Giving away a Morningstar hero ship
The Morningstar is Bix's legendary battleship, which he captained during the Great Solar War, winning many major Battles for the PCF. He was captaining the Morningstar when he questioned his order at the battle of Venus, leading to mutiny, exile and the founding of Sinley Bay. The figurehead is an arms-bearing angel who, like Bix, may be a good guy, may be a bad guy - either way, you don't want to mess with him.

For a couple of weeks i wanted to make a little event to give away a PC Fleet Recruitment Pack and with the oncoming credit boost weekend its a good moment to do so.

First here's what I'm giving away. During the beta of Dreadnought there was these things called the Mercenary and Hunter's Pack that gave to whomever bought them Hero Ships, GPs and exclusive emblem, decals and friend invite called "Fleet Recruitment Pack. I still have 2 friend invites and I decided to give one away.

A fleet recruitment pack gives the T2 PCF Morningstar and T4 The Morningstar Vintage hero ships, 250 GPs and an exclusive decal and emblem as seen in this Image[drive.google.com]. Its a known fact that hero ships are not that usefull except when they are in fully researched tiers to gain a bit more of free experience points, however I think that everyone will admit that the forecastle of the Morningstar is frickin' awesome.

This saturday June 8th i'm going to live stream Dreadnought on my Twitch channel[www.twitch.tv] from 8 pm to 12 am (ET) and at the end of my stream randomly give away the Fleet Recruitment Pack. But to have some fun, i'm going to award tickets to people that want that pack the 3 following way (one ticket equal one chance to get the pack):

1 - In this discussion thread, write an homage to Bix. To everyone that does so I'm going to award 1 ticket and to the best homage 3 tickets. (max 1 ticket per person)

2 - During my stream, say hi to me in the chat box and pledge your allegience to (or talk goodly about) Orion Construction, makers of my favorite coating. (max 1 ticket per person)

3 - Meet me in game during a mach AND score more than me. At the end of the match say "I'm better than you Dag" so that I can see you and count that score for 1 ticket. (you can get as many ticket as you can with this method) To give chances to everyone I will fly in Recruit, Veteran and Legendary matches and if you want to meet me, you can ask for a squad request in game or on twitch.

-For those that don't know, Bix[cdnb.artstation.com] was a character that talked to you while you were in the hangar before the Steam launch. Its my firm belief that Bix was fighting a throat cancer and it was the last battle he couldn't win. Rest in peace Bix.
-If you already have the Fleet Recruitment Pack, you cannot gain a second one, however I can give it to one of your friend.
-At the end of my stream, once I have determined a winner, I will contact you via the way you got the ticket (Steam, Twitch, in-game) so that you can give me the email adress of your greybox account to give you the pack (its required for friends invite). If after 24 hours you still haven't contacted me. I will award the pack to someone else.
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