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Skyrim mods not appearing in game
I just bought Skyrim and already have some problems with it.
Funny thing is that I bought Skyrim mainly cause I did seen how game was presented to me by my friend that stated that there is like tons of content to download from steam, and so. Since I do like games with huge amount of content and long gameplay I did get all DLC with base game in one throw.
Now I want to install some mods to it. And I did subscribe to some of them (btw, what a stupid language, "subscribe to mod", very confusing). I did install them. I think so. Well, they were downloaded (see notification in skyrim launcher), I see them checked in in Data section of skyrim, but they do not appear in game. Just like I did not install them at all.
I did checked forum for help, but topics that I did found don't really help. Most of them are about how to enable data section in skyrim launcher, or "check-in mods", and so. It does seems that everything is all right, but well, it isn't...
Someone had similiar problem? Maybe I am missing something obvious, so I would be happy for any ideas/help.
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Which mods specifically were you trying to use? Maybe you didn't reach a point in the game where you would notice them, seeing as how you only played it for 20 minutes.

The "subscribe" term is appropriate because it keeps the mod up-to-date in game as the contributor adds/removes from it.
nordicsmithing (it does adds a new perk to a smithing skill tree) :) alsp some immersive armors, and a mod that changes the lockpicking gui (the lock minigame). I did acquired a save file so I did also see that on 8 lvl characted in witherun, to see if smithing options are available when using forge.

None of those seems to show up in game. I don't even know if DLC are working. (but as I know you have to get like 10 lvl to use dawnguard quests), I don't really know what is the deal with heartfire, and dragonborn is for me a myster in context of what it does adds. But so far I didn't really seen much difference from xbox version that I did play a while ago.
The fact you're using a save file might be the issue. It might be worth downloading a mod you would notice from the moment you start a new game and see if that works.
Any ideas what mod? I did want to set the game before starting a real play. I am dl a HD textures to see if that somehow appears. But since it's a DLC it may be handled separatly from mods.

btw. What is with those comments in cyrylic? and on letter ones?
Yup. HD textures don't appear for me. And those are dl from DLC section in Steam, so they should work like a charm.

I started new game with HD textures and it does not change a bit.
Now it's even better that before. I wanted to run skyrim with windows admin mode on. And now it is in window instead of fullscreen.

Ok. Now, how can I purge all information about skyrim from my computer? Maybe reinstalling it will help...
You can uninstall it through Steam, or through the control panel normally. Not sure whether that will do any good though, since you only just installed it anyway.
I've had a few problems but they must have fixed themselves.
Ok. Little info about what I did encounter. I seems that I did not had previously an ability to create new saves. Well, so I did run skyrim with admin mode on. (well, I am still on win 8...) . That fixed problem with saves, but now Skyrim runs only in window. I find that amusing, but seriously. I have nice 23' screen, and I would rather like to play skyrim laying in bed.

Mods don't work, as well DLC's HD textures.

I am guessing that something is seriously wrong with Skyrim...
Unless you see many posts from other users with the exact same issue, the problem lies with your PC and not with Skyrim.
No mods show up in mine either. I've tried manually, NMM, Wrye Bash, and even Steam Workshop. Nothing - not even texture replacers.
I am new to Skyrim and Steam and have been trying to download some mods to try out. I click the subscribe button and the mods are put into my workshop files but there are no mods showing in the data area on launcher. I checked to see if they had downloaded onto the computer at all, which they have not. I am unsure what to do now to get them to download into data and into game. Can anyone advise please? Thanks.
tell us what your skyrim data file-load order is, from top to bottom-bet it's your load order
IM actually having the same issue, the mods show up in my workshop subscription folder but I have yet to see them in game.
Open game, at start, window box comes up look at data all esm's and DLCs plus ESP's(mods) will show (Except for Skyrim.esm and its update because you are in game. These only show in third party programs) If they not showing then they are not loaded. ( If they are make sure box is ticked.)
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