v00d00m4n Jan 24, 2019 @ 6:44pm
Sadly - excelent ideas ruined by bad programming and game design
This game better to be turned into some CGI web series and monetized on Youtube, because it fails as game, it has so much bugs, so much clunkiness and so many bad programming and bad game design decisions... that in usual case you would hate this game in 5 munutes, will rage quit, uninstall and demand refund... but artistic and narrative part and actually an interesting direction and pacing of storing has some good and intriguing atmosphere (execpt for part in very begining that spoils car crash and makes whole stroy predictable... maybe its better to cut it away and show somewhere in the end?) that actually makes you want to keep playing this buggy and clunky mess and makes you want to keep this game despite how horribly it plays and works... in a naive hope that maybe after several patches that may not happen at all, this game will actually get better as game.

I dont even know where to start about flaws of game... but i really feel like i dont want to criticize it and want it to be better game... dev... just tell us... is there hope for some "directors cut improved revamped reworked and polished edition" patch somewhere in this year?
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Thiago Girello Jan 25, 2019 @ 5:31am 
hey voodoman!
Thanks very much for playing the game man.
We are a small group of 4 friends that made this game trough our free time during the last 9 years.

It´s a project that we have a lot of love, and tryed our best.
The game have a lot of experimental game design ideas based on old games that we love.
The game have a huge amount of content, with more than 15 hours of experience.
I know that you hated, and i´m happy to hear your opnions about the bugs that happened with you.
But on he other side there are a lot of people that really loves the game as well.
Since the game come out we are recieving a lot of polarized reviews.
Some people really hate it and some really love it.
And i totally understand, since the game have a lot of experimental approach.

We are happy with the final version of the game, and really proud of it.
We work closely with the community after the realise of it to fix all the bugs that showed up.
We even added a lot of features that the community asked for, like the musical room for example.
Unfortunelly we don´t have more money to work o new versions or more content at the moment.
But if any bugs shows up we will gladly fix it.

Thiago Girello Jan 25, 2019 @ 5:35am 
Hey Voodoman was really cool of you to post here on the discussion forum and not giving us a bad review right away.
I really appreciate that.
If there is anything you want us to add on the game, please let me know.
Thiago Girello Jan 25, 2019 @ 5:50am 
Hooo and the accident it´s not very important for the history.
It´s just a small part of the history.
What it´s important it´s to discovery what the accident really means in the end of the game.
And discovery the optional area of the game, the museum where have a massive amount of content related to the man at the end of the world.
Did you manage to enter at the museum?
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