American Railroads - Summit River & Pine Valley

American Railroads - Summit River & Pine Valley

Overland 3 月 19 日 下午 2:24
Vertical boilered loco - 0-4-0 shunter 1830s

Grasshopper type 1830+

14hp type 1870s

Could we possibly use the steam crane boiler, a bigger engine with possibly a wooden body to create a basic little loco like this?

Make it unique by having a roof and a lantern that can be hooked on the roof

One that could shunt cars, maybe bring rerailing equiptment, tools, etc and work as a lighter (affordable) workhorse

Ive looked through history.. These little things seemed to have popped up everywhere as a reuse of donkey engines etc

I think itd fit in with the theme nicely and not too far off the assets already in game
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keume  [開發人員] 3 月 28 日 下午 1:22 
Cool! I haven‘t seen one of these before.
That would be possible. A cheap engine for small tasks. I have already planned another one for this stage but this might be a step in between or an alternative/option.
the base price could be set low but eg also the efficiency would be pretty low too.
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