American Railroads - Summit River & Pine Valley

American Railroads - Summit River & Pine Valley

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1.5 beta option
Could we have the previous 1.5 that was withdrawn as an optional beta? Im sad to say its quite evident your losing sales with the barebones 1.4 reversion

Ive had to tell alot of friends that 1.5 is coming again "soon" and the video isnt what you get right now... And most have made a beeline to derail valley

Having 1.5 not even a beta option isnt the best choice.. Most people want the proper functioning cabs etc
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keume  [developer] Mar 28 @ 1:59pm 
Well i don’t think it‘s a good idea to shell out some sort of unfinished beta update just to „push“ the sales. this just creates angry customers lol
Basically i follow these steps:
development -> release -> feedback-> changes.

I called the video teaser 1.5 but steam is not showing the name. probably have to add the title manually to the video then.
Sorry about that.

Overland Mar 28 @ 2:07pm 
Thankyou my friend :) it was just an idea. This wonderful sim deserves to be far more well known than it is. The moment 1.5 blossoms ill personall buy the game for atleast 2 friends
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