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hdiandrew  [developer] Sep 6, 2018 @ 11:11am
Gotta love acronyms - sounds where I used to game a lot - Norfolk :) In any case, we would love your suggestions for questions we should address here:

How do physics work in Noble Armada?

Space movement in Noble Armada: Lost Worlds follows basic laws of physics — for the most part. A ship in space develops momentum but suffers no drag. It uses thrust to accelerate, turn or stop. If the engines stop working, it continues to float along its current course. If it thrusts in one direction while moving in another, the two directions and speeds determine the new course and momentum.

In Noble Armada, a ship uses two types of engines to get around space. First, the main (rear) engines generate thrust, using this to accelerate or decelerate the ship. Second, a ship has an array of smaller engines called maneuver jets to rotate the ship into the correct orientation before applying thrust. For example, a ship traveling towards a planet would use its maneuver jets to rotate and face away from it before applying thrust to decelerate down to an orbital speed. It may also maneuver to face 60 degrees or 120 degrees away from its course and apply thrust to make adjustments or turns to its course.

Because ships sometimes close to boarding range or move to avoid being boarded, maneuver is extremely important in combat. This makes facing a tricky decision — one facing initiates a turn towards the enemy, another facing brings a full broadside of guns to bear, and yet another faces a better shield to the enemy. Choose the tactics that work best for you!

What is the historical inspiration for Noble Armada?

In the historic Age of Sails, success in naval battles came from three factors: the ability to maneuver, the ability to fire devastating broadsides, and the skill of sailors and marines in hand-to-hand combat. Noble Armada: Lost Worlds replicates this is via the strong broadsides mounted on each side, with only a few guns mounted to fire directly ahead or astern. The strategy of sailing to line up broadsides against the enemy’s front or rear was a powerful strategy, known as Crossing the T. Such an attack could devastate both a ship’s maneuverability, taking down masts and sails, and its crew. Then the less damaged ship would close the distance to board and capture its less fortunate opponent. During war, prize courts would adjudicate the fate of a captured vessel, with the captain and crew benefiting accordingly.

Why can’t I have more than four ships?

Primarily for ease of control, especially on mobile versions of the game. However, I’ve always felt that four ships were about the appropriate size of a squadron one person could command in the age of sails and cannon. For instance, Blackbeard led four ships when he was at his most powerful in the Caribbean and Atlantic. A lot of the naval battles in the British/US War of 1812 involved these kinds of small until actions.

Why did my shots miss?

All ship weapons – even grappling hooks – can miss. Range, enemy speed, your speed, intervening debris and more can impact your chance to hit with your guns.

What hotkeys does Noble Armada use?

Esc is a shortcut key to pause the game
Keys 1-4 now select available ships
Ctrl + L locks down mouse scrolling when near edge of screen.
+ & - Keys control zoom
Arrow keys scroll the map

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hdiandrew  [developer] Sep 8, 2018 @ 7:49pm 
Is this an RTS? Yes, but we consider it a pauseable RTS. As old-school strategy game designers, we like the idea of turns, but we even more like the idea of setting our own turn lengths. As such, you can pause the game at any time by hitting ESC, selecting on of your ships, or hitting the Cycle Ship button (your house logo in the upper left of the game screen).
kisguri  [developer] Sep 13, 2018 @ 11:16am 
Additional notes on movement

Red needle shows current direction
Yellow needle shows relative speed
Green needle shows adjusted direction

So a combination of direction and level of thrust determines where you ship goes, and this is shown via the needles. We are open to further suggestion on how to better communicate this!
hdiandrew  [developer] Sep 13, 2018 @ 11:20am 
How do I find the Missions I created with the Mission Editor?

Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/Common/Noble Armada Lost Worlds/userMissions
Did I read correctly elsewere, that you were the developers of "Emperor of The Fading Suns"?
kisguri  [developer] May 14 @ 2:54pm 
Andrew is, but I am not.
What a fine game it was!!! I still give it a go from time to time!!!!
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