Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

Help! My Server dosent apear in the steam server list???
Why dose my server not apear in the steam server list ????
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This has been a problem since day-one (or at least as long as I've been playing CS, as well as CS:CZ and DoD... since June of 2011).

After doing the usual plethora of opening my router ports, adding various things to my "Server.cfg" and "ListenServer.cfg" files ("sv_region", "sv_lan", "heartbeat", and such), I've *NEVER* seen my "listen" server listed in the main Steam server browser.

Heh, I even tried downloading and installing the HL Dedicated Server, which I DID succesfully get up and running, but my dedicated server *ALSO* would not show up in Steam's server browser.

In a nutshell, who the hell knows?

Note that my friends CAN join my listen server... as long as my IP:Port is contained/added in their Steam Server Favorites list, but it NEVER shows up in Steam's main server browser.
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jap same probleme here only my server is in the steam list , but 4 others is the server busy -.-
i can help u to listen the server in the steam server list
^^ add me
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