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SEGA Dev  [developer] Jan 11 @ 5:59am
FRAMERATE - 11 January 2019
Hi Catherine fans,

Reports of 30fps gameplay have brought to our attention a bug where the camera and animations are not updating faster than 30fps in the puzzle sections.
We are aware of the bug and are currently looking into it.

Some further clarification on the framerate:

- Videos are locked at 30fps, due to the original assets being fixed at 30fps
- In-engine cutscenes render at vsync or higher
- Animation, movement, camera and rendering should be at vsync in all areas (currently bugged, as explained above); however as the game logic is extremely precise for elements such as sheep, blocks, and bosses, they are triggered at the equivalent of 30fps as in the original console game. Unlocking these elements would have fundamentally altered the gameplay, so the timing for them was preserved.

We’ll have another update on the above and other bug fixes once we’ve cleared QA.


Originally posted by SEGA Dev:
Hi all, thanks again for your patience. The BETA patch is now live if you care to give it a go. Please note that our 30fps fix is still not 100% -- we're still working on the bosses and Rapuntzel. We'll have these fixed in the next patch.

Please leave your feedback on the patch in the stickied thread at the top of this forum.

Thank you!
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Thanks Sega, don't forget about Full Body, Persona and more Yakuza announcements :)
Could you please also look into the slowdowns where the framerate appears to drop significantly below 30 fps for about 2 seconds? I have a high-end PC (gtx1070, i7-6820hk, 16GB RAM) so it shouldn't be happening. Thank you.

Edit: I should clarify that I noticed this issue during the puzzle sections and in the Landing area. I've noticed that this slowdown happens regularly when I'm running around in the left part of the Landing area so I think that's the easiest way to replicate it.
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Thanks. Now we need Persona games.
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Frame timings are still a massive problem too. It should noy have launched like this. It is good you are fixing it but releasing this and not fully body in the state it is in has made me and others incredibly weary of any new releases from you...
After the Hellgate London mess, it is refreshing to see a developer of yet another port comes out, acknowledge the problem and share a plan. Thank you. I am going to grab a copy based on your commitment.
Mosh Jan 11 @ 6:43am 
Originally posted by ⎞⎞⎞⎞⎞⎛⎛⎛⎛⎛:
Thanks Sega, don't forget about Full Body, Persona and more Yakuza announcements :)
Dream on
Thank you for clarifying o/
Gray Fox Jan 11 @ 6:53am 
thanks for the clarification, I hope it will be possible to play this port soon without these problems.
Thank you for your concern. Hopefully the framerate issue will be fixed quickly
nnn Jan 11 @ 7:10am 
Thanks for keeping us updated.
Kid Jan 11 @ 7:25am 
Thank you for this quick update, I was concerned about this framerate issue and I'm happy that the team is aware of that and working on fixes. I'll buy the game to support your work
Please don't refund while you can, we're looking into it.
Abdu Jan 11 @ 7:39am 
Originally posted by Mosh:
Originally posted by ⎞⎞⎞⎞⎞⎛⎛⎛⎛⎛:
Thanks Sega, don't forget about Full Body, Persona and more Yakuza announcements :)
Dream on

Troll got smashed.
SEGA we love you, bring us more Atlus games!
SEGA you know we want the whole Persona series here. Let's go!
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