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help! Fuel Crisis
I just cant beat this mode! can someone tell me a stragety to beat this?
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Delnar_Ersike Mar 19, 2014 @ 12:26pm 
If you haven't already, give Denial a try before Fuel Crisis: if you can solve the energy crisis in Denial, you're well on your way to solving it in Fuel Crisis.

There are two general ways to solve the energy crisis: population control and increasing fossil fuel generation. Even if you go full-on reducing energy use from the getgo, the world will still encounter oil shortages around 2065 (when oil production peaks), so you either reduce oil usage via population control (since Synthetic Feedstocks are only unlocked much later) or increase oil production via various methods (increased oil production, biofuels, synthetic oil program, etc.)
well everytime I try to do a different type of energy usage like changing to renewables, a financial crisis usually happends and then every area hates me all of the sudden
Fugitive Unknown Mar 22, 2014 @ 3:45pm 
Ah. The problem there is that renewables isn't really viable in FOTW until you have a Solar Satelite (which you can't get quick enough). Fuel Crisis is really about extending the existing fossil fuels till the end of the scenario.

The only real "clean" fuel you can run is nuculear upgrades in China and maybe the Middile East (particularly after you get 4th gen plants). Instead concentrate on improving existing reserves- upp oil production in the middle east, make sure the ME stays stable, give them advance drilling tech, and having the US develop natural gas.
stadtpark-hartmut Apr 23, 2014 @ 3:37pm 
The way I won Fuel Crisis:

You need all kinds of energy you can get combined!

Leave Africa, India and Oceania (Australia) to themselves - that frees up enough money to turn the rest of the world around (- and famines and war will take care of population growth there). Australia stays ok, but it's just so small, that it is not worth the investments (the cards cost the same, no matter how big the region is).

Tobin Tax: use it as much as you can
Carbon Trade and followup carbon reductions on homes and industry: North America and EU until they stop having effects. Also Carbon Trade China as receiving nation; (Middle East and South Asia tend to become the next biggest emitters, so you might want to include them as receivers a little later).
CSS: China - they use the most coal on the planet, also makes the air cleaner / helps with health.
Coal: expand in Russia and North America (China needs it - else you get shortages later)
Oil and Gas: expand in Middle East and Russia (else you get shortages)
Nuclear: reseacrh the Energy tree in Japan; use nuclear everywhere after you get 4th generation (especially Middle East, so they stop burning Oil for Electricity) - you need to spread this to every region separate. (btw. I got to Fusion in 2110 :-)
Renewables: North America and EU, later Middle East (and potentially South America and South Asia later).
Protect Land, Soil, Forests: South America and South Asia first, other regions later when you can afford it, or have a problem with Top soil losses etc. You can stop after the global balance is positive on forests.
Sulphate Aerosols: I started using them in 2090; you might want to start a little earlier - depending on how close the 2100 marker is to the 3 degree target. You even get likes/hearts in consumerist regions for doing it!
Organic Farming: I started in 2040 pretty much everywhere, later combined with
Biofuels: research the Biotech tree in North America and spread it all over the world.
Vegetarian Revolution: do it in China early on (- only use on regions that have a "balanced" outlook, or altruistic or green).
Clathtrates: I banned them globally - got dislikes for it, but they where unstable / not secure to use.

To keep the people happy you have to apply a lot of the environmental policies whenever you get low on support / hearts, ideally you act before a desaster happens (- the news reports indicate, when a drought or a flooding / storm is coming one round before), same is true for the security policies. Since no money is carried over to the next round, whenever you have 10$ left, increase agriculture - best done in regions with low "local food $/capita" as seen on the statistics / recruit menue.

Before I won this scenario I had multiple failed attempts:
Once I tried to get all regions to "green" and "vegetarian"; and one other time I stopped population growth from the start by 1-Child-policies, which totally killed my support.

The key to the final winning attempt really was to let Africa and India fail from the beginning., and then use policies where and when they had the most effect (as you can tell from my advises).
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BlueNovember Apr 28, 2014 @ 12:37pm 
I think it's still important to play 1-2 cards in Africa, at least to maintain their stability. South Africa can be a real power house late in the game and is a great source of food. (Growing agriculture in south Africa and south-east Asia will keep global food production high and delay market collapse).

I agree with Australia; I tend to open by buying one agent and tobin-taxing them until they kick me out. Good source of income for the first 5-6 turns.

Don't forget Advanced Drilling - get it in one region then acquire it in the big oil/gas producers (Middle East, Americas, Russia, & Europe, in about that priority).
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