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Kocián Mar 14, 2017 @ 4:21am
Bad graphics and resolution
I have problem with graphics and resolution, i can't set good graphics and high resolution. Help please.
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Repugnant Human Mar 14, 2017 @ 7:45am 
You might try setting this (replacing var values) in Doomconfig that can be found in Steam\steamapps\common\Doom 3\base folder for proper resolution.

seta r_customHeight "your_resolution_height"
seta r_customWidth "your_screen_width"
seta r_mode "-1"

Set this (also there) for proper graphics quality

seta r_cgFragmentProfile "best"
seta r_cgVertexProfile "best"
seta r_forceLoadImages "0"
seta r_skipBump "0"
seta r_skipSpecular "0"
seta r_skipNewAmbient "0"
seta r_renderer "best"
seta image_downSizeLimit "0"
seta image_ignoreHighQuality "0"
seta image_downSizeBumpLimit "0"
seta image_downSizeSpecularLimit "0"
seta image_downSizeBump "0"
seta image_downSizeSpecular "0"
seta image_useCache "0"
seta image_cacheMegs "20"
seta image_cacheMinK "200"
seta image_usePrecompressedTextures "0"
seta image_useNormalCompression "0"
seta image_useAllFormats "0"
seta image_useCompression "0"
seta image_preload "1"
seta image_forceDownSize "0"
seta image_downSize "0"
seta image_lodbias "0"
seta image_anisotropy "0"
seta image_filter "GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR"

Considering the anisotropy, it's better to have it shut down due to nonoperability on modern hardware (better use anisotropy options in your graphic card's driver)
Zero values of other cvars are just the best to go.
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VL3QX Mar 21, 2017 @ 12:32pm 
You could try the Doom 3: Redux Mod.
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Kocián Mar 22, 2017 @ 11:04am 
Okay, thanks for tip ;)
Famix Mar 22, 2017 @ 11:48pm 
BFG Edition has some graphics improvements, but changes the gameplay in many areas, even removing modding capabilities. If you want graphics, get it, but I hear most fans like this version more
Phoenix Apr 5, 2017 @ 3:50pm 
Having played both BFG Edition and the original, I prefer the original for gameplay though I do like the engine improvements in BFG Edition - namely fixing the FPS leak with the shadow code and smoothing out the audio/video sync issues. I don't see why they changed any of the gameplay elements, such as removing one of the Hell sections in RoE. If they had just tacked the new engine onto the old game it would have been fine like that.
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