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Complete all FOTW Missions Guide
Some of us have completed the game.
Some of us are here for the achievements.
Some have been succesful, where others failed.
How did they do it? The purpose of this thread's is to answer just that, in hope that seeing a succesful example -and later trying it yourself - will improve the game-play exeprience for many (and maybe even their knowledge behind the World's issues).

You can use any sources, as long as they work and they win the mission.
Youtube videos and in-game screenshots are welcome :)

I'll start with an easy to understand/apply strategy for the 'Oil Fix It' mission:

Main cause of stumbling for most is the 'India problem', that is the inability to raise this region's HDI to the required standard, above 0.7. India faces serious watter stress problems compared to other regions and the resulting famine, from this.
People have suggested to purposefully crash the region's agriculture, while investing in the very beginning of the mission in 'Cap and Trade' card and then, after the crash, investing in 'Grow Industry' card. No investment in 'Drought..' (green) card needed.

But for those that just want India happy - like me - here's a less harsh strategy :D
"i managed to get 0.94 hdi for india

some key things:
1) manage health and water ASAP (because once tox cancer starts, it will have unrecoverable effects, same for droughts).
2) economic growth is second priority.

more details:
* decline coal power (asap)
* decline oil power (asap)
* commit to 4th nuclear
* cap and trade (asap)
* decline gas power (a little bit)
that's enough to have 1.00 life exp. index in 2080

* improved drought defence (asap)
* ban tight gas (asap)
* vegetarian revolution (after eco campaign)
* water infrastructure
i think this result can be improved

* cap and trade
* grow commerce
* one child policy (better start early i think)
* education
* protect forests (4 turns)
* high yield crops (for last turn)

still, i think this result can be improved

Update: i did a second game. now i used quantum computing and high yield crops at last turn in india and got 0.95 hdi"

Comment from Dimon157, at 11-04-2012, 04:06 PM, posted on a Steam Users' Forum for the game, called "Beating Oil Fix It: tough love for India".

Will add solutions for the other missions, when i stumble across them either on forums or in-game. Pls feel free to add oppinions, corrections and esspecialy more mission solutions yourself! Have fun ^^
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Hi, I can't put to work the cap and trade schema, it's warning me that I should do the same in other wealthy regions... can you explain how this works please?
Yea sure.

Some areas are simply not developed enough for this card to work. South Asia, or India may consume loads of fossile fuels, but if you try implementing the card nothing will really happen (waste a turn). This usually happens early in your games.

In that case, there's 2 things that you can do:
1. Develop regions (HDI) until you are able to use the card to make a difference, OR
2. Research early the blue deck - 'Science' card - and in order to implement the 'Capture & Store Carbon Dioxide (CCS)' card in those regions. This will allow significant emission reductions overall, it's a very good card and I basically use it for regions where I can't use the 'Cap and Trade' card, with simillar results, in my view.

Hope this helps! Let me know how it went for you :)
My last try before posting was using CCS, and I managed to get 0.68 in the last turn... near miss. I missed that the pollution was caused from oil as well, so I reduced only carbon production; I see that you suggest tu reduce both oil and carbon. In the last turn life expentancy was only 43 :((( Difficult India.
On my youtube channel I have been working on getting a guide to beting all the missions. The ones in "parts" are older and not in HD. The others are HD and will have "strategy" on how to bet that mission. If you find that I haven't done a video yet for one you need feel free to request it and I can put it a higher prioty.


Please note that due to the nature of the game. Playing the same cards as I do may result in a slight difference in numbers that may make a noticable difference in late game. Yet these videos should get you on the right track. Please let me know if it didn't and I can try and help further.
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