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Pete_Bottomley  [developer] Mar 8 @ 6:27am
Patch Notes 1.0.1
Hey all!

Here are the patch notes for the first patch of The Occupation.

[1] Fixed an issue with Steve handing you your ID card in The Carson Offices.
[2] You could lose the Silhouette Disk when swapping it with the eraser in the introductory level.
[3] Player could get locked into the chair in the last level, forcing them to restart the level.
[4] Fixed a player path issue in Metacentre from 2nd floor stock room to balcony, player can now climb out
[5] Large fix to NPC navigation issues which caused AI to pass through walls and get stuck in various places in The Carson Office, The Metacentre and The Bowman Building.
[6] On screen prompts when playing in Russian exceeded the bounds of the screen at some points.
[7] Steve's presence was too strong in the Bowman Building. This has been toned down
[8] Added additional clue in The Bowman Building to reinforce last gameplay objective
[9] Silhouette Disk can disappear when you are taking it out of a pneumatic canister in the IPA
[10] 4k resolution on consoles had a cursor offset during inspect mode.
[11] Carla was only doing Coffee animations in her meeting, she now does a full host of animations as intended.
[12] Submitted a fix for 4k and odd resolutions causing issues on PC.
[13] Player could get locked in the room behind Charles Bowman's office. This has now been fixed.
[14] Following certain steps, the player couldn't trigger the setpiece after the IPA building level. This has been addressed.
[15] In the final level, the meeting could get stuck and not progress after dialogue stopping. We believe we have fixed this issue with this patch, however would love player feedback to make sure it's a secure fix.
[16] Fixes to Motion Blur and Ambient Occlusion options in menu pause menu

Thanks for the support this past few days in helping us track down the main issues. We will of course start prepping the next one asap.
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Rezonanz Mar 8 @ 12:34pm 
A small bugreport on the Metacenter.


If the safe in the clock tower is opened with a code, it will be empty. If you drop it down and break it there will be objects. They will appear even if the safe was opened earlier with the code.

If you find a hint with the Charles Crow safe code in room 203 (Silhouette Office), the code 5801 is written on it. But in the dosier, the code is displayed as 6834 (wrong code).

Uh ... a diskette in the DSC office, the computer that is supposed to do some of data, Aaron Foster's keycard, a servers in the basement ... It's one big unfinished quest? I think this can only be a clue "Charles Bowman has the backup disk in his glove box of his car". But in the car there is no disk, only a letter from Scarlet, which does not affect the process of the game.

PS: And thanks for the cool game! I hope you fix all bugs! =)
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mreed2 Mar 8 @ 4:05pm 
Extending on 1.3 in the previous post (also spoilers, obviously):

Yeah, the DSC computer, the DSC disk and the DSC file screams unfinished content. Also, it is impossible to open the pneumatic tube launcher that contains the DSC disk in this room without first sending it to another room. If this isn't a bug, its certainly inconsistent with the behavior elsewhere in the game.

More minor, and not a spoiler: It isn't at all clear why the final Borman interview tape (#4, if I remember correctly) is placed where it is -- especially since you only need to find #3 to complete this lead.
t.d.ous Mar 10 @ 8:13pm 
I'd say you guys have been pretty much a model of developer responsiveness. Thanks for all your hard work.
Pete_Bottomley  [developer] Mar 11 @ 4:44am 
@Rezonanz - thanks!!

1.1 - Looking into this this morning and if a quick fix, we'll add it to the coming patch.
1.2 - Fixed in the coming patch! :)
1.3 - Ahh good catch. Will fix this but not for the coming patch. @mreed2 - It was an old lead that was just uninteresting and convoluted to play so we felt it wasn't needed in the game. The door shouldn't be locked however and will look into that!
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Rezonanz Mar 11 @ 3:49pm 
@Pete_Bottomley :steamhappy:
Rezonanz Mar 14 @ 6:55pm 
@Pete_Bottomley Another Bugreport:

If we print a lot of documents. The printer will simply refuse to work.

If you twist the steering wheel a little, the front left wheel ... will lose its shape?
This happens with the car at the metacenter and near the Carsons house.

A mysterious flying box in Carson offices.

In the Marlon's ofiice, we can find a cassette case. If you twist it a little in your hands, the game will crushed. Also there is a cassette that can not be picked up.

In several computers we can find the alarm code from the staff locker room. But the code will be recorded in the dossier only if we read it from Debbie Locke's computer.

Easier to watch the video than to explain. =)

If you turn off the electricity in the staff locker room. Sometimes not all lockers open. Although it may be so conceived?

And... regarding translation. In the Russian translation (I'm from Russia btw), some text is simply not translated. Like here:

Sometimes everything is confused in the text. Like here: or here:

In conversations, too, there are untranslated words, or simply confused numbers. For example numbers of floors. And I do not know. This is a translator's mistake, or the developers simply did not put the words into places. =)
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Originally posted by Pete_Bottomley:
It was an old lead that was just uninteresting and convoluted to play so we felt it wasn't needed in the game.

It should really be removed then. Very confusing and makes the player feel unsatisfied.
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Pete_Bottomley  [developer] Mar 21 @ 6:04am 
Yeap - removed in this patch! :)
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