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You CA ban my mods despite I already remove the contents you ask me to ?!
I am the uploader of “CUW female portraits mods”, original author is CUW(edit: I already notify him I posted his works here). Some people may already know these mods and some “dramas” surround them lately.

I was contacted by CA employee few days ago who requested me to remove some pictures in two of my mods because they seem to be too sexy for CA which violate their EULA, I agree to remove them, and I did remove them in the new versions I re-upload, but somehow in 7/9 these two mods are still removed without any warning nor proper reason. I wrote to Steam customer service, they told me they didn’t do this and I should talk to CA directly, so I decide to post this here. This is screenshot the whole conversation between me and CA employee for this matter, as a proof of our deal for public examination and judgment.
These are pictures CA requested me to remove
These are all the portraits of those two mods
There are literally Naked Men(naked warrior) in Rome 2, and countless far more exposed characters in TWWH games, but somehow thee simple lovely portraits here are too offensive for them.

At first, this really was not some outrageous big deal, but the thing really upsets me now is not just CA you removed my mods for no good reason, it’s because we have agreement and I fulfill your agreement and request but you people did not. And such practice of yours not only affect my mods in TW3K workshop but also my entire personal account(which has nothing to do with TW3K workshop), I can’t upload nor edit any picture for 3 days in my own account just because some of my mods are banned in your workshop, this measurement is a bit overstretched frankly speaking. I’m a paying customer of you for years, but you treat me like your enemy. Is it really necessary to show such attitude against your customer? CA you are a big company, I’m just nobody, a small foreign customer who can’t even speak English properly, but yet you can’t take a little bit satire criticism from a small foreign customer?

It’s NOT my intention to sabotage CA’s reputation nor provoke anymore unnecessary controversy. As a Chinese, I appreciate CA for making a decent game based on China such as TW3K and provide me a good entertainment, but as their “customer”, I really cannot approve how they treat their customers, including myself, and their poor PR management. I think it’s necessary to let public, especially other customers of CA, know how they treat their costumers and how they manage their public relationship, all just for such small trifle of a few pics of sexy women in some harmless mods.

PS: Don't tell me some bullcraps such as "if you don't like it, don't play it" or "If you don't like it, don't buy it"... etc. I've played TW games for about 16 years, and I've played TW3K for over 95 hours, it's too late for that unless someone can give me back all the money and times I spent on these games for 16 years.

Edit: I see it's probably some descriptions of those mods made CA upset again, well, they can just ask me to change it but they didn't, unfortunately.
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