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Asteroid Deathmatch

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Eager Amoeba  [developer] Jan 31, 2019 @ 12:04pm
READ FIRST - How to report a bug
Hey there, thanks for finding that bug and reporting it :)

You're doing gods work.

This thread has instructions on what to do, please read carefully.

Duplicate or known issues will be ignored, as will posts without enough information or not in the proper format.

How to report a bug

When reporting your bug please do so in the following format:

Issue: Describe the issue in as much details as possible. Frequency: Describe how often this will occur, e.g all the time, rarely etc. Log file output (optional): Please post the most relevant output of the games log file (timestamped for that day, as much as steam will allow), instructions on how to do this can be found in the Unity Manual[]. For security reasons, we will not accept file downloads by default. We may ask for the file in specia occasions Screenshot/video link (optional): A link to an image or video of the issue occuring. Please make sure this is hosted on sites such as Imgur or YouTube, for security reasons we won't accept file downloads. How it made you feel (optional): Tell us in great details how sad you are that your session of Asteroid Deathmatch was cut short :(

That's it!

Even though we have provided some optional areas please do your best to fill them out, the more information we have the easier we can fix issues.

How NOT to report a bug

Don't use the format above.

Provide little information

Example of a poor bug report:

dont work

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