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ww2 Mod
A Basic WW2 Mod version will be released within the month. It will be significantly different than the vanilla game.

The Basic mod will include new terrain and re-textured roads. I will try to include a few missions to help round out the mod.

I will be creating a few more different world war 2 mods, that will introduce new units, missions, etc... The idea is to incrementally add new units so people can choose which mod set they prefer. I did not want to put out one massive mod; It can be intimidating to make unit choices during the production phase.

Basic mission scenario's may be backwards compatible to Intermediate and Advanced Mods but not the other way around.
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Great idea about the phased release / development of more advanced mods.
CPWilly  [developer] Feb 5 @ 3:18pm 
He's got a couple of screens on this itch thread:

Nice work on the unit graphics. I like how you kept the 'tread'.
Yes, thanks gryphin; the more detail on the unit the better the overall game experience.

Also for now the WW2 Basic set is meant for player vs. player as AI scripts have not been created for the different units. At this time, I plan to get to that later.

Secondly, I have a few questions for all, if you don't mind answering a survey so I know how to focus my energies.

1. Would you like a WW2 kill team Mod setup. Meaning every unit would represent 1 man, tank, airplane, etc... So a truck would carry 10 infantry, etc... The idea behind this, you would play on a 50X50 map with delineated objectives. This way you would get limited buy points giving yourself approximately 20 or so units. A few cities or maybe cities with very low production to ensure only the buypoints get you through the game. A few set-piece scenario's and playing time could be a 1/2 hour per play session. This would help those folks who have very little window of time to get some fun games in with a friend.

2. I have setup a "Friends then Foes" scenario. This would be a 3 player mission. 2 human players with an AI player "roadblock" in between them. This mission meant as a competitive tournament style of mission. Perhaps if enough people are interested a prize could be given to the winner.

Any feedback, good or bad welcomed.
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1) I do like the idea of a tactical level game but in truth I am very focused at this time on developing my insects. I hope in the long run to have 10 types of threats with a wide variety of abilities and limitations.

2) I also like the 'Friends then Foes' concept. For the most part I don't play against humans as I tend to get too wrapped up in the game and my stress goes way up. I recognize this is 'silly' but at least I'm aware of it. ☻
A ww2 Basic AI script completed. Testing it out over the next week or so. I watched the AI play against each other. I think I need to play test against the AI to observe if my changes to the AI script are having the effects I intended.
Mok made my Temperate terrain available to the community at my request.

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After a game make sure you go through the graphs for hints on how hard they tried / how well they did.
Consider using two or 3 scripts each with slight variations and observe who does what with it.
I have decided to leave / supply at least 3 scripts with my Insects as each 'species' will provide different challenges to the inexperienced player of my mod.
I don't play much multiplayer so I don't know if a kill team mod would appeal to me unless I can play the AI. Having WW2 units in the normal setting with AI support is really what I'm anxious to play.
I have successfully tested my WW2 Mod via google drive download. My friend from Canada has successfully installed and is play testing it for me. WW2 Basic Mod will be available for download in approx 1 week.
WW2 Basic Mod Unit data base is completed.

Here is the link for download:


***New update

Updated the config files on 3\10\18 and also included 3 missing scenarios.

If you have the Basic mod already then these are the files that have been added modified:



Didn't get to spend as much time on this project as I would have liked as real life got in the way at times. Take it as an: it is what it is Mod.

I will be moving onto an Intermediate Mod. A lot of preparation required before release, so no time frame for release.

If you like the WW2 Basic Mod then try the Intermediate Mod.

Eventually 3 Advanced Mods and an all inclusive grognard Mod is planned.
But nothing is promised.


Below is the copy of the readme file:


Uploaded 03-03-2018

What's in the zip file:

4 main folders:

1. 3425WW2W_Basic_WW2_Enhanced_Set_assets
2. configs
3. maps
4. scns

2 files:

1. 3425WW2W_Basic_WW2_Enhanced_Set
2. WW2W_Basic_WW2 readme.txt

Read the below for an understanding where everything needs to be placed.


Once the 7zip file is extracted, please be sure to back up the WW2 Basic Mod folder.

Please be sure to have an existing backup of your EDCE files before you begin any Mod implementation.

"By the way as of 03-03-18 The current build mod of EDCE is build 10. Please do make sure you're up to date."


I can only use Windows as an example on where to place/implement the mod folders.
I don't have the other operating systems on hand to check out where you would put the mod folder.

If you have created your own load point, it's up to you to figure out where the \udb loadpoint, etc... is.


Notes from the Developer:


The "technical" term is <Game Data Directory>, followed by the sub directory,
so like <Game Data Directory>/udb.

The Game Data Directory can be located in the Administration Screen ->
Directories button (it does vary from platform to platform).


udb = unit data base

Place the udb Mod folder and udb file here:

C:\Users\<Game Data Directory>\AppData\LocalLow\KBSW\EmpireDeluxe\udb


C:\Users\<Game Data Directory>\AppData\LocalLow\KBSW\EmpireDeluxe\udb



For the config files.

These configs were made for you, to help setup the map and scenario settings when you want to play a WW2. Ultimately you will decide on the settings you like best. My configs are meant as a quick starting point.

Basic mission that I have created.

The config loadpoint goes into the admin folder. Copy out folder and paste into the Admin config folder.

C:\Users\<Game Data Directory>\AppData\LocalLow\KBSW\EmpireDeluxe\admin\config\

Then in game select new game and load config.

The following: <WW2W_Basic_WW2 folder>, should have the following configs:

WW2W_Basic_WW2_Battle for China
WW2W_Basic_WW2_Battle for Cyprus
WW2W_Basic_WW2_Friends then foes
WW2W_Basic_WW2_Highway to Kharkov
WW2W_Basic_WW2_Patton kicks butt

Select the appropriate config for the scenario you would like to play.

For Map and Scenarios:

Might just want to copy out files and paste into the map and scn folders, respectively.

C:\Users\<Game Data Directory>\AppData\LocalLow\KBSW\EmpireDeluxe\scns

C:\Users\<Game Data Directory>\AppData\LocalLow\KBSW\EmpireDeluxe\maps

Q. Where are your AI scripts located?

A. In the Mod folders "3425WW2W_Basic_WW2_Enhanced_Set_assets" to find the AIScripts, look to the "unknown" folder for them.
If you would like to exam them in order to figure out how to edit or perhaps help you create your own scripts for your own mod.

9 different WW2 Basic AI scripts to choose from.


In the unitnames folder are 3 files, adding further names for units, Destroyer, Cruiser and General.
This will help aid in keeping unit names uniques and less prone to redundancy.


Should you happen to make your own maps and mission please upload to the steam community forum on the

EDCE steam page.

-or if you like send me a notification and email or upload link to:-


I will then compile all new missions and maps and make them available on steam.


Keep in mind when playing scenario's you may need to tweak them in order to find a desired result, drain, no drain, etc...


WW2 Basic Mod created by WW2Weasel.


All unit icons copyright by WW2Weasel
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Note from Developer as a clarification to my readme file:

The "technical" term is
<Game Data Directory>, followed by the sub
directory, so like <Game Data
Directory>/udb. The Game Data
can be located in the Administration Screen ->
Directories button
(it does vary from
platform to platform).

I don’t think you need the backup caveat.

Also, Build 11 went out
CPWilly  [developer] Mar 3 @ 7:12pm 
It looks like the configs are not compatible as they have a full path for the scenario. The configs were not designed to be transportable, but I can see the advantage and I will make a note of it.

EDIT: also it look slike the "Experimental" version is indeed having issues with the modified terrain. You should run these on Original until fixed.
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Well, you beat me to the punch. I have to finish tweaking my AI and the descriptions in the DB.
I'll study this thread to make sure I get the upload right.
WW2 Intermediate Mod well under way.
5 AI scripts to start off with.
The bulk of the unit database has been completed.
Some finalizing left to do.
Then maps and scenarios to do, which will take some time.
I may introduce Winter terrain set this go around.
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