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Jackywoo Aug 3, 2013 @ 11:27am
This game not bad.
I think it is worth playing the game generally ,especially with your friends . Here are some pros and cons you can consider.

1 . Nice wasteland theme, graphic averagely not bad
2 . Interesting strategy depth on gameplay. Did you notice you can have self-medkit ?special armour? shoot enemy legs? share resources? set resources transfer location? make empty vehicles and weapon? grenades? molotov? crawlings?put different weapons on vehicles? If you didn't try them all, you just miss the fun, and that's why you think the game is bad.
3.Tons of different maps for free, lots of variations. You can have a epic team match, or even survival coop with your friends . Most importantly, the maps are absolutely fair ,because everyone have the same structures and similar landscapes around them. The same pattern, bacciades surround a base,every base has the same buildings.Resources and basle locations are also equally distributed around the map. So people wouldn't cry out about unfair maps.

1.The music and sound effects are below average. You can listen to your own song though, or just mute the song.
2.The performance will be bad if have too many computer players.
3.The anti-aliasing in the option didn't provide above 4x. I think it can be tweak in some setting files?
4.No people at the multiplayer lobby recently.
5.Back to menu will jump to desktop load a while then jump back to title screen.
6.Click a button doesn't feel like clicking
7.Units are too small, suggest to zoom in while units in combat for micro.

Although the art,graphic,animations and sound effect of this game cannot compare to all those famous rts game, but it has it's own unique interesting high depth of gameplay, micro , economic and combat system.It has some more variations of different strategy and unique playing style of its own than other traditional rts games.

Anyone want to try multiplayer can add me friend : hkwh01@live.hk
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Dr. Zoidberg Aug 3, 2013 @ 2:06pm 
Don't be saying anything nice about this game here, too many trolls afoot. I've been saying stuff like this for a while on here, it's a great game mechanically speaking but lacks the polish for it to be a AAA rts. That being said, if you can pick this thing up for less than $5 and play with a few friends or a ton of AI, this game is pretty fun.

Now comes the stupid question.
I've got about 100 hours into this game (I rather like it). How in the world did you manage to make EMPTY cars and weapons? If I somehow missed how to do this, it's a game changer.
Jackywoo Aug 4, 2013 @ 7:11am 
sry my bad english , empty car means no drivers, which click ctrl to switch in menu
Dr. Zoidberg Aug 4, 2013 @ 11:47am 
And here I got really excited because it would be insanely useful to BUILD empty cars and have my soldiers fill them instead of running them on suicide missions for the pop cap for the sake of building more cars (which have semi useless workers in them).
gooper Sep 1, 2013 @ 11:08am 
I love the game. Got 7 win streak. Could be more but no one wants to play! Add me :csgoskull:
Burntheman Sep 2, 2013 @ 11:35am 
You hit ctrl or alt to build empty cars.
Just tried the game again, although admittedly i haven't given it much time, but i see great potential in it. However i did have a fair amount of frame rate issues i dont suffer in other games, even on low. But the map did have a ton of cpu's playing. Since that was mentioned by the OP i will keep that in mind.
Overall i really like it and dont think its been given a fair review. Yes it has bugs, almost all the games i have purchased, well over 500 on steam, all have some flaws or bugs, and luckily, this company didn't dangle a dlc in my face to fix them, lol.
Maybe they will find a way to patch it up, or maybe a third party, but overall i think its fun and compares to a great many of the RTS style games i have played in the past. I find many of the reviews posted haven't taken part in all the game has to offer, or that they haven't even played it. There was even someone who didn't own it complaining on the boards here, lol.
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