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H. Johnson  [developer] Jul 13 @ 2:21am
First Kickstarter update: About the story and world of Winter Voices
Following a suggestion on Kickstarter (hello Khalashnikovf !), I'm opening special threads for each update! Feel free to ask questions/discuss them here.

First, a link: here it is!

But I will also copy/paste it here.

"Hello! This is Ash Johnson; I'm a co-writer for Child of the Pyre, and I have many other roles in Inner Seas. (Yes, I'm part of the core team that was presented, it won't be hard to identify me if you so wish.) I'm here to help with this campaign, and you will see more of it very soon.

So, it’s update time!

Nothing new for now, though; instead, we’ll delve a bit into the story of the first season of Winter Voices and the general background of the game, for those of you who are not familiar with it. It will be a bit spoiler-ish, but we won’t give any real details, don’t worry. The important plot points of the first game will be quickly spelled out for you in Child of the Pyre.

Winter Voices takes place in the end of the 19th century, in a world where the faith in the old Norse gods is still prevalent – especially in the Three Rivers Queendom, where the heroine lives. Said Queendom is situated up north, in the mountains, and mainly made of small villages at the time of the story of Winter Voices. There are roads, and train transportation is developing, but travels are still dangerous, especially in the coldest times of the year. Else – that’s the main character’s canon name, even though you can rename her as you wish – has a journey full of perils ahead of her.

The Queendom was actually founded quite recently, and connections are still being made between communities. Travelers are becoming more common, but some villages are still pretty distrustful of strangers, while others welcome them with open arms. Else can find shelter in public houses built by the locals inside the towns, or in wooden sheds alongside the roads. She hasn’t much money, and no means of transportation others than what she will find in her journeys, if she can afford it. So she walks, and walks, and walks. But the harsh weather and the exhaustion aren’t the only dangers ahead; her fellow denizens and her own mind might be the greatest obstacles in her travels.

So, what happened in the first season, exactly?

The story begins when Else’s father dies. She realizes then that she didn’t know him that much, and his past is a mystery. She only knows that he used to live in the Three Rivers capital city, Sapphire Bay, and that he showed up one day in a small village when she was still a baby. They remained mostly strangers there, isolated from the other villagers, and she doesn’t feel at ease: now that her father is gone, it doesn’t feel like home anymore. His body is burned on a funeral pyre, following the local religious rites. She decides to take the ashes with her to Sapphire Bay, and inquire there about her father’s youth.

And so begins a long and difficult journey, all alone – or is she? She meets a lot of people along the way (and a strange crow that decides to sit on her shoulder), and some of them accompany her, for their own reasons. She still has to face her fears and doubts alone, though, and finds strength in herself to fight off her frequent night terrors or anxiety attacks. Little by little, she understands the things that haunt her – but some revelations are still to come, in Child of the Pyre.

The first season ends when, finally, Else sets eyes on Sapphire Bay. The second one will let you explore the capital city, but after that, the journey continues, with new objectives for our heroine."
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H. Johnson  [developer] Jul 13 @ 2:53am 
I also made a news announcement, but I think the forum is better suited for those who would like to discuss the specific subjects of each update. :)
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