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Dragon Slumber  [开发者] 3月7日上午8:18
Huge patch V 1.006 is now live, patch notes inside!
Hey guys,

We've been reading all of your comments, praise, criticisms and bug reports, and I want to thank you for your passion concerning the game. We've been hard at work producing a new patch which should cover a lot of issues you guys have been having with the game, including for our international audience in Germany and China. Please continue posting your issues in the forums and we'll continue to update the game accordingly.

For our Chinese audience, we have have found an issue with the way the translation is integrated in the game, but would have to confirm. If you can post images in the Steam forums which include examples of text which is unreadable and tell me what it says (or rewrite it so I can google translate it), I'll be able to compare and improve work on it.

Together, we'll make this work! Thank you for being awesome!

Patch notes for v 1.006:

  • Difficulty icons now representative of the difficulty when mouse over

  • Conway Domain email no longer appears multiple times (may only work on new games)

  • Brother now has proper reply about warranty on day 3

  • Bora now properly replies when impatient on day 4

  • Better feedback when the player fails a VIP warranty

  • Spence's Oasis now properly updates when purchasing in categories

  • Customer notes now marked as "used" when the upgrade is bought

  • Some typoes resolved

  • In cat mode, Kamala now properly displays when a player fails a ticket

  • Brother ending achievement properly triggers now

  • Kamala no longer fires you if you forward the Indigo chat logs on day 9

German specific

  • German title for the security code on Day 5 now displays properly

  • Updated text fields to make text fit better on screen

Chinese specific

  • Chinese Quasar website displays better

  • Chinese emails display properly
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Juba 3月7日下午4:48 
When u got time pls include french translate 😞
Dragon Slumber  [开发者] 3月10日下午6:11 
引用自 MythAlex
@Dragon Slumber / devs: I think you guys forgot to activate the trading cards system. Can you verify if it works as intended? Thanks in advance.

Thanks for letting me know, I'll look into that.
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