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Lowering mouse sensitivity doesn't work
No effect no matter how low I put it.
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Originally posted by Pete_Bottomley:
Woo! Accidental fixes are the best! :)

(It may have been something to do with the motion blue + AO not saving correctly).

Great to hear it's fixed though!
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Yeah, this is the biggest problem for me too. I can adjust sensitivity for the gamepad just fine but mouse settings don't work at all.
Oooch Mar 5 @ 11:12am 
Hoz sensitivity is 2x more than vert too

Shows how little they care about the PC release
I mean it seems to be great otherwise. But this makes the game pretty much unplayable for me.

Edit: got a response from the dev. They're fixing it soon, maybe even tomorrow
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Awesome that's good to know. Really looking forward to it because it's the same for me, I really need that sensitivity lower :P

I hope this game works out well for them!
Pete_Bottomley  [developer] Mar 7 @ 2:02am 
Hey all - thanks for finding the Tweet. You're correct - fixed and about to be patched! :D

We just had a 10 minute discussion about it and it seems as though it won't make it into the patch that's coming today / tomorrow. We don't THINK we broke anything, but we've also not had chance to test it thoroughly enough to have any consequences. Although it works in everywhere we've tested it, there are edge cases in using the menus and also the interactive computers in-game. Although we believe this to be fixed (and be sure to check the changelists when we post them), it's looking as though it will be a next week fix instead.

Hope that provides some clarity! :)

@Pete_Bottomley thanks for the update! The game is awesome! Really looking forward to some fixes, I've been running into the in-game computers being completely broken multiple times making the game unplayable which is unfortunate.

Where is the best place to report bugs?
Pete_Bottomley  [developer] Mar 7 @ 5:06am 
Hey metafish - no problem at all. We'll of course be monitoring the forums but a massive support to help us track issues would be filling out this form:

We're about to roll this out to more users for future patches but entering your issue in here would help add it to our bug tracker and allow us to add it to the patch lists for testing without it being too much of a manual process.

Maybe you could enter your in-game computer issue in there to test out the form? All feedback on the form welcome! :)

Will do mate :) More direct bug report methods are always preferred, speeds things up on both ends reporting and testing :P
Pete_Bottomley  [developer] Mar 7 @ 5:36am 
@metafish - reports worked GREAT! Thank you so much for the feedback. Can we just double check the resolution you're playing in as we've had some 4k issue and we're not sure whether your issue is linked with that.

Thanks again!
No problem at all! I'm running in fullscreen at 1080 with the framecap set to 60.

I have been noticing performance dips at 60 compared to when it's set to 30 but it just looks so much better at the higher rate :P
Thanks for the update. Is it possible to create a beta branch people could play on with the fix in for this week?
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@Pete_Bottomley While on the topic of sensitivity here, might it be possible to increase the range we could set the controller to in a future update? The maximum sensitivity for controller's still seems a little low, in my opinion, and would be nice to be able to set it a little bit higher.
You seem to have accidentally fixed the issue with the patch, so thanks for that.
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Pete_Bottomley  [developer] Mar 8 @ 7:51am 
Woo! Accidental fixes are the best! :)

(It may have been something to do with the motion blue + AO not saving correctly).

Great to hear it's fixed though!
Could not initiate meeting with Carla. She was standing bugged on the wrong side of the door.

Got caught once roughly 8 minutes before the meeting. Went to get last piece of evidence and arrived at her door with 1-2 minutes to spare.
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