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Fantastico Studio  [developer] Aug 1, 2018 @ 6:14am
Monthly Contest 01: August version
Would you like your weapon/powerup idea to be added in Black Paradox? And maybe you'd also like to have your name in the endgame credits...Right?

So here's the first edition of Black Paradox's Monthly Design Contest!

Use this thread to post your ideas on new powerups and weapons. At the end of the month we'll pick the best ideas and bring them to the game (given some time for our poor developers to implement them)!
More than one idea can be picked up but (unless only unusable ones come out) at least one will be picked! Also any user who has his/her idea picked will be added in the game credits in a "special thanks" section if he/she wishes to!


  • 1st august-27th august 2018: I need a few days to review the ideas and pick winners with the team :steamhappy:
  • Ideas must be something doable. Don't ask for the impossible or it won't be considered! Also try to have a balanced idea or we'll have to balance it out ourselves!!
  • Keep it clean: no offensive/pornographic or otherwise inappropriate ideas. I think this rule is self explaining.
  • Don't steal: taking inspiration from someone else's idea or another game's is good, but make it your original version! Don't copy paste ideas around :steamhappy:
  • Don't spam: As I need to go through all your ideas please keep this thread spam free and only post ideas. If you intend to comment someone's idea open another thread on the contests section.
  • Use english: I only speak italian and english and can't ask for a translator to come to read me ideas. Also I would personally prefer everything to be in english so most people can read it. If you can speak italian and your english is bad try writing it in both languages so everyone can have at least an idea of your idea!

all ideas should follow this format

  • Type: weapon/drone/powerup
  • Name: the item's name (or temporary name)
  • Description: what does it do?
  • Pros: the item's strong points. This section is not mandatory but will help us judge the item better.
  • Cons: the item's weak points. This section is not mandatory but will help us judge the item better.

So good luck with the contest and have fun!
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Nero Aug 1, 2018 @ 2:54pm 
Oh my god... I have quite a few ideas... xD
But ok, here is one where I don't have to think much about balancing:

Type: Powerup
Name: Asteroid Volley? (I'm not good at this)
Description: If you hit an asteroid with a weapon, you push it in this direction and it does high contact damage with the enemies.
Dependend on the weapon you used, the faster the asteroid flies and the more damage it does.
Pros: Quickly get rid of asteroids while damaging the enemies with them.
Cons: Very situational and useless against bosses.
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niconico Aug 11, 2018 @ 6:54pm 
While I like the idea of the 'magic udder grenade' which would stun and lock enemies within a certain area once it starts lactating. Still I think that approach might be a little to offensive.

Type: Weapon
Name: Double O Jaws
Description: Shiny metal set of teeth that chops through closeby enemies + Capable to deflect a certain amount of enemy fire when being shut on purpose by holding down the fire button. Will overheat if used to much. Overheating causes a cooldown which renders the weapon unuseable for X seconds. Secondary fire mode: Uses teeth as a projectile that travels for a specific range and then will slowly return towards the player, enemies in between that path will get crushed.
Pros: Melee weapon, the closer you are to the enemy the more ouchies you deliver.
Cons: Useless against groups of ranged enemies.

Seen weapons similar to these in the recent past, always liked the reward for risk playstyle they represent. Adding a James Bond / Richard Kiel reference, hell yeah!
AleV Aug 14, 2018 @ 5:43am 
Some Ideas:

Type: Powerup
Name: The Revenging Sloth
Description: if you get hit by an enemy bullet, you'll release a sort of sonic wave that slow down (both speed and fire rate) every enemies ships getting hit by that wave.
Pros: Could be very useful when there are too much enemies on the screen
Cons: You need to get hit to activate the effect.

Type: Weapon
Name: Fibonacci's railgun
Description: works like the railgun, but it shoots following the path of the golden spiral.
Pros: Good coverage almost everywhere on the screen
Cons: Aim
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Fantastico Studio  [developer] Aug 26, 2018 @ 6:37am 
Tomorrow is the last day of the contest! Anyone who intends to input his/her idea and hasn't yet should do it now ;)
Fantastico Studio  [developer] Aug 28, 2018 @ 3:04am 
As the contest's over we'll analyze the entries and announce a winner in a few days. Stay tuned!
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