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MaDPuPPeT  [developer] Feb 28 @ 9:11pm
Update Information
Version 3.23 now live!

General Bug Fixes

Fixed automap was labelling the "ignitable gas" as "poison gas".
Fixed extra lines at top after answering TARJAN to priests in BT1.
Fix stacking issues in legacy
Fix immortality issue with killing destiny knight - odd spellpoints meant you'd get negative spellpoints instead of dieing.
Fix issue where tile message wouldn't appear after a trap went off
Fix bug where journal is adding entries at the last room location, instead of the current tile location.
Remove hidden door again in dark domain 3. was a fix to a false bug.
Fix dead rogues are able to disarm stuff.
Don't allow playing a song on a silence square.
Fixed legacy mode exception with mad God - probably any place with a usable item, but an empty slot in the Party
Fix Animate Dead spell to work in BT1 legacy
Add saradon's house journal entry.
Better labelling of the ground outside saradon's house
Better formatting for far foe type spells.
Fix spellsong - wasn't doing full power at 10' enemies like it should have.
- now set to full power at 10'
- 2/3rd power at 20'
- half power at 30'
- quarter power at 40'
- eighth power >40'
Extra line for "your <summoned-illusion> is disbelieved!"
Change sacred grove to instantly open the door - waiting for a heart pulse is confusing to players..
Add traps and monsters to malefia lv2 & lv3.
Stagger traps and poison gas in case they are on the same square like they are in Ferofists.
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MaDPuPPeT  [developer] Mar 3 @ 6:44am 


Ranges were broken during a small code change to the SpellSong, allowing melee to attack 20' and all spells to reach an extra 10'.


Remove room hint from BT3 about Garths
Fix some breaths not using the correct visual effect.
Curing drain will now recover your xp up to the base of your recovered level.
Fix octopus spelling
Fix storage house was revealing the identity of unidentified items
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MaDPuPPeT  [developer] Mar 14 @ 11:28pm 

Fix hide in shadows range issues - wasn't able to attack if advanced past the enemy...
Surgery to UseItem in combat to fix UnequippedItems legacy not letting you use any unequipped item in combat.
Fix a couple of missing messages before combats in mangar and fanskar.
Fix problem where dead characters could find items in treasure.
Add feedback to how many items you have on the Inventory option.
Fix the new HIDE status now gets reset if you run from combat.
Fix roscoes individual inventory issues
- identify was overlapping text, not charging money, and getting stuck
Fix witherfist and horn of death special damage.
Luck chant now correctly improves spell chance to hit.
Lucklaran and spellsong (remaster mode) now improve spell chance to hit.
Fix difficulty level of bt3 cities.
Fix brillhasti archmage experience points.
Fix immunities - unless monster was immune to all mediums of a spell (like Magic)
remove some spamming
Fix illusion monsters were not being created as illusions
Improve the text feedback on casting disbelief and disrupt illusion spells.
Fixed deathhorn now sounds like horn, not mandolin
Fix damage of black arrows and make them attack whole group. Intentionally still requires a bow as we feel this is more intuitive (unlike original game that implemented black arrows as just a usable magic item).
Turn off the range display on torches and lamps to be consistent with other light spells.
Old shrine location string from original wilderness map was still hanging around south of cold peak.
Fixed levitation had "show range" still set.
Removed the crumbling wall from ice dungeon lv2 so you have to pass the riddle to get through the wall.
Fixed some missing journal entries in sceadue.
Fix spell cost showing up text was not taking the half/quarter price into account and saying "couldn't afford it" when you could.
Dreamspell / divine intervention, now heals out of combat.
Summoned creatures in BT1 legacy mode were getting removed instantly on taking damage.
Add arrow and spear to shop if transferring to BT2 via full or medium power transfer.
Fix summoned monster inventory size to match character size for the game/legacy settings
Fix bt1 legacy - party monsters were able to attack groups C & D.
Fix war axe cannot be used at range in bt1
Fixed arrows cannot be 'used' without a bow equipped.
Fix some journaling issues where some places were being written to the scroll rather than just the journal.
Need sorcerer sight to see crumbling walls on the automap.
Clear the message scroll on turning
Cats eye no longer ignites explosive gas
Remove quest items from garths on transfer.
Black arrows can now stack to 30
Fixed cases where arrows could be used without a bow equipped.
Speed up treasure finding - can feel a bit broken...
MaDPuPPeT  [developer] Mar 18 @ 6:01am 
Update 3.27

Fix new issue with house hints appearing outside the house on the journal.

Fix issue where an NPC could be given a quest item and then removed from the party in BT3 which causes the NPC to be deleted, and thus you lose the quest item forever.
- you can no longer remove NPCs from the party in the guild. You will need to manually remove quest items from them and Kick them to remove them.

Fix kiels overture was not using up songs remaining when used in combat.
Fix spelling of piranhas
Fix foreboding spelling
MaDPuPPeT  [developer] Mar 23 @ 4:22am 
Update 3.28

Fix ground shader to support fog AND shadows
Fix song descriptions - was always showing legacy descriptions, even with legacy mode disabled.
Fix bug where failing an apar to another level would reset all the events on the current level.
Fix bug where automap wasn't showing traps/combat for maps other than the current one.
Don't let the party leave arboria/ferofists if hawkslayer is carrying the quest items.
Fix journal icon to not activate consistent with other icons - not in buildings & during events.
Fix transfer between levels not setting up the shop items properly.
Add ui tutorial (from bt1 and bt2) to BT3
MaDPuPPeT  [developer] Apr 9 @ 7:01pm 
Update 3.29

Fix spell-level-up hint was 1 level off.
Fix crash when killing a doppleganger in your party.
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