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Unofficial FAQ-Summary
If it's ok with the devs, I would like to gather in this thread all relevant things we already know about the game, according to statements of the devs and publishers. Additions, hints on updates or else in this context are welcome from everybody, but will only be listed in the summary if they are officially confirmed or announced.
This will be updated accordingly to the progress of the Early Access and/or the final game.

SUMMARY (Will be updated constantly):

  1. Early Access:

    • Q: Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access ?
      A: “We estimate that Tank Operations: European Campaign will be in Early Access for about 4 to 6 months.” (see here)

    • Q: What is the current state of the Early Access version ?
      A: "(...)The first 4 (*10, since game-version levels are currently playable.(...)" (see here)

    • Q: When will the next content-update be released ?
      A: (not sheduled yet, but if everything runs as planed around the 21. November; see here)

    • Q: Is the music of the game final ?
      A: "The music selection is not final yet, so expect some changes here :-)" (see here)

    • Q: Are the special skills of the units final ?
      A: "We are still working out how we'll display the best amount of information for the special skills on the buttons (or on the tooltips). (...) The wrong description for (some of) the skills is a text problem (...) will fix this but it might take a little longer as it's part of going through all of the texts." (see here)

    • Q: How do you test the game before releasing a new update ?
      A: "(...) we would like to explain a little about this difficult topic. Of course we test our features after having implemented them. But (...) We don't have the time to test it as much as testers can do, because there is the next feature waiting for implementation or the next bug waiting to be fixed.
      From time to time we take a little time off from developing and "play" the game. That's the time where we do a little more in-depth testing. Many features, especially the balancing, need so much time to play and get an impression. Much time to test it in combination with all the other features. That time we don't have during development, where we test the feature itself and in combination with the most obvious possible problems.
      For that reason we really appreciate all playing and testing of our players and the resulting feedback of it. Even if we do not answer every single bug or feedback, it's a huge amount of help you provide us :)" (see here)

    • Q: What do ypou think about being criticized ?
      A: “We also appreciate criticism. If it's mixed with mood and passion, that's totally ok for us." (see here)

    • Q: Do owner of the old game-version from 2013 get the Early Access version vor free ?
      A: "Old Owner will get an update of the old version after full release. We‘re not able to handle two games at the same time and there are also rules we have to respect." (see here)

  2. Full Release:

    • Q: When is the full release of the game scheduled ?
      A: “the full release is scheduled for November." (2019) (see here)

    • Q: Why a remake or a remastered version of Tank Operations ?
      A: “Tank Operations is and has been a good, solid strategy game with a lot of potential that we haven't been able to fully exploit. There are many reasons for this: First, as developer and producer, we have to admit that we weren't experienced enough in this genre at the time (in 2012/2013). (...) With this indie strategy game, we left our comfort zone for the first time and fulfilled our eager wish for our own turn-based strategy game, as we ourselves really love to play this kind of games. (...) From today's point of view, we realize that the effort of quality management was far too low. This was missed by us in the detailed planning and calculation of the game right from the beginning. (...) We released Tank Operations as a solid game, but for us the development was never really finalized. Now it's time for us to rework the game right from scratch. We’ve received a lot of valuable feedback from the players over the years. (...) The suggestions of the players were an important guide for us to finally develop the game as it should be. That's why we decided to revise the game!" (see here)

    • Q: Why is the development of the remastered version different from the old version (from 2013) ?
      A: “Tank Operations Remastered is now a totally new project (...) Although it is again with our publisher from the first release, we work completely different on this project. The circumstances provided by rokapublish now offer the opportunity to work on bugs and gameplay issues like it was intended before. rokapublish as well as Linked Dimensions now want to take their time on doing a good job on the game. Of course we cannot satisfy the preferences of all people out there, but we try to avoid the most mentioned cirtical points of the old game.” (see here) and "We cannot avoid that you also build up your opinion based on older reviews. We just ask you to be fair and see this version as a new game." (see here)

    • Q: What is the focus of the game ? More arcadey or more authentic simulation ?
      A: “The game is more arcadey. All values from units, the design of the levels and the missions are inspired by historic circumstances. We tried to model the abilities of the units according to their purpose and how they were used in the historic context. Same applies for the mission goals. There is no historic encyclopedia ingame. We always favored playability over historic accuracy. We want to make a fun game, easy to learn but with enough tactical decisions to have interesting missions and challenges." (see here)

    • Q: What are the main design- goals and -principles ?
      A: “(...)We want Tank Operations: European Campaign to be one of the greatest hex strategy games available on Steam.(...)" (see here)

      A: “(...)We try to implement the efficiency of units against other units in a rock, paper, scissors way.Many units have strengthes against a certain type of other unit and kills it with one or two hits. Same unit may need 5 hits for another type of enemy.(...)" (see here) and “(...) As a summary what we try to achieve: - suitable units should have a reasonable amount of hits/misses, - targets with small target size can be taken down with explosion damage units ,too, - not suited units still should have difficulties to take out the target without having to shoot at them twenty times (...) we don't want to frustrate our players. The game should be fun to you." (see here)

      A: “The ships' lack of movement was a design choice as they are very powerful and moving them at will would introduce some serious changes to the level design" (see here)

      A: “Our design goal was that players can try out different startegies and we tried to design levels where it is not enough just to unload all your units and move them without any plan through the level. I already mentioned that we designed the units in a special way (...) It's the same with the level design" (see here)

    • Q: How many different unit-types are in the game and how many will be playable ?
      A: “the USA have 35 units and 3 Ships. The germans have 34 units.
      And there are 8 buildings to build. But not all units are available yet. With each level, new units and buildings are unlocked." (see here)

    • Q: Why are there only 70+ unit-types (compared to other games of the genre) ?
      A: “You are right, many games out there have hundreds of units. The more units the more difficult it is to differentiate between them and to clearly show their special abilities. Often units only have some slightly differences in some values. In our game we try to concentrate on the special strengthes and weaknesses and try to work them out in a way you can feel while you are playing." (see here)

    • Q: What is generally the total playtime of a single playthrough ?
      A: "(...) according to the type of player you are, I would guess that the game with all its twelve scenarios will have between 15 and 30 hours in total, also depending on how experienced you are as a strategy player.(...) The first scenarios are quite fast and you can manage the first two scenarios between 2 and 4 hours I guess. Later on it will grow and the last map can take up to 3 to 6 hours." (see here) and "We would like to point out that we reduced the playtime intentionally for the remake.(...) Our first version of the game had really big playtime, but many of the gameplay evolved to just grinding and rushing over the map without any challenge. It became very repetitive and boring. Now we try to go with smaller maps but offering a more intense and interesting gameplay. (see here)

    • Q: Is the game worth replaying it ?
      A: “If it's worth of replaying heavily depends on the type of player you are, too.(...) you can retry (the missions) by using another strategy. You could use other units, you could try to conquer buildings instead of destroying them. But if you are looking for a real variation regarding the mission or how the gameplay evolves, you might be disappointed." (see here)

    • Q: Is there an additional German campaign in the game ?
      A: “We are currently focusing on the remaster, so a german campaign is not planned." (see here)

    • Q: Is there a map or scenario editor in the game ?
      A: “We have an internal map editor. Currently there are no plans to release it soon. If many players wish to have one, we will think about it. Currently we would like to focus our energy to the game itself." (see here)

    • Q: Is there a skirmish mode in the game ?
      A: “No, there is no skirmish mode." (see here)

  3. AdOns / DLC:

    • Q: Are there any future plans for expansions ?
      A: "Of course there are plans for expansions and we have many ideas which we cannot implement now or how we would like to bring the game to the next level. But honestly, that really depends on you players and how we manage to meet your expectations.(...) If we fail to meet the player's expectations and the game is no success, those plans could be destroyed fast." (see here) and "We look into making new campaigns depending on the user feedback after the remaster is released." (see here)

  4. Future Plans:

    • Q: What are things you might consider for future games ?
      A: "(...)we talked many times about units gaining experience and taking it with them to next level.(...) for the next game or even a bigger update after release this might be a feature we could implement. Don't take this as a promise. We don't give promises which we are not sure to achieve." (see here) and (referring to)
  1. Units:

    • Q: Why are the player-ships not movable ?
      A: “The ships' lack of movement was a design choice as they are very powerful and moving them at will would introduce some serious changes to the level design" (see here)

    • Q: Why do some units die so easily or miss so often ?
      A: “(...)Many units have strengthes against a certain type of other unit and kills it with one or two hits. Same unit may need 5 hits for another type of enemy. For example: a tank which is designed to destroy other tanks is very efficient and kills them fast. If you shoot with this tank, let's say at infantry, it might miss half the time and only do little damage, nedding 10 or more hits to kill them." (see here) and "We think about a survey with this hits and misses thing, because there is a wide range of opinions here. Some players feel ok, if half their shots miss, others find it frustrating. (...) In real fighting situations, many shots miss. That we took into consideration when designing the system. On the other hand, we don't want to frustrate our players."(see here)

    • Q: How should buildings be destroyed best ?
      A: “Buildings are destroyed best with bombers or in early missions the Dauntless with dive bombing. The Hellcat with its two bombs also makes about 500 damage. Later in the game you could use bigger artillery or stronger tanks." (see here) and "It's by design that not every unit should be able to take out bunkers and headquarters." (see here)

    • Q: Why do units need no fuel ?
      A: “The fueling feature was canceled with purpose because most players didn't like it in the former game. (...) Some of us liked the fueling feature and would be happy to see something like that again, some of us hated it, as many players did. It depends on the input we get from our players. If it should turn out, that fueling is on the wishlist of many people, we reactivate it and will rethink how it works and how it could fit into the new levels. " (see here)

  2. General Game-Mechanics:

    • Q: Where are the savegames located on the HD ?
      A: “You can find your save files in [Documents]\Linked Dimensions\TOEC Remastered\savegames." (see here)

    • Q: How are combat-values calculated ?
      A: “We don't only take a hit chance and then apply a fixed damage. Actually we try to simulate many factors here:
      - target size: small GIs are more difficult to hit then a big tank, units hiding somewhere have a reduced target size
      - ability to hit: some units shoot better than others, for example sharp shooters or units which are trained to hunt down other units
      - armor: all units have armor which protects them of damage
      - weapon: each weapon makes a different amount of damage. Each weapon influences the ability to hit. Each weapon can hit directly or has explosion damage
      - kind of damage: we have three kinds of damage, normal direct hit damage, explosion damage and special skill damage.(...) Explosion damage is reduced the more far away it occured.
      (...) Fast and evasive units are more difficult to hit. A unit with an MG might hit the fast and evasive unit better than the big tank with its slow gun.
      (...) Of course we have a small random calculation in this formular. But we are no fans of very simple if/else calculations, we want to have also a simulation in our game." (see here)

  1. Monitors and Resolutions:

    • Q: Does this game support 21:9 (3440x1440) resolution ?
      A: “The general answer to your question is yes, the game will run on such resolutions and it will cover the whole screen. (...) Some elements will be stretched. Fonts will not be affected so much." (see here)

  1. Music:
    • Q: Is the music in the game final, yet ?
      A: “The music selection is not final yet, so expect some changes here :-)." (see here)
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S22 Aug 24 @ 5:03am 
]Q: What are the main design- goals and -principles ?
A: “(...)We want Tank Operations: European Campaign to be one of the greatest hex strategy games available on Steam.(...)"

You're on the right track! This is definitely one of the most enjoyable hex strategy games I've played in recent years. (My Steam library is no good representation of that. Most of my games (150+) are played through family share with my original account.). This title can easily rack up 100+ hours of playtime. Great bang for the buck!
frankycl Aug 24 @ 12:58pm 
I've found something important (for many players) that still needs confirmation ov the devs:

Is there a turn-limit in one of the not yet accessible missions, like e.g. "race for Berlin" ?
(see here))
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frankycl Aug 28 @ 2:07am 
Plea to devs: Could you please make this thread sticky ? :summer2019horn: - I advertised it to many newly interested people, since it contains a lot interesting things on the game and the development for potentially new players, imho. ;-) (thanks in advance)
Last edited by frankycl; Aug 28 @ 2:20am
Linked Dimensions  [developer] Aug 28 @ 2:48am 
Originally posted by frankycl:
I've found something important (for many players) that still needs confirmation ov the devs:

Is there a turn-limit in one of the not yet accessible missions, like e.g. "race for Berlin" ?
(see here))

Yes, the last mission currently has a turn limit. Since the game is a remastered version this functionality is still implemented. There are more than enough turns to complete the mission, only providing a little pressure on the player, but we do not insist on it. If the community feels uncomfortable with the turn limit, we will switch it off. Depending on your feedback about this, we would currently suggest you play it after mission 12 will have been published and tell us what you think.
frankycl Aug 28 @ 3:11am 
Thanks for confirmation - I / we'll be honored t test it.;-)

P.S.; thx also for pinning :steamhappy:
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