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FPS drop on main menu???
Guys, anyone here aside from me having FPS drop on main menu.. stays like "15fps" .. I have "net_graph" on in my console so I can see my fps.. but when I am on game.. my fps is good im not lagging.. I am trying to fix this issue in my game and I cant find a solution, I am also wondering if my graphics card is not supported.. my graphics card is a Sapphire AMD Radeon HD 7850 crossfire ready 2GB .. I am looking for the supported cards of this game and could'nt find if my card is or not. Please help :( I appreciate your advice.. Have a Good day!
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Smash the State Jan 14, 2013 @ 4:56pm 
This is also happening to me to I have a gt 545 all I had to do to stop it is change my resolution to something else than back to my current resolution and it stops but then I have to do it again next time.
I drop fps on mainmenu but when I play in game my fps goes up to a steady 99 with fps_max 100
... i tried changing the resolution, but i still have low fps on main menu :(
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i am still having very low fps which makes me lag in main menu, but I am fine in game .. I dont understand why I lag in main menu and I dont in game... :( I tried almost everything I know... my graphics card is updated too. I did reinstall didnt even work.. still having lag issues on main menu
uBy Feb 28, 2013 @ 10:11am 
hi guys,

i write this because i had the same problem a long time and i also searched for solutions in forums and tried a lot of things but nothing helped. power saving mode and things like that is trash and wont fix your problem. dont even try to disable it ;)

the problem for me was that i stupidly put the GPU into the wrong pci express slot.. it has been in the pci express 2.0 slot until i randomly realized that i'm an idiot and i have to put it into the pci express 3.0 slot ;) check this for your system, i could bet some of you have done the same mistake :) and moving it into the 3.0 slot also highly increases your gpu performance for other games (which doesn't mean they dont run properly, i have played some months with my gpu in 2.0 slot games like warz, crysis smoothly)

much words, short version: move gpu from pci express 2.0 slot into pci express 3.0 slot and enjoy smooth menu :P


btw: this does not necessarily only counts for radeon 7850 gpus.. i have a HD 7870 OC, i guess its some problem about the 78xx series when u put it into wrong pci slot ;)
yes.. I did switched to the different slot and now its working fine :) thankx
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