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Frequently Asked Questions
Hello everyone,

Here you will find answers to your most frequently asked questions!

Game Related Questions
What is Revelation Online?
Revelation Online is an ambitious and breathtaking new MMO in which players will discover an amazing adventure. Explore a vibrant world of ancient mystery using the power of flight without any boundaries. It is difficult to come across this much and diverse content for any type and level of player. The game includes numerous PVP modes, like a Last Man Standing arena, sieges for up to hundreds of players, as well as PVE raids, requiring teamwork and tactical gameplay.

What is the storyline of the game?
Our young heroes will learn to spread their wings and unravel a legendary myth about a mysterious artefact in the living, vibrant world of Nuanor.

Who is developing Revelation Online?
Revelation Online is developed by NetEase, the second largest gaming company in China, the official operator of Blizzard Entertainment’s games in the region as well as producer of some of China’s most renowned and longest running online PC-client games. This experience has allowed NetEase to take a high-quality approach to developing and supporting its own projects as well as understanding which features appeal to European and American players of MMO titles.

What is the Business Model of Revelation Online?
Revelation Online follows the standard free to play model. The game can be played for free, with paid options for items that change your appearance, mounts and movement, and subscriptions which speeds up progression.

What kind of controls does Revelation Online have?
Revelation Online allows you to choose and switch at-will between three different control settings: Target (Lineage2), Classic (WoW), Non-target (TERA).

How can I play the game in German or French?
Head to the Revelation Online page in the game center by selecting the game on steam and opening it, before you click play underneath the name of the game will be a language selection drop-down, you can select this to switch between English, French and German.

Character Related Questions
Can you explain the features of the character creation process?
There is a wide range of customization possibilities. The character creator ensures you are in full control of the character you want to make. The game also contains a large amount of costumes and items for further customizing your appearance.

Are any classes gender-locked?
No, classes are not gender locked in Revelation Online.

Will I be able to switch class or choose what role I play in a group?
Revelation Online does not offer the ability to switch between classes on the fly, however, there is an item you can purchase within the in-game store which will allow you to change your class. We recommend players try various builds for their characters and use the character slots available to choose their favourite class.

Core Feature Related Questions
How do crafting and trading work?
The game has crafting and it is supported by various professions. Resources can be obtained in dungeons or in the seamless open world. You can freely trade between players.

Can you explain the social system in Revelation Online?
The game features a deep social system in which you develop connections with all players. By doing quests and specific assignments together you can level up your connection. This system can allow for finding your true mate and provides ceremonies to celebrate those relationships.

Can I start flying anywhere from the beginning? Is it the only way to travel?
When you complete your first quests, the game will let you taste what it feels like to fly with your own wings. You will fully spread and own them from level 29 on. After the first few hours of the game you will be able to explore the whole world, including dangerous high level zones, using your wings without further restrictions. You can even engage in aerial battles once you have learned the special skills for it. Traveling can also be done on a wild variety of mounts (from level 15) and Nuanor’s large network of fast travel points.

How friendly is the game for players who enjoy a “solo” experience?
Players will be able to enjoy the story driven adventures alone or with friends. Revelation Online’s elaborate story quests will make sure you can enjoy the world alone and none of the group quests and dungeons are mandatory for your progress. The looking for group feature, will help you find new friends quickly to experience the game’s instanced zones if you wish to see all of the game’s content

Can I fight in the air?
Different skills have to be learned for fighting in the air, but once you do they allow you to take part in special in-game activities, for example besieging aerial castles.

Open-Beta Related Questions
What is Open-Beta?
Revelation Online is constantly under active development. The “Beta” labelling implies that while the core features of the software have been implemented, bugs and issues may still remain. As such, Revelation Online may experience the following issues, but not limited to, during usage:

Unexpected crashes & Downtimes
Localization errors & incorrect values
Visual artifacts & Latency issues
By using Revelation Online as Beta software you understand and agree that issues may be encountered without prior warning that may affect your gaming experience and result in limited support.

What if I encounter a bug?
If you encounter a bug in Revelation Online, you can contact our Support team in the correct area who will be able to assist you:

Steam Related Questions
Can I migrate/link my existing Revelation Online account to my Steam account?
No, it's not possible to migrate or link existing accounts. If you already own Revelation Online on your My.Com account, you can simply access it via your My.Com Game Center application.

Can I link my existing Revelation Online account to my Steam Account?
No. Steam is only available for new users. Unfortunately, existing Revelation Online accounts cannot be connected to a Steam account. If you want to play the game via Steam, you will need to start the game with a fresh account.

Can I transfer a purchase from my My.Com account to my Steam account?
No, this is not possible. Just like accounts cannot be linked/merged, purchases are exclusively bound to one account and cannot be transferred.

Will players with a Steam account and a account play on the same server?
Yes, all new accounts created on Steam will still play on one of the existing servers: EU: Moonsea or Tidewater, NA: Darkfall, Snowpine or Divine Overlook.

Can I purchase the Steam Packs for my existing Revelation Online Account?
No, Steam packs can only be purchased for Steam Revelation Online accounts. If you purchase a pack via Steam it will be added to your Steam Revelation Online account and it will not be available on any other account.

Can I use codes won in competitions on my Steam account?
Yes, this is possible. Simply launch Revelation Online via Steam, click any link in the Revelation Online Game Center and navigate to the Revelation Online website. There you can simply access your account profile and apply any Revelation Online promo codes to your account. Please note that you must access the website via the Game Center launcher. You will not be able to log into your Steam account otherwise.

I bought a DLC on Steam but did not receive it.
Please make sure to restart your Revelation Online client after making a purchase from the Steam store. Should you still not receive your purchase after this, please contact our Customer Support team for further assistance.

[bHow can I play Revelation Online via Steam?[/b]
Simply head over to the Revelation Online Page in the Steam Store and choose "Play Game" to start downloading/installing.
Please note: You cannot use an existing Revelation Online account to connect to the game via Steam. You will need to start a new account and character using your Steam Account.

I have a Account with the same email as my Steam Account.
Existing accounts are unrelated to Steam accounts, even if they share the same email address. Playing Revelation Online through Steam will always create a new account using the Steam credentials upon your first login. Login is handled exclusively via Steam. Any other ways of logging into the game or the Game Center are reserved for non-Steam accounts only.

I cannot log into the Game Center with my Steam Account?
In order to log into the Game Center, please close the Game Center, open Steam, and click "Play Game" on your Revelation Online entry. Steam will then start the Game Center and log you in with your Steam account.

My Game Center is logged in with the wrong account?
If you have logged into a different account in the Game Center and would like to connect with your Steam account, make sure to close Revelation Online and log out of the Game Center. Then start Revelation Online again using Steam, and you will be logged in with your Steam account.

Can I make a Pack purchase using my Steam Wallet credit?
You can purchase the special Steam Packs that are on sale via the Steam Revelation Online Store with your Steam Wallet. Packs that are obtainable via the regular website can only be purchased via the regular payment methods.

Can I make an Aurum purchase using my Steam Wallet credit?
Yes, all in-game purchases made via Steam will be handled via the Steam Wallet. You will not be able to purchase Aurum for your Steam account with the regular payment methods.

Can I purchase a pack on the website for my steam account?
Yes, any packs that are available for purchase via the website are available for Steam accounts. Please make sure that you are logged in with your Steam account before you complete the purchase.
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