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Yes, the windows game works on Linux via Proton/Steam play
I thought I should probably share my experience with running this game on Linux so far.

Tried on Linux Mint 19 x64. Latest Steam beta build. I first tried with the default shipped version of proton, but to get the best results I had to force steam to use the latest beta, 3.16.x (from the Steam settings, no biggie).

GPU: GTX970. Using the latest Nvidia-drivers from Canonical's Nvidia-driver PPA.

The game works out of the box, but with quite low framerate (even lower than expected). On Windows I do the in-game benchmark on ultra settings with an average fps around 39-41.

On Linux the same settings give me about 9fps in the benchmark test. To achieve a playable state (around 50fps during gameplay) I've had to turn down the settings to lowest, except for shadows and textures.

Shadows I've set to "Low", just because the game looks like crap with it set to "Off". Interestingly and sadly, I've also found that Shadows is the biggest fps culprit in the game. Turning them off gives me an instant boost of 15-20fps, but it's not worth it since the game looks so bad without them.

Textures: I've tried normal, high, ultra. All works fine on the GTX 970.

The following settings is a must to set like this, else Lara's skin textures get a lot of black spots floating around:

Abient occlusion: Can not be BTAO
Motion Blur: Must be OFF
Screen space reflections. Must be OFF
Anti-aliasing: Must be OFF or SMAA.

The game still looks beautiful, even with all the settings mentioned above, and it plays perfectly.

Mouse/keyboard input and sound is spot on.

Two things to notethough:
1. On my PC, with the GTX970, the game gives me an error message on launch, saying that no display adapter is installed, and it asks if I want to launch anyway. Pressing yes launches the game and all works as mentioned above.
2. Not sure if the game's internet connectivity works. I am yet to be able to login to my Square Enix account from in-game. However, I did have this issue for a while even on Windows, so I'm not sure what's up.

I hope this brings some clarity, and hopefully more players over to Linux.
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Thanks for the tips; got this on launch day and was kind of sad at the herky jerky framerate (Mint 18.3, 1080 Ti), but these settings VASTLY improve the playability of the game (especially setting the shadows to low). Thanks so much for taking the time to post your solution. Cheers!
sound doesn't work for me
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