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HeroicLeapJNash  [developer] Aug 3 @ 7:18pm
Crafting Economy Patch Test Server Feedback
We have opened up the PTS with a new Patch known as the Crafting Economy Patch. Patch Notes can be found here. Please leave your feedback within this thread!
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Cedien Aug 3 @ 7:38pm 
the chickens trophys rewarded players PLAYING the game. People will now Run away and just farm for weapons. PLEASE dont do this, i dont want another fornite
Chagror Aug 3 @ 7:58pm 
So now all the best weapons and armor in the game are available by only looting, and killing people doesn't give you any reward ? So the best way to get a good game is to spawn alone in a corner, and farm chests. What an exciting game, wait isn't that fortnite ?

The basic gameplay of this game is made to be ultra dynamic which is why we love this game, and with every patch you reward a bit more player crouching into house and a bit less slayers... So what is the point of having a dynamic fight system if it's literally a mistake to go hunt players and fight.

Hopefully, the PTS will do it's job and shut down this patch, because it might be the worst to date. I honestly think the "SMG ~0.2s to kill" was better than THAT, at least people went to fight.
As a mage I was able to equip a green soar in an ability slot with a separate cooldown, so I could soar twice.
TheoRy Aug 3 @ 8:41pm 
Chances of dropping legendaries, and no need for chicken heads to craft will make it extremely less rewarding to take fights. The constant action and promotion of fighting is what makes realm royale special. I don't want to see this game turn into a 25 minute hidefest :(
Kswiss Aug 3 @ 8:44pm 
Do not go through with this patch. You are simply rewarding bad players for being bad. The good players will leave and leave you with a terrible game. You will once again cut your player base in half.
RNG does not have a place in competitive games. Remove LEGENDARY RNG.
i love the speed boost to the Chickens!
and dont like the ledgendary drops from commen chests is not cool!
but i like the ledgendary boxes droping 3 somthings thats cool!
no chickans any more what!
Wow, quite the shakeup. Doesn't look positive on paper.
First try the PTS and then give your opinion on whether this new system works or not, you might have a surprise.
are tests to improve the jubilidad, play the pts and then give their reviews
600 armor is a lot
maybe 300 or 400 can work
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RNG on forged abilities still? Bad. Armor is not important now, not good direction. No trophies needed to get class weapon? Thats bad and will have such a camp fest game and wrong direction. RNG in chest on leg weapons? Thats bad, Adding rng for the sake of rng is just a bad decision, casuals dislike rng as much as hardcores.
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dEko Aug 3 @ 10:50pm 
Please don't bring back legendary weapons dropping from common chests. Literally nobody wants that.
Mtashed Aug 3 @ 11:05pm 
I enjoy the armor changes and headshot damage because I believe it gives good players an opportunity to win longer engagements. The change reduces the impact of a single lucky headshot.

The looting, kill rewards, and forging changes however are very scary to me.

Forging is a key component within Realm that allows players to fill out their kit in exchange for their time. It also provides a reward for aggressive players, by allowing them to craft more items / weapons. By adding legendaries to chests, and removing the rewards for killing other players, this may lead to extremely stagnant gameplay.

I believe forging should stay a key component within the game, and this patch seems to drastically dilute the need to craft.

I also saw a clip of someone getting the Assassin sniper from the first chest he opened. This is not ok. It will never be ok. It completely upsets the balance of the game, and could turn any match into a coin toss.

The air drop crates are an interesting change, and will be much more appealing to contest. However, it again will drastically dilute the need to use forges.

If I am being honest, I really hope this patch doesn't make it to live servers. It needs to be discussed for a while before it ever sees playtime by the majority. I think it has the impact to scare away a lot of the current population.

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lunafury Aug 4 @ 12:58am 
we told you this before
we want the chicken trophy requirement to stay
we do not want legendaries from chests
This patch is another huge mistake made in this game. You want to remove chicken AGAIN? The last time you´ve done that, a lot of player quit the game. I´ve played this game for 153 hours but I´ve these bad turns will endure, I´ll leave this game too.

-Early TTK was to low I agree
-Remove Chicken Trophies is a hude mistake
-legendarys from chests? CMOOON NO!
-more legendarys from zepelin chest, I´m ok with that
-no more bonus shards for killing people mmh don´t know about this yet
-chicken timer reduced- don´t like it.

overall I´ve spent a lot of time to get into a lobby, just to start with one another player. this sux
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