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H. Johnson  [developer] Jul 13 @ 2:23am
Second Kickstarter update: what's in the rewards?
As for the previous update, first I'll give the link: here!

But also copy/paste the update for those who would rather discuss it on this forum!

"Hello, Snow Wanderers! Yes, that’s what I’ll be calling you. Ash Johnson here for another update!

Today, I’ll be talking about what’s in the Kickstarter rewards – apart from the game itself, I mean. For the first pledges, you will get short stories. You might wonder what these stories are about. That’s what I’m going to answer now!

In the first update, I gave you a few details about the background of Winter Voices; in the first and second seasons of the game, you obviously have many more elements about the world of the game. The short stories are meant to expand this background even further. There are a lot of interesting things that happened, or will happen, in this vast world besides Else’s journey and the fragments of other people’s lives that she will witness or learn about. Different countries, different time periods. The short stories will elaborate on that, give new perspectives; some of them will be about characters you will meet or hear about in the game.
The Arenites Tribes are one of the other important nations in the heroine's world.

These stories are mainly written by Clara Lehenaff (the main author of the game) and me, and we also might have some guest authors, including one of the writers of the first game. We don’t know yet what the number of short stories will be; at least half a dozen, hopefully more!

Another important element of the pledge rewards is the soundtrack. The music of the first season of Winter Voices was, according to a number of players, one of the best parts of the game; it was hauntingly beautiful and conveyed the mood of the story very well. We aim to have the same level of quality in the sequel. The “OST” reward mentioned in the pledges includes the soundtracks of both games!

As for the posters given in some physical rewards tiers, well, there isn’t much to add to what’s been said already. There are three of them, one portrait of the heroine, the picture that makes the cover of the game (the train in the snow) and another illustration. You don’t get to pick another one of our gorgeous illustrations, sadly; we can’t really afford to have a lot of different options for now. We might have “goodies” and so on in the future using other artworks, though, it’s one of the projects we have in mind! But for now, we’re mainly focused on the core game and side stories.

What about the “personalized” rewards, that let you design your own little piece of the game? Well, I think it deserves its own update, to be properly expanded upon!

See you soon, Snow Wanderers. "