How to split and remap keyboard controls on PC and play with up to 4 players
The following method will allow you to play the game with one keyboard, up to 4 players, and you can also play with anyone remotely, using Remote Play Together.

Steps needed:
**Remapping - Very complicated but very worth it**
**Only one person who is sharing the game over Remote Play Together needs to do this**
You need to download 3 things

1. vjoy

2. Universal Controller Remapper

3. 4.0 Alpha or above version of x360ce

Vjoy creates virtual controllers on your computer - but does not allow you to control them yet, in order for your keys to be mapped onto vjoy controllers, you need UCR and x360ce

Steps to remap the keys
1. after installing vjoy, open "configure vjoy", and enable the number of controllers you wish to use (for 3 players, make sure the three tables all have "Enable vJoy" ticked. Leave the default settings.

2. Open UCR to start mapping the keys to your controller, for this game, you only need the following keys to be mapped
Example player
- Buttons to Axis - map two keys to an axis, for example you can map left and right key to the X axis (axis 1)
- Button to Axis - you need a second one to map the vertical axis
- Button to Button x 6, you need buttons for A, B, X, Y, and start
These correspond to
A: Button 1
B: Button 2
X: Button 3
Y: Button 4
Start: Button 8
- Make sure your buttons are set to "block" so the game doesn't accidentally pick up keyboard input and think you are trying to play with keyboard only (as supposed to virtual controllers).
- Here's an example config I did for 3 players:

3. Finally, after you are done, open x360ce 4.0 alpha or above
- Click "Game Controllers" on bottom left, you should have the list of vJoy controllers, if not, you've done something wrong or not installed vJoy correctly.
- Back in x360ce, Under "Controller 1" Tab, Click the "Add button" on right, and you can select one of the vjoy devices
- Click Auto, and this should make most of the controls.
- Get rid of the uncessary ones, and keep only A, B, X, Y, Start and Stick Axis X, Stick Axis Y on left. (see picture
- Repeat the step for all your devices

You have the option of directly mapping keyboard inside x360ce but I don't recommend it because it only allows the keyboard to mapped to one virtual controller.

***How to play with someone else over steam***
- When in game, press Shift-Tab (not in big picture mode), and right click then and invite to Remote Play Together
- Once they join, they should be able to press the keys you have mapped on your PC on their end (for example if F1 is set up as A, they can press F1 without having to go through the whole key mapping process)

Trouble shooting
- You have to use latest alpha version of x360ce because the game doesn't recognize the virtual controller from previous versions.
- If you have "Enter" bound to a key on one of controllers, make sure this is set to "block"
- If you have a physical controller, you can add this to x360ce as well as one of the devices and Steam will be able to pick it up if it doesn't already.

This took me some time to figure out so hopefully helps someone out there.
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DeCat 2023年8月4日 10時47分 
any chance you can make a video tutorial for this? UCR has some other confusing stuff like input device, output device i'm completely lost
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