Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare

Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare

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same mission text are OOD...
Same mission text is oddly off.
1. For example from companion doctor (can't remember name)..... (message on dialog is OK.. but what is in quest log objective very wrong) quest log objective is following:

"I want Fist Aid kit dead. I'm counting on you to destroy 30 of ther armies. Return here, and you'll find Fist Aid Kit Zolties waiting for you."

and I know she wants me to collect 30 MED kits.. so the message is very off ;)

2 example is every unit training mission "... 3 level male villager 6..." And that MEANS exactly is: 3 male villager's at level 6 (or above).... (not sore is it grammatical best ways to say it, but training missions text is confusing at best and should be looked at again.

Good luck with fixing bugs ;).
Otherwise last update looks NICE and keep up good work!
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also binoculars make reloading sound wen i press V and emty gun sound if i pres left mouse button.
Tina  [developer] Aug 19 @ 6:10pm 
1. she needs you to bring 39 medkits
2. 3 male villager's at level 6

We already fixing it👌
Thank you😊
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