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Civ 5 linux edition - sign petition
Am starting this tread to see if there is an intrest for a linux release of Civ5.

Am well aware that Civ 5 can be launched with Wine, however this petetion is about us as customers showing an intrest in a naitive realease for linux.
Отредактировано Iciraus; 10 мар. 2013 в 16:29
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Since Valve can't keep Civ 5 working with Steam Workshop on PC, I'm not in favor of them devoting resources to anything else until they've fixed the stuff they've already sold us.
I have every version from CIV II to CIV V ( and CTP, Alpha Centauri etc ) because I like this sort of game. But having moved to Linux, I don't play them any more ( Wine is a last resort rather than first port of call for me).

I would buy CIV V expansions and future franchise products because I enjoy these sorts of games; but only if they have native Linux ports. There are plenty of other good games that have ported or will port to Linux, so I won't be short of alternatives.

Personally, I think Linux is probably comparable or a bigger games platform than MacOSX, because the more tech-oriented people that often use Linux are proportionately more likely to be gamers than the more creative-oriented Mac users. I guess the steam figures buying and playing figures will be useful in determining that.
i think they are working on a port to linux because their steambox runs also on linux. so it is only a matter of time till civ5 is released for linux natively.
Ports of a game to a diffrent OS are done by the Developer/Publisher, not Steam/Valve.

I suggest making a petition in their forums where they will see it.

Post a link when you do, so I can sign it.

There is no game like that for linux. We really want it! =)
Bump +1 and all that good stuff!

I've already purchased CIV5 in the hopes it will eventually end up on our side.... :)
Отредактировано SupaSaru; 5 мар. 2013 в 11:47
Just want to add myself to this +1
Please release this for linux.
Yeah. Really want CIV5 for linux. :-)
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There is no game like that for linux. We really want it! =)

Well, there's Battle for Wesnoth...
+1 for linux and +1 for valve actaully kicking this field og gaming miles ahead!
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