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In-game map and respawn screen black/blank.
Just wanted to share a solution in case it helps someone with the same issue I had. I was setting up a dedicated server and though joining players' maps worked fine, my directly connected machine did not. Resolution was to manually copy the map image files from the server to the ShooterGame\Saved\MapImagesCache\(map id)\ directory on my gaming pc and rename them to: (my map was 2x2)
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any problems with your 2x2 like not being able to traverse between server grids?
As long as the port numbers are all staggered I haven't had a problem. 1st grid port 57550 and 5750, grid 2 ports 57555 and 5755 and so on.
Tremdog May 2 @ 2:56am 
this would solve it for me, but not for those that would play on my server, unless they all manually copy the map.
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