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Sea Author  [developer] May 17 @ 8:20am
Child of the Pyre - Kickstarter coming June, 27
Dear players,

Late 2013, we patched the whole game and released the last episode of Winter Voices. A few monthes later, we announced a coming kickstarter for Winter Voices 2. Various events happened, preventing us to launch the kickstarter campaign. But we never surrendered. (we are pretty stubborn) 4 years later, we're back and we're finally ready. ;)

Child of the Pyre is coming to kickstarter the 27th of June.

Child of the Pyre

Child of the Pyre is the next game developped by the french indie studio Inner Seas. Following the events of Winter Voices, it will close the story of the heroin.

The game is being developped on Unity and will retain everything that made the art of Winter Voices memorable.

The gameplay will be even more unique. (because Winter Voices wasn't a weird enough game, right ?)

The player will be able to replay parts of Winter Voices, as part of the prologue.

The game won't be episodic and won't feature any DLC or additionnal content.

However, it will likely be released on other platforms as well.

The Kickstarter

The Kickstarter will last 1 month, from June 27 to July 27.

The first milestone will be 30 000€. (roughly 40 000$)

Higher milestones will help us improve the diversity and the amount of new art, music, voiceover, and add secondary quests and points of interest.

Rewards will include :
:wvturn: Soundtrack
:wvturn: Short novels book
:wvturn: Posters
:wvturn: Your NPC in game (you can design it yourself)
:wvturn: Art requests

There will be early birds packs and limited availability packs, and of course physical and digital packs.

The Future

Assuming the kickstarter is a success, we will develop Child of the Pyre and release it late 2019 / early 2020.

We will then most likely work on a sequel of Child of the Pyre (an infiltration RPG), set several years later, in Rosa Gallica, with a few returning characters.

If the kickstarter is not a success, however, we will close the company and move on to other activites. (no longer videogame-related)

If you enjoy our work, please support us ! ;)
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cthulhu985 May 17 @ 12:29pm 
august May 18 @ 12:00am 

Now, I wish that the largest number of people learn about the upcoming campaign. I suppose it should be our common goal.
Cybolt May 18 @ 12:47am 
Great to hear about the update! Looking forward to the campaign start!
Looking forward to the campaign. Woot!!
Now that I'm actually playing the game through I'd kind of like to see this succeed. But I do have a voice of doubt, particularly since so few of the people who saw the funeral pyre went on to finish the prologue (1 in 5), let alone the whole game (1 in 19). We'll know when we know I suppose.

Edit: Fittingly I've just finally finished the game with a character and improved that stat marginally.

I'm now more interested to know about what'll be done to add appeal to the campaign. Obviously I'm hoping for a compelling bit of work-in-progress footage (without that I wouldn't give the campaign much of a chance...) but I'd also really like to see segments about the series' history, perhaps a good Q&A with community questions about the production of season 1.
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dogma May 30 @ 9:58am 
Can't wait for it! Will there be Russian? I think here in Russia Winter Voices is quite popular (as popular such indie game can be). I wrote several posts about it on my gaming group on and will by all means promote your campaign there and on some other sites.
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I think a proper "announcment" is a good idea, so people who follow the game thru the store page can see it in their feeds.
Yep, as we run up towards the Kickstarter release there needs to be some getting the message out. The website too[], since that still gives the old date.
Gaia Rai Jun 12 @ 12:00am 
It's actually happening... Oh my God, it's actually happening! Finally!
august Jun 12 @ 2:59am 
Yea, two more weeks.
Awesome! Unfortunately I'm unable to use Kickstarter (Creditcard required) but I'll have my wallet ready when it's released.
Sea Author  [developer] Jun 14 @ 5:11am 
Here are the planned rewards. Tell us what you think.

- 5€ : 3 short novels
- 10€ : OST + 3 short novels
- 30€ : SteamKey + OST + 3 short novels
- 60€ : 2x SteamKey + thanks in credits + OST + all novels

- 60€ : SteamKey + Short Novels Book + OST + all novels
- 120€ : 2x SteamKey + ThreePosters + ShortNovels Book + thanks in credits + OST + all novels
- 250€ : Create-A-NPC + previous
- 500€ : Special Thanks + previous + twice as much CDKeys, Posters, Books
- 1000€ : Ask a Novel or Poetry + previous + as many CDKeys, Posters, Books as you wish (up to 10 each)
- 3000€ : Your name on screen at launch + Make-A-Wish (any wish) + previous

30€ and 60€ will come with early bird pledges (25 and 50€).
250€ pledge will be limited to 20.

Sea Author  [developer] Jun 14 @ 7:41am 
We are slowly updating sites (Facebook, etc.) Do not hesitate to point anything we might have forgot.
Facebook page :
Sea Author page :
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I am interested in the posters, what will they look like and can they be ordered/donated for separately (like a separate 20 euro donation)?
Originally posted by TearOfTheStar:
I think a proper "announcment" is a good idea, so people who follow the game thru the store page can see it in their feeds.

I put Steam's Winter Voices storepage on follow again yesterday after reading this great news. But there may be others who miss this post but have Winter Voice store page on follow.
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