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Pirates Not Attacking Bug
Hey there folks,

We've had a few people report bugs where they are not getting attacked by pirates, but we can't seem to replicate it on our test systems.

If you're getting this bug, would you be able to give us some more detail about your game?

- Which system you're in
- What your ship and modules are
- How far into the game you are / What you'd been doing so far

Please also grab the debug log files (found in your game folder) and email them to objects@flatearthgames.com.au, that'd be very useful.

Thanks, and our apologies for the bug!
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- It happens for me in every systems : Leo, Mera (Mara?), Tega being those I usually stays in, as I'm at the beginning of the game.

- The ship is the Ceres MkIII FRT (in perfect condition), with the basic modules it comes with. I added a grappling arm (or whatever it's called), but had the bug beforehand.

- At the really beginning of the game (well, 6-7 hours in, but story wise at the beginning).
I suspect that there's a scripted event where a pirate ship ask you to drop your cargo as soon as you leave the first station, and so far every players I read about that had the same bug got a crash in that event.
Regarding my activities, only been doing contracts and passengers missions.

As an added note, I restarted a game in sandbox mode and haven't encountered the issue so far, being scanned and threatened as I should (what an odd thing to write!).

Logs have been sent.

Thanks for your attention on the issue! :)
Same thing as above poster (crash at first pirate encounter, then never another interaction in any systems with pirates or authority).
Ive never been scanned once by authority or pirates. Nor has the game ever crashed on me. Yet AI is scanning everyone. I can haphazardly do anything I want. Eventually I just started doing runs and going afk. Even jumped into a few systems with no gates. Same thing. Its as if the player ship doesn't even exist.

Now that I think of it I did rename ship and player.. and I may have started a new save in same slot without exiting to OS. I wasn't crashing or anything though. Few fps bugs inside stations but nothing that didnt resolve itself by moving around. I did get the music player bug a few times which made me reload to fix. I also noted that I saw emails with the default player name after I had changed mine.
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I've experienced the pirate crash twice now, but not in the same game. Both times, it was after using a jump gate. I start heading for my destination, get a message demanding I drop my cargo, then a second or two later the game crashes to desktop. This has happened in both the narrative and sandbox modes. It happened with the brand new Ceres MkIII both times.

After reloading, I haven't been targetted by pirates a second time, but have been scanned by authorities.
I can confirm this bug is now fixed with 1.0.2 patch.

I've been scanned for not having my IFF on and also pirates are now hungry for my cargo. I've been asked to drop cargo twice and no crash. I also noticed the contracts seem to be popping better and to my surprise passengers are boarding. I loaded up the same game to test with.
Legutóbb szerkesztette: KWAiRT; márc. 6., 9:24
I confirm this as well. Just got hailed by a pirate, then got a torp up the tailpipe. Fun stuff.
Confirmed. I didn't meet any pirates yet since 1.0.2, but the cops don't ignore me anymore.
I confirm also, I was scanned, fined, shot at, and a pirate demanded my goods. Yay!
Except...a torpedo was fired at me, and I tried to let it hit me, but it never does. It just keeps going right through me then looping back around.
Everything works fine for me as well, good job devs!
I have also been getting scanned now. Played for a few hours in sandbox. Carried much cargo between many systems. Not been attacked yet but the whole people ignoring me things seems to be fixed.
Thanks devs. :)
Thanks!!!! Its a whole new game!!!
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