X-COM: UFO Defense

X-COM: UFO Defense

Ante79 Dec 13, 2013 @ 11:12am
Question about superhuman difficulty
So I'm still learning the game and I must say it's an awesome classic game.
I decided to try play on superhuman, xcom util is installed so no difficulty bug.

It actually went pretty well (just start of the game tho) except some terror missions. Not an easy game this :) I managed to survive a terror mission but immediatly after my base got attacked, I had only few rookies to defend with. After that it was pretty much game over.

So my question is, how common is it that aliens attack your base right after or during a mission? I guess you always need lots of soldiers as backup in base?

Also another thing I wonder about, my main base was in China, still they withdraw from Xcom. Doesn't make sense.

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Nokim Dec 13, 2013 @ 6:09pm 
base attacks on superhuman difficulty are almost guaranteed to happen in the first 3 months, iv had them happen on the first month and that was a blood bath i barely survived.
and yes in superhuman mode you should have plenty of soldiers on standby and the way you arrange your base will make things easier or more difficult.

as for china withdrawing, my guess is they had a base in that county that you didnt spot in time. or maybe let too many alien ships land there. Iv had the same thing happen on USA before then i took planes to scount the country and sure enough a base appeared.

signs for alien bases taking hold or country being unhappy can always be seen at the end of the month on reports where a country is unhappy
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