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Ck | ONEVISION  [developer] Apr 4 @ 7:32am
Hey everybody, since we are working currently on the console ports of ASCENDANCE we want to let you know what our next update will be. We have already some of these features in the works and I collected some from your feedback. We are trying to roll this out with the Xbox One, Switch and PS4 Version. Probably on May but no promise yet. ;)

What we want to do:

new features

- complete options menu
- y-axis invert
- graphics options (shadow distance, water reflection, antialiasing)
- re-bindable keys/buttons
- disable the player body mesh
- font size adjust

- new player controller with more responsive controls
- optional rescue jump ability to make certain areas easier
- button interactive totems
- custom color seeds for levels
- interactive level end screen
- improved checkpoint system and respawn
- save system
- hidden symbols and the obelisk
- new achievements
- new levels (based on the decisions the players made in the game)
- new music and more variety
- control explanation | tutorial level
- endless level (prototype)
- a new volumetric light system
- new shadows system


- performance boost, dynamic culling
- improved performance of the sonar scanner effect when activating a core
- improved build-up effect of the areas
- stronger and faster jumping controls
- moving platform fix
- streamlining level 2 and 3, make many platforms easier to reach

If you have other suggestions and wishes, just let us know and we can implement them.
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ASCENDANCE > General Discussions > Topic Details