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1C_George  [developer] Dec 19, 2019 @ 6:00am
Patch 1.1 Full Changelog
Below is the complete Changelog of the 1.1 update:

  • Character Profile System
  • Quick Save Support
  • Tutorial System
  • Combat Hit Probability Indicator
  • Credits video button to Landing Page

  • Trade sorting algorithm now sorts items by their priorities
  • Settings UI have new key binding and tutorial settings
  • Nithon object layerings improved
  • Recipes can be unlocked by leveling Survival skill on companions (except Winston)
  • LUA Parsing through localization files
  • Madness effect intensities lowered
  • Theater Cultist dialogue lines improved
  • Post-Combat mechanics for encounter during rest improved
  • Inventory Capacity overload logic improved
  • Improve combat dead character loot system
  • Rework combat panic state ‘Locked Grip’
  • Epilogue video ending has a new line

  • Combat character movement speeds are now faster
  • Removed Spell Enhancement System
  • The Colour Out Of Space combat dig icon
  • Reinforced Hazard Suit skill requirement (Science 5)
  • Witch House Attic now have resting point
  • Attempt to cure Krogh no longer requires Bandages or Doctor’s Bag
  • Remove flee cells from Outsider lynch combat
  • Cycle of the Moon defect is now permanent
  • Formula: Specimen Jar production quantity has been changed from 3 to 1.
  • Richter now provides the player with 2 formaldehyde instead of 1 on non-medical approach.
  • Combat Summary UI Angst Color is now red

  • A Possible Exit Quest rarely cannot be continued
  • Dead Willows Wjatal combat flee exploit
  • Settings sometimes reset to default when returning back to Landing Page
  • Lost Man cutscene can trigger in Nithon even if you have him in your party
  • Companions not following player
  • Henchman recruitment bug
  • French Hill Trap Door can be interactable randomly
  • Blasted Street anomaly freezes player character
  • Dead NPC loots can regenerate just like regular loots
  • Struggle Begins infinite load
  • Dead mobtsers can be infinitely looted exploit (Distillery)
  • Settings cannot be saved properly
  • Unlootable chest in the Post Office was breaking quest flow, leaving the player in limbo
  • Inventory double click auto un-equipment of lantern if it is in lit mode
  • Sanity damage carries over and even more decreases between saves
  • Prevent combat trigger zone fire a combat when a cutscene is active (i.e headhunters)
  • Corpse sprites not displaying correctly for dead companions in Exploration
  • Artifact Brand of Taru defect does not appear on ANGST screen
  • Artifact Venus of Willendorf defect does not appear on ANGST screen
  • Consuming Disulfiral now clears all addictions
  • Perks with item requirements not working properly
  • Perks affecting critical failure not working properly
  • Metabolism Catalyst and T.T.P. Mixture are now working properly
  • State case where William can join party if not encountered at all
  • Eduardo cannot trigger dialogue movement when entered riverside with a companion
  • Angst gain increase takes into account all angst accumulated at current level
  • Rare softlock case in exploration while trying to load combat
  • Equipment modifiers also remove perk modifiers on unequip
  • Wjatals activation state if entered combat via restricted zone
  • Wilbur appears again in Nithon
  • Blasted Street Fog does not kill player after loading game from combat
  • Animation override issues
  • Warehouse Sleeper cutscene can play twice

  • Mind Control state getting stuck when character’s both main hand weapons are firearms are empty
  • Mania getting stuck when character is unarmed
  • Dead enemy loot issue after combat summary screen appears
  • Old Blooded perk effect on panic state calculation
  • Soft lock if travel combat encounter is re-started (Addresses most of the map related combat restarting bugs, seen as 'characters spawned on a different location in hub after combat and a soft lock is observed')
  • Brand of Shame getting stuck on missed attacks
  • Nameless Soldier’s Berserk state getting stuck when NS’ weapon has no ammo in it.
  • Companion experiences sometimes not catching up with each other
  • Made Man Distillery combat initiation
  • Bleeding and similar states taken in combat did not clear properly after loading
  • Reload a firearm during combat, in some cases caused lost of ammunition.
  • The Sleeper Beneath combat getting stuck when more than 2 player party members move to the green hexes below The Sleeper Beneath.
  • Two weapons appearing on character’s hands at the same time on combat.
  • Dead henchmen can block progression
  • Double reloading when accessing and initializing inventory from combat without first accessing from exploration, after a loaded game instance
  • Updated Mi-Go display names on Nithon combats
  • Combat panic state berserk issue causing a deadlock
  • Additional AP checks for quick items on combat
  • Combat panic state ‘Locked Grip’ state being stuck on character for the rest of combat
  • Dead character prefabs on combat hubs
  • Blood Circle logic rework
  • Combat panic state henchmen drop weapon issue
  • Hand of Nergal getting stuck on Outsider after the spells effect is cleared
  • Outsider’s Spit of Al Razi blocking combat issue.
  • Panic State dead character check
  • Combat hex movement cost being more than 2 when more than 2 enemies die on the same cell
  • Winston’s Tackle issue
  • Party members still being in Stats pool even after they die
  • Exp value for some of the Carrion Jack combat hubs
  • Radial menu combat ability sub buttons filling method
  • Combat freeze after restarting combat through Game Over UI
  • HP / SP Bars In Combat Appear In Wrong Positions
  • Panic state swap action issue
  • Damage value calculation method on combat attacks
  • Sanity zero characters being alive after combat ends issue
  • Dropped items staying on the ground when attempted to be picked up on combat
  • Critical Failure skill checks fixed
  • Snapshot combat ability breaking attack flow
  • Winston’s Tackle and Sonia’s Spectral Hands abilities being able to be cast to further enemies when another enemy is adjacent
  • Radial menu not being able to open issue
  • Companions not gaining xp when they escape/flee from combat and player character wins the combat afterwards.
  • Quick item AP cost calculations
  • Enemy still getting shattered even after the Petrified state is gone
  • Players being able to attack fellow party members with Hands of Stone spell
  • Outsider’s hands after Hands of Stone spell being cleared after spell wears off
  • Random quick items being lost when another item is used on panic state and dropped due to panic
  • Playable characters sometimes lose the ability to perform any actions after casting the "Children of Pazuzu" spell
  • Die animation for Cultists and Cult Fedayeens where they play normal die animations instead of shatter while still being Petrified
  • A breaking state that happens when another Blood Circle is cast before the previous one is still present
  • Some spells not being able to be cast in a combat after fleeing a previous one
  • Children of Pazuzu damage output inconsistencies

  • Ward 10 pre-combat crash
  • Keelan post-cutscene crash
  • Setting VSync can cause crash

  • Tutorial UI Not Showing After Loading Game
  • Rest anomaly for occult research, causing rest UI to soft lock
  • In some cases inventory had items with empty technical names, causing UI to soft lock.Taken precautions against such cases
  • Completing a combat encountered while at rest caused rest UI issues
  • Weapon Powers and Maledictions cannot be revealed through Occult Research
  • When companion cannot level up blocking entire tab menu
  • Perks sometimes do not read stats correctly while leveling up
  • Stacked levels showing higher level perks while leveling up
  • Settings Resolution Pop-Up Can Stuck On Screen With Escape Key
  • Combat Summary Pop-Up cannot close properly
  • Hover tooltip display glitch when displaying nested rest activities and scrolling with mouse click instead of wheel
  • Manuscripts show in rest screen if the spell is already learned
  • Craft plans disappearing after learning new plan
  • Buying multiple cigars if you do not have any cigar in your inventory counts as one cigar
  • Trading for the first time with an NPC shows wrong cigar buy value
  • Player can trade with Marino in Asylum during Cutscene
  • Navigational Hub Switch UI issues
  • Travel Map labels won’t disappear
  • Resetting rest screen or closing rest screen does not clear activities properly
  • Right-clicking rest activity clearing icon
  • Research can continue after selling required items
  • Canceling Rest window does not remove Research Plans
  • Faithful perk can be acquired with all belief systems
  • Rest UI to properly reset selected research activities when closed with ESC
  • Combat Summary does not account for Angst increase effects
  • Incorrect values of Total Angst and XP displayed with mouse hovering over corresponding bars in Character Sheet
  • Pause and Quick load menus can be invoked with keyboard shortcuts while they should be unavailable
  • Background and Archetype descriptions does not update after language switch
  • Exploration menu settings button does not show in-game menu
  • Exploration Menu "Options" hover text stays on screen after click
  • Researching more blueprints than you can could break rest progression

  • Tab Menu click sound does not read volume from SFX Volume
  • Missing Warehouse Flesh Devourer Music

  • Nameless Soldier end game cutscene codes not working accordingly to the narrative
  • Party gets stuck when Richter returns back
  • Nithon Lost Man cutscene player while Lost Man is in party.
  • Burning man cutscene (quest The Lost Patent) is auto triggered when main street loaded if player did not give him match
  • Keelan combat cutscene not unregistering from cutscene events properly causing encounter combats to freeze if restarted

  • Black Lips Return dialogue and companion interaction issues
  • Theater Cultist gender addressing issues
  • Chad initiates dialog in Travel Map after running away from Wjatal in Dead Willows
  • Marino now properly wants his 40 cigs
  • Chad / Bagakaw Repeatable Dialogue
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