X-COM: UFO Defense

X-COM: UFO Defense

HumbleCanoe2 Jan 29, 2014 @ 9:04pm
Can you imagine the best game ever?
Imagine a game with the base building and financial aspect of UFO Defense. The squad setup and customization of XCOM Enemy Unknown. And the combat style of XCOM Bureau. If they were to combine the best aspects of all 3 games would that not be the best game ever?
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All of that but the Combat of the Bureau. Combat and cover of Enemy unkown would work just fine, the bureau combat sucked.
HumbleCanoe2 Jan 29, 2014 @ 9:10pm 
I would only disagree in that the Bureau combat AI sucked. If those party rejects would do something without being micromanaged it would be awesome. Maybe real time TPS combat system that works correctly
WolfHound Feb 1, 2014 @ 3:45am 
I don't hate the Bureau as much as a lot of X Com fans do, but I still wouldn't say the combat system is the "best" or that it would be "perfect" if combined with the strategy elements of UFO or Enemy Unknown. It is a lot better once you get used to it but I imagine a lot of X Com fans didn't give it a chance.

Personally I would like to see an updated version of UFO that keeps all of the game elements intact but just updates it for graphics, sound, and time period... or a TFTD remake in the Enemy Unknown universe and style :D I imagine the reincarnation of the Lobstermen would be absolutely terrifying.
HumbleCanoe2 Feb 2, 2014 @ 2:10pm 
The only thiing I hate about the Bureau is that I finished it in less than 20 hours. Luckily I got I and all the DLC during the sale so I am only out $15. Had I paid more than 25% for all of it like others have I would be really annoyed by it.

Point of clarififaction. I was stating 3rd person shooter, like Bureau, as the best combat system. Not that Bureau is the best TPS. Just that TPS would be best combat style, imho.
Originally posted by Necrotoad:
The only thiing I hate about the Bureau is that I finished it in less than 20 hours. Luckily I got I and all the DLC during the sale so I am only out $15. Had I paid more than 25% for all of it like others have I would be really annoyed by it.

Point of clarififaction. I was stating 3rd person shooter, like Bureau, as the best combat system. Not that Bureau is the best TPS. Just that TPS would be best combat style, imho.
While yes, it doesnt work for a strategy game like Xcom.
HumbleCanoe2 Feb 2, 2014 @ 2:26pm 
why wouldn't it? combat TPS instead of turn based. would work fine
Originally posted by Necrotoad:
why wouldn't it? combat TPS instead of turn based. would work fine
The issue is Xcom kinda has to be turn based. Making it a TPS instead of a turn based strategy would remove 90% of the strategy in the Xcom games.
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forsakenlight Feb 2, 2014 @ 9:57pm 
I am not pleased with either of the new "xcom" games. The old X-Com games had everything they needed to be good games at launch. The 2 new games are hollow cash grabs that can be beaten in 20 hours or less. They "solve" this by adding overpriced dlc. Bugger all of them. I used to like Firaxis but after Civ V and XCOM they can go die in a fire.
Empiro Feb 3, 2014 @ 7:25pm 
The new EU game and EW are perfectly fine. I think they lack a bit of charm the old games did, but were great polished games.

I think the only thing needed to make UFO Defense even more awesome would be to introduce a bit more substance into the late game and re-balance the tech tree.

As it stands, there are too many useless research topics and too many items that you barely used. Most of the craft weapons other than plasma beams are pretty useless, and there was little reason to build Firestorms or Lightnings. By the time I built an Avenger, the only thing left to do is to head to Cydonia. The new EU does a bit better job at this -- every single research topic in the game does something.

Slowing down the pace at which you get laser weapons and plasma weapons would also help, as would introducing new tiers of weapons beyond conventional / laser / plasma. It feels like you barely go more than 2-3 missions with conventional guns before everyone is toting a laser rifle, and a few missions later, everyone uses heavy plasmas, and it stays that way for 75+% of the game.

Finally, all these games (including the new EU) suffer from an inverted difficulty curve -- the early game is super tough, and the late game is way too easy.
forsakenlight Feb 4, 2014 @ 9:21am 
There were like 10 basic maps untill they released EW and only a handfull of aliens. There is very little to do because there are only what 4 ufo types and one alien base. EW added exalt and a few aliens and maps but it also added a f*cking lot of bugs. You may not like useless clutter but the absence of it makes things even more mundane. Imagine going to grandmas house and there are no pictures on the wall, no candles, no doodles from the latest batch of kids, nothing but a few chairs and 2 old people staring at each other. Yea, no thanks. I like my useless clutter.

You can also get laser weapons after only a few missions in EU or skip them and go right to plasma and use plasma for 80% of the game. In fact all of your arguements why the old game are worse can still be applied to the new game. All craft weapons are junk because you only need to build plasma weapons and you dont even need to go past that. As for building the "ultimate craft" there is almost no reason to in the new game since there is hardly any activity, I mean you see what 1 ufo a month? You can say that all research is usefull in the new game but you can also say it about the old game or you can say otherwise and neither would be wrong. You can skip most tech in either game because only a few things are key.

Now if you can get both EU and EW for $40 or less I say it _would_ be worth it if they hammer out the bugs which right now they don't seem to care much about at all. Probably working on shovelling out more overpriced DLC. I'm not even going to touch that turd fps with Xcom slapped on the box.
Empiro Feb 4, 2014 @ 3:23pm 
Your facts are so off that I think at this point you're trolling. There are 68 maps in the original XCOM:

You'll probably see around 30-40 in a playthrough. EW added more.

There are 6 UFO types in EU, versus 8 in the original (and the small scout barely counts).

Bugs suck, but it's not like the original didn't have a ton of bugs: http://www.ufopaedia.org/index.php?title=Known_Bugs
We enjoy the original anyway despite the bugs, just as I enjoy EU and EW despite them.

Also, while you can rush plasma in EU, it's much harder -- you need to research and build alien containment, arc thrower. Then you have to capture a thin man and then research light plasma. The research cost is also so high that if you research Light Plasma early on, your armor research will be way behind. You still have keep researching to get weapons other than the light plasma rifle (good luck trying to manufacture one). Same deal with laser weapons -- you can't just research one thing and equip your entire squad with laser rifles. You have to research sniper rifles and heavy lasers to equip all the classes with lasers. I also like how the research credits mean that you may wish to hold off on research if you anticipate capturing an alien very soon. It's a meaningful choice and trade-off.

In the original, it's much easier to sell a bunch of alien artifacts and then hire 100 scientists to get your Heavy Plasma in less than a month worth of time.

I also didn't say that the new game's research is prefect. By useless topics, I mean topics that give you literally nothing except a Ufoapedia, like researching corpses, things like alien surgery, or researching any live alien other than a navigator, leader or commander. In EU, every topic gives you *something* even if you think that something is useless.
forsakenlight Feb 4, 2014 @ 11:22pm 
Excuse you sir. You are entitled your opinion and so am I.
I never stated ANY "facts", if you are ready to pull your head right out of your backside you might see I did not like EU or EW which I am pretty sure I said. I only stated what I could remember off the top of my head because I don't care enough about the game to go dig it up and here I sit wasting time explaining that to you ho hum. But since we are at it.

Of your six ships one is a one time encounter whoopty doo and another you might not ever see depending on how you play the game. Even if you do see a battleship its going to be pretty rare since like I said the level of alien activity is pretty abysmal. If you buy slingshot you get to see one guranteed but yea dlc. What were you trying to prove with that anyway that EU has less content than UFO, I thought I already said that.

68 maps? Thats amazing and even more so since they will be exactly the same each time you see them. That was my point which I should have worded differently. The "random" factor being when and where the enemies will magically pop out of thin air which in case you cant tell I did not much care for either.

What are you talking about hard to rush plasma and outfit your team? Something I do remember is not having any problem rushing plasma tech or equiping my squad with it. I could have done it even sooner but I wanted full sattelite coverage due to how panic/alien control works in EU. Sadly reducing alien activity further but I don't like to lose countries or squad members for that matter. The only reason it takes longer in EU would be because like I keep saying there is almost no alien activity so actually it doesn't take longer because you just sit there and hit the fast forward button. We can touch on research credits and such too. With the south american bonus you have instant autopsies and interrogations. Capturing live aliens is not very hard either or it was not for me. I don't know why I am wasting time kintpicking so I'm gonna leave it there. Just think whatever you want.

Was UFO perfect? No. Is EU perfect? Very far from it.
HumbleCanoe2 Feb 5, 2014 @ 1:57am 
It is simply amazing how far off topic this thread has become in such a short time
Cute and cuddly boys, cute and cuddly.
Beanchilla Feb 8, 2014 @ 1:41pm 
I think UFO defense is about as close to perfect as a game has come for me. That said I would like to see it with customizable characters, workshop support, a number of new mission types (such as those included in EW/EU) and some more weapons to spice up combat. Rebalance the weapons so heavy plasma isn't typically the best and make sniper rifles and shotguns to spice it up.

I'd also love to see the game incorporate real locations for terror missions. Such as having the space needle or golden gate bridge terror missions. Other than that they would just need to rebalance psychic abilities and I'd say it's about perfect.

I'd keep the combat as is. I really enjoy it how it is currently.
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