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The Cat Petter 2014年7月20日上午9:14
Doom 3 opencoop flickering texture glitch
I really need help with this.
Here are some pics:

Things turn invisible or transparent and the flashlight doesn't light up areas. It usually starts when there's more action. Somehow pressing F12 sometimes helps makes things visible for a few seconds. Any ideas?

PC specs:
Windows 8.1 64 bit
Intel Core i7 3770s
Intel HD Graphics 4000

Doom 3 is version 1.3.1.
最后由 The Cat Petter 编辑于; 2014年7月25日下午2:18
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The Cat Petter 2014年7月20日上午9:26 doesn't seem to happen when I'm playing alone.
The Cat Petter 2014年7月22日下午4:02 
It seems to start when I play for over 15 minutes...or when there's a lot of action?
I need help.
最后由 The Cat Petter 编辑于; 2014年7月22日下午4:02
spoonman9441 2014年7月22日下午4:18 
wow thats a wierd glitch, graphics card up to date?
or maybe reinstall. Could maybe be a coorupted file
The Cat Petter 2014年7月22日下午4:45 
it doesn't happen when i'm playing sp though.
I tried to install the latest intel hd 4000 update but it wouldn't let me. I'll try doing it manually.
最后由 The Cat Petter 编辑于; 2014年7月22日下午4:49
The Cat Petter 2014年7月22日下午4:55 
Hmmm. I verified the integrity of the game cache and it reaquired 1 item. I'll install the latest drivers next. I'll keep y'all posted!
spoonman9441 2014年7月23日上午8:10 
alrighty ill keep glancin back here if it doesnt work
The Cat Petter 2014年7月25日下午2:19 
I might have sort of fixed the problem. I disabled the steam overlay and updated my intel hd graphics 4000 drivers using the windows "update drivers" option. There's still some minor flickering but it's not very serious. I'll keep you posted if more serious flickering occurs.
spoonman9441 2014年7月25日下午2:33 
also if the problem increases u may try uninstalling steam as a whole, i had to do that for left for dead 2 not too long back
this is will working under linux trough but some libs are older version sigh...
work separate of steam than...
whoops no linux thread...
最后由 ┐s9ski±mas9ski└ [wine] 编辑于; 2014年9月2日上午9:19
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