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Aspyr-Blair  [developer] Jun 10, 2014 @ 3:13pm
Introducing Sid Meier’s Civilization V for SteamOS and Linux
Aspyr Media is pleased to announce our first Linux and SteamOS title, Sid Meier’s Civilization V. The SteamOS release includes all Civilization V DLC and expansion content, including Gods & Kings and Brave New World.

This release targets SteamOS on current gen hardware. Additionally, we're working towards supporting Ubuntu 14.04 as well as additional video cards in future updates.

Here’s where we need your help! To improve Civ V and future AAA games on SteamOS, we're looking for feedback. Tell us below what's working great or what's not working. If you're having any problems, please contact our support directly at

I'm merging this with the main Linux discussion post to help us consolidate this AWESOME news.
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mattd_ Feb 5, 2014 @ 1:07pm 
Whaui u no have Linux builds? I soooooo want to play this game ;-;
__ Feb 19, 2014 @ 4:44am 
Yeah, me too. Plz port it!!!!!!
octogenus Feb 23, 2014 @ 3:15pm 
+1 for linux port
Jim Bob Feb 23, 2014 @ 3:23pm 
Because maybe there is a back alley way type deal with microsoft and apple, they won't give ports for linux so people switch to a paid OS
fizzgig Feb 26, 2014 @ 11:25pm 
+1 for native Linux! =D
octogenus Mar 13, 2014 @ 6:10am 
+1 for Linux port
DOG WITH HOT MILK Mar 14, 2014 @ 8:03pm 
ZeracDK Mar 29, 2014 @ 7:13am 
Jim Bob Mar 29, 2014 @ 7:21am 
__ Mar 29, 2014 @ 5:30pm 
Originally posted by Rubbish Razor:
sergei.schcherbak Mar 30, 2014 @ 2:38am 
Volcott Mar 30, 2014 @ 2:44am 
>video games

Pick one.
cray_zy Mar 30, 2014 @ 3:17am 
why should i pay for the os if i just want to play the game? maybe the game developer should do something that when he sells the game it should work without the os or support all major oses, didn't you think so?
Zimplex1 Apr 3, 2014 @ 4:56am 
yeah devs need to really start using OS independent tools. It makes porting easier and allows all OSs to get the same/similar quality of the game.
+1 for a native Linux Version
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