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Patch Notes
Version .21261

It has a been a long road, but here comes the final Guildmaster chapter. Thank you all for being with us until the last stitch!
We are now turning our eyes towards the finish line ... just wait and see.


- The last mercenary joins the roster on this glorious day, this is of course the Sawbones.

- The Seventh and last chapter of your Guildmaster adventure with 4 new missions and a boss, the Winged Horror!

- To wrap things up properly, the more persistent guildmasters might also uncover a final boss mission and face the Dark Rider.

- New items:
  • Power Core
  • Horned Helm
  • Thief's Hood
  • Skullbane Axe
  • Minor Cure Potion


Added - Battle goals are now in the game! They will currently reward XP in Guildmaster, to speed up your progression

Added - The missing "Add Target" perks

Updated - Allied monsters, neutral monsters and boss monsters all have their own decks now. So you can curse enemies without cursing your allies


Fixed - Multiplayer issue with undoing Epidemic
Fixed - Issues with Retaliate trying to activate on a dead character
Fixed - Issue when selecting Piercing Bow after Power Ballad
Fixed - Issue with adjusting initiative after selecting two cards for Second Chance ring while already taking an extra action with a Ring of Brutality/Haste
Fixed - Phasing Cloak causing condition abilities such as Curse and Bless to gain extra strength
Fixed - Multiplayer issue Spread the Plague causing a desync
Fixed - Issue with being unable to select targets when using Power Ballad + Power Potion
Fixed - Issue with preventing potions from appearing as job rewards
Fixed - Issue with where non-attack abilities would show a retaliate warning
Fixed - Issue with with Willing Sacrifice Active Ability
Fixed - Issue with when dying from hazardous terrain
Fixed - Issue with when reloading a save with exhausted players
Fixed - Multiplayer desync after abandoning a scenario and returning to the map screen
Fixed - Issue with Expose and the Add Target perk
Fixed - Multiple multiplayer issues and desyncs
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76561198451686298 Jul 26, 2019 @ 8:57am 
Version .7902


- Added more road events/encounters
- Added more environment variations


- Updated attack modifier timings to be easier to read (we are currently working on a visual overhaul)
- Updated Compendium button into ‘How to Play’
- Updated element icons on ability cards
- Updated element infusion on ability cards
- Updated Line of Sight logic
- Updated Brute Walk Animation - he’s been given the hurry up
- Updated 3 and 4 character party unlock requirements (now respectively to 1 and 2 boss kills required)
- Improved performance on AoE targeting
- Chests and doors will now highlight blue to make them more noticeable during movement
- Map intro no longer plays again if you fail your first Journey
- Added difficulty indicators for each party on the party selection screen
- New artwork for Burned Tavern


- Fixed an issue where targeting hexes did not appear and UI became unresponsive
- Fixed Smoke Bomb: using the Confirm Action button could cause the ability to not work
- Fixed Smoke Bomb: targeting hexes could keep reappearing
- Fixed conditions applied by traps lasting 2 turns instead of 1
- Fixed an issue with multi-target attacks where attack modifiers were accumulating
- Fixed Loot 2+ abilities, they will now loot tiles even if there is an obstacle in between
- Fixed cloth on Living Corpse Elite
- Fixed a softlock when pushed onto a trap
- Fixed a bug with loading mods on the modding version of the game
- Fixed summons that should infuse elements on attacks
- Fixed a bug where enemies would fail to play their turn and block the game
- Fixed values on enemy ability cards when displayed from the initiative track.
- Fixed enemies with "Ranged" attacks not passing through the doors when the target is not on his direct line of sight
- Fixed Invisibility texture on Cragheart and Brute
- Fixed advantage icon not shown on melee targets when using Eagle Eye Goggles
- Fixed AI sometimes not using full movement
- Fixed AI not moving if it would end up on a hex the same distance away from its focus
- Fixed an issue where rewards given or purchased at a village would be lost after losing a scenario
- Fixed AoE placed on traps that would not work.
- Fixed Living Corpse walking on traps when another valid route was available
- Fixed Fire Orbs exploding prematurely when close to walls and other collision assets
- Fixed Hooked Chain not affecting the entire attack action
- Fixed enemy health bar not showing its depletion down to 0 on death
- Fixed an issue with the undo button disappearing if the player selects a tile while trying to move with Immobilized or Stunned status
- Fixed item cards getting stuck on screen
- Fixed Cultist not playing particle effects while summoning a monster
- Fixed Living Bones Animation
- Fixed durability amounts now correctly showing when buying/selling
- Fixed spelling mistake on the map
- Potential fix for the Card Hand UI error message
- Fixed an issue with enemies not selecting a focus if they did not have line of sight to the characters

Congratulations, you reached the end of the first patch notes.
It means a lot to us :).
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Version .8047


- New road events
- More variations of environments
- New cards added:
  • Crippling Poison (Scoundrel)
  • Engulfed in Flames (Spellweaver)
  • Selfish Retribution (Brute)


- Confirm/Continue button will now execute with the Space key
- UI can now be disabled by pressing F2
- Updated Attack Modifiers visuals and audio to be easier to read and understand
- Updated Chromatic Explosion's UI element picker
- Updated locations on map screen


- Optimized hex highlight - should be less CPU intensive now
- Fixed issues with Pull using unwanted routes and failing to activate traps
- Fixed multiple bugs with the Line of Sight (LoS)
- Fixed the possibility to enter villages while on the way to the next node
- Fixed Cultist's death attack not triggering
- Fixed on hit timing for Cultist's death attack
- Fixed red highlights appearing when a character or trap is spawned
- Fixed an issue with doors not opening
- Fixed the bad VFX appearing on card infusion icons during level up
- Fixed map location names not fitting their banners
- Fixed an issue where undoing an item after a partial move would give you the full move again
- Fixed missing boss path/nodes when winning the boss encounter
- Fixed a bug when pressing Alt while short resting
- Fixed an issue with infused Unstable Upheaval not highlighting the correct targets 2 tiles away
- Fixed Warhammer that can now be used when Unstable Upheavel is infused
- Fixed an issue where performing a loot action as enemies are still dying, makes you miss the gold
- Fixed AI that would move if there is not hex to attack from
- Fixed the choice to take damage after selecting a card to lose breaking the UI
- Fixed archers occasionally placing traps on the other side of a wall.
- Fixed having the same item equipped for both characters leading to both items being consumed or unequipped at the same time
- Fixed issue where AoE abilities would hit all possible targets if the AoE tiles in range selected were blocked by an obstacle
- Fixed Explosive Punch on a 2 hex obstacle not correctly damaging all enemies adjacent to either of the hexes that were part of the obstacle
- Fixed enemies sometimes stopping on the same hex
- Fixed an issue where you could select more than the allowed number of ability cards or small items
- Fixed the Cultist being able to summon through walls

Have Fun !
76561198451686298 Sep 9, 2019 @ 10:09am 
Version .8331


Added - Tooltips for ability card elements/effects/conditions/XP/etc...
Added - Cards:
  • Crippling Offensive (Brute)
  • Rock Slide (Cragheart)
  • Frozen Night (Spellweaver)
  • Watch It Burn (Scoundrel)
  • Swift Bow (Scoundrel)
Added - Items:
  • Weighted net
  • Black knife
  • Doom powder
  • Stun powder
  • Poison dagger
  • Jagged sword
  • Sun Earing
  • Moon Earing


Updated - One level X card for each character now available at start for new parties (more to come!)
Updated - Minimum Item Durability set to 2 instead of 1 (temporary fix while we work on a larger redesign)
Updated - Added a lot of village screens
Updated - Sped up anims and effects for several UI elements (Option menu scroll speed, attack modifiers bar appearance, choosing a card to lose or discard, end of turn button...)
Updated - Party display
Updated - Adjusted the height of individual characters health bars
Updated - Double confirmation windows for selling equipped items


Fixed - Several issues with enemy AI (we are still working on AI and may introduce weird behaviours but this should already be an improvement)
Fixed - Single Out and Crackling Air attack bonuses applying to too many targets
Fixed - Elemental aid active bonus not working correctly
Fixed - Using the "Hooked Chain" with a multi-target attacks allowing you to move only one enemy
Fixed - Issue where using an item with an ability would remove any sub abilities added through element consumption (Crater + Consume + Eagle Eye Goggles Issue)
Fixed - Giant flickering item card displayed when hovering over an item card after looting a chest
Fixed - New cards not showing up for existing saves
Fixed - Rope Bridge Event
Fixed - First ability card in list not being drawn and increased randomness of monster cards shuffle
Fixed - Scenario level always being zero in some cases
Fixed - If there are more than 1 Night Demon and a Dark Infusion is consumed, only the first in order will utilise the Element for an action
Fixed - A Retaliate action with no range addition activating if the hero is pushed away from the attacker
Fixed - Crater's radial stomp not damaging flying creatures on obstacles
Fixed - Impossibility to push a flying enemy onto an obstacle
Fixed - Scenario Traps not doing 2+L Damage
Fixed - Pushing an enemy 2 hexes away through a trap would not trigger the trap
Fixed - When entering a new room, a new monster ability card is now drawn for monsters that existed before this round
Fixed - Blocker when returning to main menu in the middle of a short rest and then selecting continue
Fixed - Backup Ammunition not updating the xp tracker appropriately
Fixed - An issue when undoing boots enhanced actions
Fixed - Dirt tornado not applying muddle if the enemy at the central selected tile dies
Fixed - Mask of Terror working improperly
Fixed - Skipping the first of two separate "Pushes" would automatically skip the second as well
Fixed - Using an item after selecting an ability would skip the additional actions (Warding Strength Top)
Fixed - Improper shape of Sentient Growth (was upside down)
Fixed - The stats of the enemies shown in a particular scenario differing from what can be seen in game
Fixed - Issues with Living Torch death attack
Fixed - Cultist damage on death happening before the cultist has taken its turn.
Fixed - Using the Eagle Eye Goggles to gain advantage during the Attack of Trample bottom action not working
Fixed - Select/deselect of "Single Out" creating an error message
Fixed - Items with multiple abilities now undo without leaving abilities beyond the first in effect, which allowed exploits
Fixed - Enemy being healed by sub ability of Sentient Growth
Fixed - Non-AOE abilities with more than one target not interacting properly with single target items
Fixed - Single target attack items only allowing one to be activated per ability
Fixed - The consume element picker closing
Fixed - An error when using Leaping Cleave and extending the range with Boots Of Striding
Improved - Performance for cragheart dirt tornado particle effects

Have Fun !
76561198451686298 Sep 26, 2019 @ 8:20am 
Version .8842


Added - Battle Log
Added - Cards:
  • Trickster's Reversal (Scoundrel)
  • Face Your End (Brute)
  • Stone Fists (Spellweaver)
  • Heaving Swing (Cragheart)

Updated - Characters now have two X cards to pick from at the start (almost there !)
Updated - Graphic options now included in the menu, instead of the Unity launcher
Updated - Single target items can now be used in a multitarget attack and be undone properly
Updated - Inventory icons
Updated - Small village UI adjustments
Updated - Looting gold displays a number
Updated - Health bar shader to work better in distance / low scale
Updated - Can now select cards using the Alt view


Fixed - Multiple small UI issues
Fixed - Sell/buy percentages not working
Fixed - Gold count stacked vertically
Fixed - An issue with single target items being usable during an attack animation
Fixed - No targeting hexes appearing for All Targets abilities such as Unstable Upheaval
Fixed - Some cases where consuming elements would add bonus range twice
Fixed - Ability Cards sometimes not showing up in Party Display UI
Fixed - Shielded enemies sometimes negating twice the damage
Fixed - An issue where undoing a Move then using a Push would show Move hexes when selecting the hex to push to
Fixed - An issue making items like Warhammer usable with the bottom half of Forceful Storm and similar abilities
Fixed - AI sometimes not moving onto open doors
Fixed - Lag spike when selecting/unselecting cards or items
Fixed - AI sometimes moving through the player characters
Fixed - AI sometimes not moving onto Hexes with chests on it
Fixed - Line of Sight issue with enemies shooting through walls
Fixed - Mystic Ally not moving to avoid disadvantage
Fixed - AI sometimes choosing not to move onto traps
Fixed - Location description changes when you mouse over
Fixed - Impossibility to summon on open door tiles
Fixed - All charges of Crackling Air being refreshed when reloading a game
Fixed - AI sometimes not considering traps while moving
Fixed - Save files size optimization

Have Fun !
76561198451686298 Sep 27, 2019 @ 11:51am 
Version .9300


Added - The one and only Tinkerer !

Added - Cards:
  • Sinister Opportunity (Scoundrel)
  • Balanced Measure (Brute)
  • Nature's Lift (Cragheart)
  • Cold Front (Spellweaver)
Added - Tutorial

Added - Items:
  • Night blade
  • Brilliant blade
  • Tremor blade
  • Inferno blade
  • Storm blade
  • Frigid blade

Updated - Removed durability from Items
Updated - Players now retain Gold, XP and Items if they fail or abandon a scenario (you'll still return to the previous town)
Updated - All three X cards are now selectable from the start
Updated - Camps and villages will now have at least one merchant each and several items
Updated - Removed starting items from all parties, they now get 30 gold per character instead
Updated - Adventures difficulty is now based on the run difficulty selected by the player (only Normal adventures have a decreased difficulty)
Updated - Hex selection effects tweaked
Updated - New party creation screen - Free roster choice and you can now name your party!
Updated - New ‘Load Adventure’ screen
Updated - Reduced the bandit commander’s chances of summoning
Updated - Enemy draw phase is now automatically skipped if there are no enemies present
Updated - Enemy IDs are now randomly assigned
Updated - Save files are now split per party
Added - New environmental effects in crypts - dust, bats and moths.


Fixed - Quitting and reloading resetting active bonuses
Fixed - Multiple AI issues with traps and pathing
Fixed - AI issue with Muddled characters not moving to maximise attacks
Fixed - AI issues with Summons moving into disadvantage to attack
Fixed - AI issue where ranged enemies would be blocked from targeting players in another room if an invisible character was standing on the open door hex
Fixed - Reviving Ether causing softlocks
Fixed - Enemies sometimes not fading away after death
Fixed - An issue allowing to summon on an already occupied hex
Fixed - Players being unable to assign starting places in a scenario
Fixed - Reduced bloom effect in some levels
Fixed - Hexes with chests cannot be directly targeted with Spellweaver's Impaling Eruption
Fixed - Immunities not being shown
Fixed - UI flickering on some shops

Have Fun !
76561198451686298 Oct 21, 2019 @ 9:46am 
Hotfix v.9320

Fixed - All know tutorial blockers
Fixed - Alt skin for the scoundrel not working
Fixed - Weighted Net sometimes not working as intended
Fixed - Added a missing material for the buildings in towns
Fixed - The possibility to summon on a tile with an enemy/ally on it

Hotfix v.9325

Optimized - Loading times by cleaning up save systems
Fixed - Nature's Lift will now always use charges if the ability is ranged and Air is available

Hotfix v.9349

Updated - AI with focus issues
Fixed - Archer choosing to take longer path instead of shorter path to get into range
Fixed - Archers not moving to attack
Fixed - AI is not using full movement when it should
Fixed - When a character is invisible, the enemies walk through him
Fixed - AI moving backwards away from the player
Fixed - Hero Pathfinding will now avoid traps
Fixed - Poison should now show and calculated properly on the combat log
Fixed - Rock Slide - Performance increased when choosing hexes
76561198451686298 Nov 12, 2019 @ 3:06am 
Version .9745


  • Quietus (Brute)
  • King of the Hill (Brute)
  • Frenzied Onslaught (Brute)
  • Pulverize (Cragheart)
  • Blind Destruction (Cragheart)
  • Brutal Momentum (Cragheart)
  • Cull The Weak (Scoundrel)
  • Pain's End (Scoundrel)
  • Twin Restoration (Spellweaver)
  • Stamina Booster (Tinkerer)
  • Jet Propulsion (Tinkerer)
  • Sacrificial Robe
  • Robes of Summoning
  • Staff of Summoning
  • Scroll of Stamina
  • Minor Potion of Stamina
  • Major Potion of Stamina
  • Star Earring
  • Ring of Skulls


Added - Perk system
Added - Extra damage from Poison in the combat log
Added - New LOD system (should help improve performances on lower spec machines)
Added - Current and max health to information panel for characters
Updated - Curse/blessed cards are shown as different cards in the attack modifier deck


Fixed - You can now scroll through your item list in inventory
Fixed - Explosive punch will properly affect all enemies adjacent to 2 hex obstacles
Fixed - Issue on the attack damage preview showing 25
Fixed - Deselecting Lucky Eye no longer causes a crash
Fixed - Ability to place traps in doorways
Fixed - Harmless contraption will now move correctly
Fixed - Moving with an aura causes a crash
Fixed - Issues with selecting the initiative using the Alt view
Fixed - Tinkerer's Enhancement Field bottom not showing AoE
Fixed - The ability to equip two of the same item to a hero
Fixed - Multiple small battle log issues
Fixed - Issues with Tinkerer and Blinking cape
Fixed - Error when trying to move to a new location after defeating the first boss
Fixed - Various errors in the Tutorial
Fixed - When an enemy trips the Stun Trap created by Dig Pit, the Stun effect only lasts till the end of the turn


Fixed - Modding Card generation bugs
76561198451686298 Nov 26, 2019 @ 6:22am 
Version .9979


  • Stone Pummel (Cragheart)
  • Hook & Chain (Brute)
  • Spring The Trap (Scoundrel)
  • Inferno (Spellweaver)
  • Harsh Stimulants (Tinkerer)
  • Minor Mana Potion
  • Major Mana Potion
  • Doomed Compass
  • Staff of Elements
  • Bloody Axe

Updated - New card selection system on level up mirroring the board game experience
Updated - Cards now display their level at the bottom
Updated - Confirm and level up buttons now have highlights in scenarios
Updated - Large rework and tidy up of Active Bonuses and Bespoke Behaviors

Fixed - Bandit Archer Elites now have poison from level 4
Fixed - Undo option disappearing after selecting targets
Fixed - Infusions Card UI will now properly reset when returned to pool
Fixed - Hover not working
Fixed - Rare game lock when recovering cards
Fixed - Alternate skin option added to map screen
Fixed - Properly showing blessed/cursed modifiers
Fixed - Summons can no longer be targeted by recover
Fixed - Spellweaver's Hardened Spikes is now an Aura ability
Fixed - Rock Slide now properly damaging enemies
Fixed - AI could spawn outside of map in rare conditions
Fixed - You cannot select an existing waypoint to go back to with Push/Pull abilities
76561198451686298 Nov 26, 2019 @ 6:23am 
Version .10368


THE MINDTHIEF joins the fray !

Available Mindthief cards :
  • Submissive Affliction
  • Into The Night
  • Fearsome Blade
  • Feedback Loop
  • Gnawing Horde
  • The Mind's Weakness
  • Parasitic Influence
  • Scurry
  • Perverse Edge
  • Empathetic Assault
  • Withering Claw
  • Possession
  • Frigid Apparition
  • Wretched Creature
  • Brain Leech
  • Silent Scream
  • Pilfer
  • Cranium Overload
  • Mass Hysteria
  • Corrupting Embrace
  • Dark Frenzy
  • Vicious Blood
  • Shared Nightmare
Other cards:
  • Meteor (Cragheart)
  • Disintegration Beam (Tinkerer)
  • Heater Shield
  • Tower Shield
  • Wall Shield
  • Steel Ring

Updated - Improved item GUI (shields, boots, weapons)
Updated - New UI for element infusions
Updated - New Health Bars
Updated - Road Events icons
Updated - Victory screen stats
Updated - XP icons
Updated - Insane mode now uses Hard difficulty
Added - Burn/discarded item card effects
Added - Turn phases banners
Added - Alt view for cards on party assembly screen
Added - Multiple highlight & buttons improvements
Added - Confirmation on card selection on level up

Fixed - More AI issues, but this time a lot of them, really, seriously: a lot.
Fixed - Face Your End top pull action with multiple targets after one is pulled over a trap
Fixed - Issues with Nature's Lift where range buff would be added even when Air element was not available
Fixed - Issue where Nature's lift would consume element whenever the ability was started before actually attacking
Fixed - Potent Potables top action to properly add heal and use charges
Fixed - Combat log for Heal to take into account modified heal strength
Fixed - Backup Ammunition to use charges
Fixed - The perk tooltip to show only once per party
Fixed - Attack mods deck shuffle
Fixed - Explosive Punch now works properly in combination with items
Fixed - Trample ability complete refactor
Fixed - Damage caused with abilities using an obstacle blocking the game when they can't be applied
Fixed - Can no longer move multiple enemies with Doomed Compass
Fixed - Enemies targeting hero over summon
Fixed - Cultist on death ability mechanics and soflocking after being pushed onto a trap
Fixed - Soft lock when user moves over two traps and burns their last card on the first trap
Fixed - Hook and Chain bottom when only moving 1 tile
Fixed - Inferno Warhammer combo now works again
Fixed - Attack Modifiers in advantage situation will now properly select the best option (Eg: +1 and +1 Wound will now select +1 Wound)
Fixed - Enemies will now skip a heal action if they don't need it
Fixed - Pick element items (like Staff of Elements) will now properly reset their element picker after being refreshed
Fixed - An issue with Net Shooter + Doom Powder combo
Fixed - Open Wound top action not applying the Wound element
Fixed - Shield modifiers to last until the end of the round
Fixed - Hook and Chain not activating unless you do the full move
Fixed - Soflocks with Stamina Booster (and all card recovery mechanics)
Fixed - Brutal Momentum push from being cancelled when used on an enemy in a corner
Fixed - Monsters that can use Any element to only use up one type of Element that round

- A few levels still have their cards coming soon : level 6 Tinkerer cards, level 8 Cragheart cards
- Doomed Compass may cause an error when used after another item during a turn
- Trample bottom cannot resolve attacks mid-movement, attacks can only be resolved once the movement has ended
- Some obstacles (like Cragheart's Meteor) might not be usable with Stone Pummel's bottom ability
- Undoing Mindthief Augments may not work properly
- Cancelling summons while choosing cards may cause issues
- The Trample + Balanced Measure combo does not work properly
- The Mind's Weakness + Perverse edge combo does not work properly
- Walking onto a trap while controlling an enemy may cause issues
- Using Major Mana Potion after selecting an ability may cause issues
- Sun Earring may cause issues
76561198451686298 Dec 19, 2019 @ 3:32am 
Hotfix v.10392

Fixed - An issue when using Mana Potions leading to an error
Fixed - An issue with Ring of Skulls not saving mid scenario
Fixed - Lots of issues with undoing abilities and especially augments
Fixed - Missing damage icon for event rewards
Fixed - An issue with Sun/Star Earring
Fixed - Adding Power Potion to Explosive Punch now works properly
Fixed - The Perverse Edge + Mind's Weakness combo now works properly
Fixed - The Submissive Affliction bottom ability allowing the enemy to target an additional target
Fixed - An issue with doomed compass leading to an error
Fixed - Monsters being controlled by a player can no longer open doors
Fixed - Multiple small issues around Mass Hysteria
Fixed - An issue when trying to delete a save
Fixed - A softlock when controlling an enemy and walking them onto a trap
Fixed - The error about monster ability cards
76561198451686298 Dec 19, 2019 @ 3:33am 
Version .10739

Join and explore the new FOREST biome and face the ruthless creatures of the wilds:
  • Hound
  • Vermling Shaman
  • Vermling Scout
  • Forest Imp
  • Inox Guard
  • Inox Archer
  • Inox Shaman
  • Inox Bodyguard (boss)
  • Spirit of Doom (Spellweaver)
  • Zephyr Wings (Spellweaver)
  • Black Hole (Spellweaver)
  • Clear The Way (Cragheart)
  • Rocky End (Cragheart)
  • Noxious Vials (Tinkerer)

Updated - Shuffle icons now added to monster cards
Updated - Info bar now displays XP when earned
Updated - Removed the end of round button
Updated - Hovering the cursor over a hex tile now displays a subtle highlight
Updated - Updates to visuals for character select screen
Updated - Added tooltips when hovering over obstacles, gold, treasure chests, and doorways
Updated - Added an undo step to Ability Infuse items
Updated - Added a new music track

Fixed - Portrait added for Rat King
Fixed - Enemies not summoning when standing in an open door
Fixed - Enemy choosing a trapped path over another non-trapped one
Fixed - Issue with summons not determining the correct path
Fixed - Tutorial soft lock when clicking initiative numbers cards
Fixed - Spirit of Doom's heal now correctly uses the target's health instead of Spellweaver's
Fixed - Disintegration Beam text
Fixed - AI targeting summons over enemies with lower initiative
Fixed - Flow when drawing rolling modifiers in advantage
Fixed - Summon abilities not allowing to Undo after clearing targets
Fixed - The Trample/Balanced measure combo now works correctly
Fixed - Active bonus cards getting discarded to the wrong pile after a mid round save
Fixed - Shield items are now only usable when taking damage from an Attack ability
Fixed - Conditions already applied to a character will skip the visual effect and instead will pulse the existing condition icon
Fixed - Enemies with heal-only abilities were moving as though they had attacks of their heal-range, instead of melee
Fixed - Multiple combat log issues
Fixed - AI not moving into disadvantage, despite it being the only valid tile to attack from
Fixed - Added partial movements back to Trample, so it can be used to move through doors again!
Fixed - Issue where non-elite variant enemies were not receiving the same consume as their elite variant
Fixed - issue with the Juggernaut + Blinking Cape combo not working
Fixed - issues with Cranium Overload top when used with an active augment
Fixed - A rare solftlock if a hero has Retaliate and kills a Cultist after their turn
Fixed - Issues with V-sync settings being reset
Fixed - Being able to skip Cragheart's Rocky End after a partial movement when not near an obstacle
Fixed - Error when selecting Robes of Summoning after Major Healing Potion
Fixed - Cragheart's Stone Pummel bonus damage persisting between rounds
Fixed - Stone Pummel not working with more than single hex obstacles
Fixed - Issue with the Stone Pummel + Explosive Punch interaction
Fixed - initiative ties in AI targeting not using the second choice card to break tie
Fixed - Issue with AI maximizing abilities that did not involve and attack
Fixed - Cragheart's "Meteor" top ability blocking the game
Fixed - The Mindthief's "Fearsome Blade" allowing you to push the enemy 1 tile instead of 3
Fixed - Issue with the Broken Cart road event

- A few levels still have their cards coming soon : level 6 Tinkerer cards
- Some obstacles (like Cragheart's Meteor) might not be usable with Stone Pummel's bottom ability
76561198451686298 Jan 23, 2020 @ 5:56am 
Version .11080


  • Empowering Talisman
  • Pendant of Dark Pacts
  • Hide Armor
  • Chainmail
  • Splintmail
  • Steam Armor
  • Platemail
  • Swordedge Armor

Updated - Steam Cloud saves are now available
Updated - Players can now respec their characters to experiment with builds
Updated - Floors from unrevealed rooms are now visible to help with door identification
Updated - Improvements of Forest levels readbility
Updated - Rebalanced some forest scenarios to be less deadly, mainly increasing the threat of Forest Imps
Updated - Tab now highlights all hexes
Updated - Bless and Curse are now limited to 10 Curses for players, 10 Curses for enemies, and 10 blesses in total.
Added - Semi-transparency when characters move through another character
Added - Ability confirmation step to Kill, Loot and Control abilities when Player controlled

Fixed - Improper jump VFX
Fixed - Broken Cart event
Fixed - Hero summon moving away from disadvantage even if unable to attack afterwards
Fixed - Cultist not dropping gold on death
Fixed - Broken adjacent ally bonus for Mindthief's Sinister Opportunity
Fixed - Disarmed Tinkerer being unable to use the bottom action of Enhancement Field
Fixed - The Mind's Weakness + Cranium Overload combo wrongly granting a +2 damage buff on a Ranged attack
Fixed - Softlock when undoing certain items
Fixed - Music not starting if you alt + tab during load
Fixed - Initiative ordering for summons when 2 players have tied primary card initiatives
Fixed - Impossibility to Undo the infused top action of Skewer
Fixed - Combat Log will now record damage inflicted by Retaliate
Fixed - Minor performance improvements
Fixed - An issue when refreshing items on Long Rest that had more than one active bonus
Fixed - Enemies are able to lay traps on top of one another if the tile is an open doorway
Fixed - A crash when Submissive Affliction is used on an enemy that then kills a Cultist which explodes
Fixed - Improper interactions between Trample and items
Fixed - An issue when using a Scroll of Stamina at the end of a characters turn
Fixed - An issue with scenarios not regenerating on map properly
Fixed - Wrongly using a charge for each character healed during an AOE Heal action in conjunction with Potent Potables
Fixed - Players not being able to use items in conjunction with the Attack aspect of the top action of Cranium Overload
Fixed - An issue with enemies spawning outside of the room
Fixed - Skipping Chromatic Explosion movement still triggering infusion
Fixed - The Bloody Axe's +1 Attack not appearing in the combat log
Fixed - Issue with the Living Corpse poisoning itself
Fixed - Player using items after activating an XP rewarding action could skip the action and still be rewarded XP
Fixed - Face your End will now continue to allow pulling targets even if one has died
Fixed - Spirit of Doom not killing an enemy if disarmed at the time
Fixed - An issue where players could summon on a closed door
76561198451686298 Feb 24, 2020 @ 3:05am 
Version .11651

- A new character (codename triangles) ! Hover below to reveal it.

- The Elementalist joins the fray with the following cards :
  • Raw Enhancement
  • Pure Augmentation
  • Formless Power
  • Shaping The Ether
  • Stoking Hail
  • Tremulant Cyclone
  • Infernal Vortex
  • Lava Eruption
  • Ice Spikes
  • Frigid Torrent
  • Malleable Evocation
  • Brilliant Flash
  • Encompassing Shadow
  • Boiling Arc
  • Crystallizing Blast
  • Burial
  • Primal Duality
  • Gravel Vortex
  • Obsidian Shards
  • Winter's Edge
  • Eye of the Hurricane
  • Pragmatic Reinforcement
  • Elemental Aegis
  • Eternal Equilibrium

- Other new cards:
  • Immovable Phalanx (Brute)
  • Lumbering Bash (Cragheart)
  • Long Con (Scoundrel)
  • Gas Canister (Tinkerer)
  • Auto Turret (Tinkerer)
  • Hostile Takeover (Mindthief)
  • Psychic Projection (Mindthief)
  • Domination (Mindthief)
- Use the powerful Enhancement system to modify your abilities in line with your play-style !

Added - Steam Workshop Integration
Added - Custom Level/Scenario Editor available with :
  • 1 Custom Scenario - take on the Black Barrow with your Adventure Party !
  • 2 Example Puzzles - thanks to community member @Kitastrophe !!
Updated - Further Forest levels readability
Updated - Highlight effects when pressing Tab
Updated - New 'take damage' interface
Added - Mind control indicator for enemies
Added - Confirmation step before unlocking "spoiler" characters
Added - Boneguard Alt Skin for the Brute

Optimization - Reduced memory use and load times
Fixed - Softlock when using Long Con and Hostile Takeover on the same target (why would you do this!?)
Fixed - Exception when enemy retaliates
Fixed - Completing a Custom Scenario no longer brings you to the map screen
Fixed - Reset button set to only appear when the character level is above 1
Fixed - Softlock when Spellweaver's Flame summon death ability is skipped due to no targets
Fixed - Crash when using Noxious Vials to recover Cloak of Invisibility
Fixed - Modifier selection with advantage to prioritize *2 over a +1 if the damage is the same and neither has an additional effect, also applies to a -1 over a *0
Fixed - Clear The Way bottom ability when used on obstacles only
Fixed - Enemies on hexes with obstacles not highlighting when using an attack that can target them
Fixed - Being able to summon on tiles with gold
Fixed - Being able to end Rocky End movement next to a greater than 1 hex obstacle
Fixed - Petrify on a target standing in a doorway turning into an obstacle which then blocks the pathway
Fixed - Being able to use Trample while disarmed
Fixed - Being able to use Immovable Phalanx after partially using a move
Fixed - Issue with using Chainmail while Brute Immovable Phalanx was available
Fixed - Armour active bonuses to only work vs Attack abilities
Fixed - Removed undo ability option when possessing an ally or enemy (still able to clear waypoints and targets)
Fixed - Negative conditions that should be applied to self are no longer skippable
Fixed - Crash caused by exiting the game as a road event is encountered
Fixed - Undo button is available when restarting the first ability in an action after using an item ability
Fixed - Skipping the Push component of an attack would sometimes fail to trigger Retaliate
Fixed - An issue where elements could be stuck on 'creating'
Fixed - A possible Skirmishing Maneuver/Frenzied Onslaught infinite loop
Fixed - Saves issues that would send you further back, reset boss data or add blesses to the deck
Fixed - Needing to "Skip" movement after the character died
Fixed - Hex effects on some crypts levels
Fixed - The Stone Pummel and Explosive Punch combo causing a softlock
Fixed - Health bars blocking the mouse from selecting hexes
Fixed - Interaction between Stone Pummel and Clear The Way top
Fixed - Softlock with Clear The Way
Fixed - Hex effects on some crypts levels
Fixed - Issue where players were not able to place obstacles on valid hexes
Fixed - Issue where elements could be stuck on 'creating'
Fixed - Skirmishing Maneuver/Frenzied Onslaught possible infinite loop
Fixed - Enhancement cost on Move abilities with multi targets
Fixed - Enhancement cost on Black Hole bottom
Fixed - Enhancements increasing cost per action rather than per card
Fixed - Area enhancements not counting already enhanced areas in calculation
Fixed - Layout of Malleable Evocation

Issue - Puzzle Examples may not work correctly if you load them after playing Adventure mode in the same session: it is advised to play them from a fresh load.
Issue - There might be issues with consuming multiple elements in a scenario
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Version .12401

Hello everyone !

It's been a while since our last update, so here is a small patch with some preparation work for something of a much bigger scale we have in the works.
More information on that soon.


Codename Triangles new card:
  • Vengeance (Elementalist)

Other new cards:
  • Frozen Mind (Mindthief)
  • Phantasmal Killer (Mindthief)
Added - Customs levels can now be uploaded and downloaded as mods from Steam Workshop, make your own or try them out !
Added - New Crystal Archivist Spellweaver Skin !
Added - Perk to ignore negative item effects
Updated - Camera to have a better focus on the action
Updated - Expanded level editor functionnalities

Improved - Multiple performance upgrades
Fixed - LoS issue where a ranged attack through a wall would cause disadvantage
Fixed - LoS edge-case causing LoS to report a false positive in some scenarios
Fixed - Camera improved to follow actions and modifierd more accurately
Fixed - Exception when skipping Clear The Way bottom
Fixed - Issue when pulling a Cultist with On Death ability over a trap
Fixed - On Death abilities such as Burning Avatar death could target other actors performing an On Death ability (like Cultists)
Fixed - Some pull abilities immediately discarding if there were no valid targets making them impossible to undo or skip
Fixed - Some pull abilities not allowing users to undo right after selecting the target
Fixed - Short delay between movements
Fixed - AI issue with a Living Corpse using a movement of 1 instead of 2
Fixed - Crash when attacking and then pulling a target with Retaliate to an adjacent hex
Fixed - Duplicate combat log use message

- In the Editor, attack modifier decks and enemy ability cards will not shuffle
76561198451686298 Jun 25, 2020 @ 8:24am 
Version .13861

Hello everyone !

We are glad to share with you our biggest update so far and the final form of our Early Access game mode : Guildmaster !
You will find a ton of information about this update in our announcements and trailers, so here it is.


- Guildmaster:
  • Manage your guild as a you see fit, expand and customize your roster of mercenaries at any point in your adventure
  • Explore the revamped map layout with more than 90 new challenging missions
  • Devise strategies to overcome new mission objectives and modifiers: survive, protect and adapt
  • Uncover the story of your mercenaries and the region they are trying to survive in
  • Join forces with new NPCs helping your Guild
  • Learn the gameplay mechanics of Gloomhaven in a completely reworked tutorial and smoother introduction
- New cave biome with additional ennemies:
  • Spitting Drake
  • Rending Drake
  • Stone Golem
  • Giant Viper
  • Cave Bear
- Online co-op multiplayer also launches in closed-beta, followed shortly by an open beta later this summer

- When abandonning or losing a scenario, character cards and dungeon layout will not be refreshed on your second try. Changing the characters in your party is a temporary work around to force a refresh while we work on a hotfix.
- Please note that existing saves will not be compatible with this update.
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