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Kortenaer 31 października 2012 o 8:37
Fuel crisis, lol!
Well after 1.5 day trying to master new kinds of fuel to replace the original coal/oil/gas people use and failing everytime because that road is simply to slow, i decided to do it in an unconventional way.

First things first, tobin tax everywhere you can. Build grey cards in the usual areas from the start. (south africa, north africa, middle east, india, russia and south asia)

Build red in all regions you have money for xD

Now comes the clue :P *drumsound*

Put One-Child policy EVERYWHERE (yes kill of the population of the earth!)

From then i just focussed on making all countries Green, once they were save your money by cancelling the campaigns. Also i made sure the potentially unstable countries kept stabalised and i just put as many hapiness increasing policies in the tobin-countries first and with extra money others later.

So basically i killed off the population while keeping them happy. You would think you wont get a resource shortage before the scenario ends, but you are wrong.

FUEL CRISIS!!! I laughed a bit :P when i checked the graphs i had already seen they needed more and more for less and less people. Famine hit my money went down fast. I slowly cancelled everything except the one-child policy hoping i would hit such a low population there might be enough fuel. I got kicked out of countries eventually (except north africa who weirdly started loving me) but kept one-child policy intact in the ones i had left. (dont bother buying new agents)

So famine kills off people in countries i do not control and one-child policy lowers it in countries i do! yay kill of huminaity to get on top of the fuel crisis and save the earth :D

check it out:




i know i got lucky by winning it with exactly 3 degrees warming and just high enough HDI
but it was kinda fun to kill everything off ^^
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Kortenaer 31 października 2012 o 8:46 
i kept the save, for if you want me to look some stuff back. If you are stuck just try this way, when stuff starts to collapse just put famine cards instead of other hapiness it will buy you some time. On youtube is a video of how to really do it the right way but it was so long i didnt bother either ;)

good luck

This really is a fun game, although the learning curve is too steep after the tutorial. If you like easy games you will not like this, you really have to think things through.

Even i did with this tactic although i just got lucky in the end :P
Sabn1 4 grudnia 2012 o 11:39 
Your strat is so lol :DD
I was thinking of a population control idea for earth, with the '...Child Policy' card, but apply it only on the large population territories (<600mil. ppl.) - not so radical like yours. Unfortunatley i had the awful idea of trying it on the shortest (REAL) mission in the game: 'Oil fix it' - 60 years span of time xD.

Now, seeing from your pics, I finally understand why there was no major improvement until the end of the mission. I needed more time....
Gj and thanx for the post! ;)
MaebeKnot 4 grudnia 2012 o 13:01 
That is one way to bet it. I like to avoid messing with the population since it does lower score at the end. If you looking for another way to bet it.
Sabn1 4 grudnia 2012 o 19:06 
Początkowo opublikowane przez navik659:
That is one way to bet it. I like to avoid messing with the population since it does lower score at the end. If you looking for another way to bet it.

Oh yea, definitely watched this guy before I stumbled on forum posts. From him, I learned that I could just buy agents, in right from the start, for all areas and Tobin Tax to buy the cards you need. I ussually took, like 6 areas in the beginning and agressively bought the ones I wanted next rounds... when I could (some games I would just lose cause of areas unbought) :D

Also, I finished the 'Oil Fix It' mission, just now. Yaay, feel so proud of myself!! Now I can finally go sleep lol

Check my latest thread, if you're interested to know how I did it ;)
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