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Why is "VR Paradise" suddenly unavailable in Germany?
I wanted to buy the DLC but unfortunately the game is unavailable in my region.
Will it be again available in the foreseeable future?

"An error was encountered while processing your request:
This item is currently unavailable in your region"
Originally posted by Kayns:
GERMAN Players, the USK rejected our Appeal and continue to block our game in Germany.
We are going to make some changes in the game to meet their requirements as for example; sensitive content disclaimer, more reactions from the strippers + new dialogues...)

If you are in Germany and you have already bought the game and the DLCs, no worries, you can still play the game as usual.

You can still try to use a VPN to access our store page and future DLC pages.

We stay at your disposal for any question or needs.
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I don’t know for sure, but I’ve seen similar issues reported by German players for other games that contain nudity. Current assumption is that Steam does not have an age verification service that satisfies German law. I can go a bit more into detail if you wish.
here are some informations:

for the dlcs: looks like they are still (again?) available in germany (only the base game is hidden)
f.e. here:

Thanks for the replies.
Germany banned a bunch of adult games, because of a Germany law that requires better age verification. Steam doesn't want to cater to Germany's laws I guess? There is an article floating around about steam removing a dozen or so adult titles from Germany.
Kayns  [developer] Feb 27 @ 12:45am 
Hey German friends!

We are supposed to get approval from the German organization "USK rating" on Monday, then we gonna ask to Steam to unlock our game in Germany.
Sorry for the inconvenience...
We'll be back soon 😇
thanks for the feedback and good luck, Kayns!
Wow. Rare to see a dev reacting that quickly to this type of issue. In most cases I saw the gamers figuring out a way around the limitations by themselves. Thx and chapeau to you, Kayns.
Kobs Mar 12 @ 3:11pm 
I just got a youtube e-mail saying that a video I posted was not available in Germany anymore it's a clipping of the movie 300 Apparently Warner Bros blocked it from Germany
Ogni-XR21 Mar 14 @ 12:36am 
Any update on this matter?
Kayns  [developer] Mar 17 @ 2:35am 
We are waiting for their decision... Appeal trial on the 19.
If they still want to block us we'll have to make some changes on the game before to re-submit our game to the German organization.
I hope that doesn´t mean censorship, i´m 38. If so, what about people like me who already bought it before it was blocked?
Kayns  [developer] Mar 18 @ 5:20am 
If you already bought it you can continue to play as usual :)
Nice. Thank you!
Originally posted by Kayns:
If you already bought it you can continue to play as usual :)
But i guess for future contend it means that we in Germany get censored Strippers or something else cencored, even for the guys who bought the Game before.....(?)
Maybe consider to offer the Game & DLC also on the iStripper Homepage to buy?
or make an uncensored dlc which everybody gets automatically who already owns the game and then block the dlc in german store.
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