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How do I install textures?
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Frit_/x/ Feb 24, 2014 @ 2:13am 
open your race 07 installer folder by: right click on the race 07 icon in your steam libery - properties - file options - open locatet folder. (or something like that... sorry, my english is not so good)

All mod's goes into this folder. But before you extract the zip file to this folder, you have to look if the folder path right.

For example; A track:

A track like nürburgring is locatet in race07/gamedata/location/

...Now there are two kinds of zip types you could have
-one zip file with the location have already the right path in it
:you need only to drop the folder in the zip to the race 07 folder

-the other zip file have not the right path, just the location
:now you have to drop the stuff to the right place in the race 07 folder
(race 07 / gamedata / locations)

I do not know where to put exactly an re-texture, but i think this zip file (mod) have maybe already the right folder path or at least an read me file. Just dl it and look in the zip file

For most mods you will need 7zip (btw, is better then winrar)

this is not how you install skins! Skins for cars goes to your document folder
(user/..your user name../Documents/SimBim/costum skins)
AngryPostmanSthlm Feb 28, 2014 @ 12:24pm 
Irritating, i just read someone explaind this to someone else but gaaaaah,
right now just dont remember where.

if you can bother, check posts recently used as you should also be able to judge by the
initial threadname maybe.

I had my skin intact for 50 years now.. oh sry i got carried away P
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