes
------------- Warnings ---------------
during game/phobos1...
WARNING: Couldn't load image: _emptyname
WARNING: Couldn't load image: guis/assets/hud/items/armor_shard
WARNING: Couldn't load image: textures/smf/bloom2/currentmaterial
WARNING: Couldn't load sound 'guisounds.wav' using default
WARNING: file <implicit file>, line 2: unknown token '5.'
WARNING: file def/d3xp-gibs.def, line 74: 'def_dropGibItem3' already defined
WARNING: file def/d3xp-gibs.def, line 75: 'dropGibItem3Joint' already defined
WARNING: file def/d3xp-gibs.def, line 77: 'def_dropGibItem4' already defined
WARNING: file def/d3xp-gibs.def, line 78: 'dropGibItem4Joint' already defined
WARNING: file def/d3xp-gibs.def, line 80: 'def_dropGibItem5' already defined
WARNING: file def/d3xp-gibs.def, line 81: 'dropGibItem5Joint' already defined
WARNING: idChoiceWindow::InitVars: gui 'guis/mpmain.gui' window 'SNDBPrimary' references undefined cvar 's_driver'
12 warnings
loaded collision model models/weapons/shell1/sshell_bigger.lwo
loaded collision model models/gibs/head_pork.lwo
loaded collision model models/gibs/torso_pork.lwo
loaded collision model models/gibs/rup_arm_pork.lwo
loaded collision model models/gibs/left_waist_pork.lwo
loaded collision model models/gibs/lup_leg_pork.lwo
loaded collision model models/gibs/rup_leg_pork.lwo
loaded collision model models/gibs/rup2_leg_pork.lwo
loaded collision model models/gibs/pelvis_pork.lwo
loaded collision model models/gibs/skull_pork.lwo
loaded collision model models/weapons/chaingun/w_chaingun.lwo
WARNING: rigid body moved outside world bounds for entity 'idMoveableItem_moveable_item_skull_pork_2151' type 'idMoveableItem' at (723 2642 -2135)
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/fuel_barrel/exp_barrel2c.lwo
loaded collision model models/mapobjects/fuel_barrel/exp_barrel2b.lwo
--------- Game Map Shutdown ----------
WARNING: idClipModel::FreeTraceModel: tried to free uncached trace model
WARNING: Couldn't load image: }
WARNING: idChoiceWindow::InitVars: gui 'guis/mainmenu.gui' window 'SNDBPrimary' references undefined cvar 's_driver'
reloading guis/mainmenu.gui.
reloading guis/restart.gui.
reloading guis/msg.gui.
reloading guis/takeNotes.gui.
reloading guis/intro.gui.
reloading guis/netmenu.gui.
reloading guis/map/phobos1.gui.
reloading guis/lvlmaps/genericmap.gui.
reloading guis/hud.gui.
reloading guis/pda.gui.
reloading guis/cursor.gui.
reloading guis/weapons/plasmagun.gui.
reloading guis/weapons/machinegun.gui.
reloading guis/phobos1/p1_allclear.gui.
reloading guis/pda/pda_world.gui.
reloading guis/transfer/enter_phobos1.gui.
reloading guis/weapons/chaingun.gui.
reloading guis/weapons/grabber.gui.
reloading guis/doors/elevator2floor.gui.
reloading guis/doors/elevatortop.gui.
reloading guis/screens/cpu_two.gui.
reloading guis/screens/cpu_top.gui.
reloading guis/screens/cpu_four.gui.
reloading guis/screens/cpu_three.gui.
reloading guis/screens/cpu_top2.gui.
reloading guis/screens/cpu_one.gui.
reloading guis/phobos1/p1_uac_locked.gui.
reloading guis/phobos1/p1_uac_locked.gui.
reloading guis/doors/elevatorerror.gui.
reloading guis/doors/elevatorerror.gui.
reloading guis/screens/cpu_top2.gui.
reloading guis/doors/keycard.gui.
reloading guis/screens/malfunction.gui.
reloading guis/controlpanels/airlock_outeropen.gui.
reloading guis/doors/elevator2floor.gui.
reloading guis/phobos/skytram_controlpanel_p1.gui.
reloading guis/d3xp_marquee.gui.
reloading guis/d3xp_marquee.gui.
reloading guis/d3xp_marquee.gui.
reloading guis/d3xp_marquee.gui.
reloading guis/screens/scan4.gui.
reloading guis/screens/sm1.gui.
reloading guis/pda.gui.
reloading guis/controlpanels/healthstation.gui.
reloading guis/phobos/p1_healthstation.gui.
reloading guis/transfer/outerdoor_locked.gui.
reloading guis/transfer/exit_phobos1.gui.
reloading guis/transfer/outerdoor_open.gui.
reloading guis/transfer/outerdoor_open_noclick.gui.
reloading guis/delta3/teleport3.gui.
reloading guis/doors/uac_general.gui.
reloading guis/phobos1/p1_uaclocked.gui.
reloading guis/controlpanels/cabinet.gui.
reloading guis/phobos/teleporter_falsestart.gui.
reloading guis/delta3/controlpanel_click.gui.
reloading guis/controlpanels/epd2a.gui.
reloading guis/screens/malfunction2.gui.
reloading guis/controlpanels/healthstation.gui.
reloading guis/screens/scan2dirt.gui.
reloading guis/scoreboard.gui.
reloading guis/spectate.gui.
reloading guis/chat.gui.
WARNING: idChoiceWindow::InitVars: gui 'guis/mpmain.gui' window 'SNDBPrimary' references undefined cvar 's_driver'
reloading guis/mpmain.gui.
reloading guis/mpmsgmode.gui.
reloading guis/demonic/hellfaceflash.gui.
--------- Map Initialization ---------
Map: game/phobos2
----------- Game Map Init ------------
3 0 1024 768
Regenerated world, staticAllocCount = 0.
--------- Game Map Shutdown ----------
Shutting down sound hardware
Shutting down OpenGL subsystem
...wglMakeCurrent( NULL, NULL ): success
...deleting GL context: success
...releasing DC: success
...destroying window
...shutting down QGL
...unloading OpenGL DLL
------------ Game Shutdown -----------
--------- Game Map Shutdown ----------
Shutdown event system
malloc failure for 13619772

I found that disabling the steam overlay gets rid of the flickering, but not this crash glitch...
it's worse with Resurrection of Evil, because I can't load Phobos Labs sector 2 without this happening.
redtiger97 19. mai, 2014 @ 18:33 
Well, as soon as I say that, now it loads the next level after I saved an extra time, closer to the end of sector 1. Wierd....
redtiger97 19. mai, 2014 @ 19:03 
Ugh, forget what I said about fixing the flickering by disabling the steam overlay too, I disproved myself a day after I thought I figured that out...
Lemonfed 19. mai, 2014 @ 19:37 
for me it's just random , I just keep quicksaving between fight so I don't lose much progress when it's happen.
redtiger97 24. mai, 2014 @ 19:02 
Are your graphics settings at ultra quality?
The only way I could find to eliminate the flickering and disappearing graphics is tune down your graphics settings. (Although it didn't fix my problem of getting a malloc failure once per hour...sigh)
Boizaum 24. mai, 2014 @ 23:01 
have you modded your game in any way? Modding though great for taking screenshots isn't really estensively tested and can brake your game.
Lemonfed 25. mai, 2014 @ 12:04 
set at ultra quality , tried to reduce it but it's only make the problem to appear less frequently ... I don't have mod activated either ... since I've just finished the main game I'l try later If ressurection of Evil does the same.
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