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SEGA Dev  [developer] Jan 28 @ 9:28am
Free DLC! ‘Advance Ops’ and ‘United Front with Squad 7’ free with DLC purchase or preorders
Hi Valkryia fans,

We think we found a solution to the missing DLC issue that you might like:

SEGA is pleased to announce that the ‘Advance Ops’ and ‘United Front with Squad 7’ DLC will be made available free to anyone who pre-ordered Valkyria Chronicles 4 or previously purchased any piece of VC4 DLC on PC/Steam.

If you have yet to purchase any DLC, it’s not too late to receive this free content. Purchase any of the DLC below and ‘Advance Ops’ and ‘United Front with Squad 7’ will be automatically added to your Steam library. (One copy of each free DLC per customer only.)

Squad E, roll out!

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Razzee Jan 28 @ 9:30am 
kiteless Jan 28 @ 9:34am 
at last

thank you
Virsalus Jan 28 @ 9:42am 
Apology accepted.

And thank you for actually not letting us down.
I can get behind this yeah
Thx Guys.
That was a good move.
It's about time
We didn't believe.
Now we see.
It's true.
Thanks guys! This is an amazing gesture.
THANK YOU For the Free DLC SEGA :)
Thanks guys, made my day.
Well, thank you very much!
Snuggles Jan 28 @ 10:37am 
Lex Jan 28 @ 10:57am 
I approve. Nice going Sega. One of the few times I actually don't feel dirty for pre-ordering in hindsight.
FlameWar Jan 28 @ 11:02am 
It#s conduct like this which made me willign to pre-order VC4. Whiel ther emight be bumps, the devs do listen and do decent work.

Keep it up, the goodwill oyu create with this will not be forgotten!
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