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Snowcastle Games  [developer] Mar 8 @ 11:13am
Linux Beta build
We will be uplading a Linux beta tomorrow.
Please report general feedback here and bugs in the bugs section.
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Thank havee buy your game :D
great news! thank you! :}
Would you give Linux beta testing game codes to the Steam Linux gamer community?

I currently have a Radeon RX 480 8GB and using Mesa 17.3.2 on Ubuntu MATE 17.10.
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Nice :)
Snowcastle Games  [developer] Mar 9 @ 3:19am 
Linux Beta Branch is up:

Please right click on EARTHLOCK in the library and choose Properties.
Then select Beta Branch and type in code:


The linuxtesting branch should then be possible to select from a dropdown list.
looking forward to the release.. thanks for spending the time testing the beta
hm, the "LinuxTesting" code is accepted and the "linuxtesting" branch is selected, but I can't download anything. *trying later*
It accepted the beta code, but it doesn't turn up for Linux. I can not download the game.

Also: Please put the description and the code in the first post. People don't have to scan the whole topic for the information that way.
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I downloaded the beta. The game launches but choosing 'Start Game' just drops me right into the game without any intro story or anything.

It looks like some sort of debug mode? There are debug prompts on the screen even though I did not choose 'Start Game debug'
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Will buying this right now count as a Linux game sale?
Originally posted by nrg500TipidPC:
Will buying this right now count as a Linux game sale?

I would wait for the actual final Linux release of the game. Don't buy the alpha or beta.
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Snowcastle Games  [developer] Mar 9 @ 11:54am 
Yes, please don’t buy the game before we are out of beta.

@wakaLaka: thanks for the feedback. This week has been crazy much work so the team is resting this weekend. We will continue on the Linux version on Monday.

I’ll keep you posted.
This is awful.
Work Great on Manjaro :D but im locked in game :(
I can't seem to install the game? Just comes up saying "invalid platform"
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