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Killing Giants
I'm not sure if this is a real issue, cause i've never tryied it before, but I was wondering how do I kill a giant without getting killed (me or my teammates) by him?
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Alex  [developer] Jun 19 @ 2:03am 
Oh, you should try with a little help of your friends.

Many players = less chance of attacks from the giant.
Strong weapons help, high damage ones, since the giant almost ignores light wounds.
Potions to boost your attacks.
Run when wounded - dust of disappearance is great here.
Time your attacks, so that you'll avoid receiving two attacks from the giant in short period. (Avoid attacking if there is a wounded player - it's time to run)
Don't enter a battle with giant, if you don't have full Health.

Plate armor and Sword of the Red King are priceless here. And, yeah, I know you have to kill him first to get them, but you know what people say - your first giant is always the hardest.

In general, the most important tip should be "Form a group of at least 5-6 people". If you can't gather such group, follow step 3 of this jungle manual by Terry Pratchett

The few explorers who have returned have passed on a number of handy hints to those who follow after, such as :
1) avoid if possible any hanging- down creepers with beady eyes and a forked tongue at one end;
2) don’t pick up any orange-and-black-striped creepers that are apparently lying
across the path, twitching, because there is often a tiger on the other end; and
3) don’t go.
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Awesome. Thanks for the answer. Now I'm ready to kill my first giant.
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