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raubrey Oct 8, 2013 @ 1:21pm
Am I playing arcane rogue wrong & does unofficial patch change combat?
Hi -- I'm on my second game, LV 40, and playing on normal? diffculty (adept) -- and already looking forward to my next game modded. I've mostly had a blast as a rogue but have found it challanging at times (and other times too easy). I'm not good with a bow (unless I can stand still and have time to aim) so mostly rely on backstabs, conjuring, and duel-wielding. I usually don't use a shield as I figure I need to kill quick or run.

I seem to still be doing something wrong though.

It is strange. I seem to have no trouble in close combat with most undead even the Lords. I also had an Elder and Blood dragon at one time (fire and frost) and other than running in circles a lot, really didn't break a sweat. (fun fight).

I had more trouble on my first game in heavy least early-mid game with the undead.

Conversely I was instakilled 3 times yesterday by a forlorn briarheart...the Red Eagle one that I did early in the game last time. Also ice spike tears me up badly even with frost resistance (do I need magic resistance instead?)

If there is a regular dodge in the game I am missing it...I got the rolling dodge now with the sneak but I haven't really tried it, since it's a newish skill to me.

I could probably dart in and out more...though I do quite a bit. I use the Slow Time shout a lot.

I dunno. I just don't get it. My armor is 200-230 -- I can even take some nasty snow bear or troll swipes (not too many) but then other times I die so fast I don't know what hit me.

Is there something obvious I need to improve or is this a game balance issue or both?

I want to use the Unofficial Patch next time but not sure if it affects combat.

And I am trying to avoid lowering difficulty :) as mostly the challange is just right for me if not on the easy side, until suddenly it's not. If it was consistent I'd probably adapt/understand better.

Thank you.
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raubrey Oct 8, 2013 @ 1:26pm 
Another example is I'm have more trouble with dwarven machinery then I did 10 levels prior. I thought that was a bit weird too. If I sneak on them I'm fine but that's not always how it works.
Lucian SaDiablo Oct 9, 2013 @ 2:04am 
The silent roll perk is mainly used for getting from place to place when you're mainly using the bow to assassinate your opponents. The patches affect gameplay bugs such as quests and the like, no thing really to do with combat.Are you using any overhaul mods or mods that change combat? Or are you playibng completely vanilla? If you're completely vanilla, playing on Normal (adept) brings your damage output and your opponents to defaults stats (so, a weapon that deals 90 points of damage deals double on Novice, 1.5 times that on Apprentice, and exactly that Adept. Conversely, enemy damage is cut in half on Novice, is lessened by 0.75 on Apprentice, is the default value during Adept.)

Hope this helps. If you need anything else, I'll be happy to help. :)
raubrey Oct 9, 2013 @ 12:19pm 
Thanks Jericho. I figured it was scaled damage but wasn't sure how much. I'm playing pure vanilla now. I just am not understanding my game -- it's like the enemy damage (or the damage I'm receiving) is bouncing all over the place. I could have a bit of lag (I need to get fraps on this machine) but I don't think that is it.

But yeah I didn't think the silent roll was really for dodging ...I just thought it might work occassionally as a substitute. That makes sense about using it as an archer. I don't know how people pull off archery in close range as it is -- I'm lucky to hit a dragon lol --- .I should look up on youtube sometime.

Also, thanks for the answer on the patch. I think I'll wait until this game is over even though it claims to be safe to install on an existing game. I have some annoying quest bugs I can't close and such and just hate to chance breaking things worse.

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Lucian SaDiablo Oct 13, 2013 @ 7:04pm 
It's best to install mods before playing a game (I.E.: creating an entirely new save.). Also, I find it 'safer' to download mods from the Skyrim Nexus (since you can always learn when your mods have been updated by their authors.). If you haven't you should also download BOSS to make sure your mods are cleaned and ordered correctly. Hope this helps. :)
raubrey Oct 13, 2013 @ 9:12pm 
Thanks Jericho, it does help. I haven't used mods on a game for some time other than for one game and it really only had one go-to source.
Lucian SaDiablo Oct 14, 2013 @ 12:04am 
My pleasure friend. :)
Trigger Oct 14, 2013 @ 12:07am 
Dragonscale armor is best in vanilla skyrim. fully upgraded to legendary and with the following in the light armor skill tree-custom fit and matching set will give you an armor rating of 1,375
Blerrger19 Oct 14, 2013 @ 1:06am 
Drink more potions or get hit less. You're only playing on adept after all -w-

Also you're playing pretty much the exact same skill build as me. Dual-wielding = OP if you're doing it right, and to make sure you're doing it right look up some guides (basically equip a dagger in your off-hand (that's your left) and make sure you get all the perks up the right side of the one-handed tree--PROFIT--oh and remember to hold down BOTH right and left trigger for the dual-flurry power attack goodness FTW)
Don't forget your flesh or "mage armor" spells like stoneflesh, etc, either.
raubrey Oct 14, 2013 @ 3:10am 
I didn't cast spells much Blerr because of the sound and if hell broke lose I went the conjure route -- and didn't get silent casting. (Oh and ended up with every one-handed skill save for axes).

Once I got up to glass armor and a decent mask it was OK --- either easy or occassionaly insta-killed. (shrug). I never did see dragonscale armor ...or maybe you have to craft it, I couldn't remember. I had a bit of a odd game. I was a higher level (50) when I stopped but seems I missed a lot of stuff compared to my first playthrough (41).

I am bad about not drinking potions though, especially preemptive ones,...always was.

Also once I got some better daedric weapons it was of the maces (Molag Bal) and the nightingale sword was pretty much win for me on heavy armored opponents (or some other variety) when daggers didn't work. I probably should have tried whirlwind more but didn't -- used Slow Time instead so I could escape and heal/distract if needed.

I don't know if dual-wielding is OP any more than archery with bonused equipment (i.e. Dwarven Guardian stuck in a doorway or sneaking upon dragon) or several other ways to play, some think it is. Sneak is pretty funny late game though when you can be right in their face and not be seen. lol

In the end I found the arcane rogue + terribad archer path went from hard to inconsistent to easy with occasionally irregularities in game balance -- in how it played for me. I'll probably check out a guide next see what is done differently.

P.S. As for "only playing on adept" -- not everyone intuitively plays all classes with the same skill. I'm usually, as stated, a heavy -- it's not a class I am strong at playing, hence the OP.
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76561198030975165 Oct 14, 2013 @ 4:37am 
The armor cap in Skyrim (the best armor value you could aim for) is 567. You should not be surprised that you get killed quickly at lvl 40 if your armor value is 200... It is only 35% of the maximum armor value! While enemies at lvl 40 are at about 80% of their maximum strength! (The strongest enemies, with some exceptions, are lvl 50.)

As for fire, ice and shock resistance, they stack with Resist Magic, and here the resist caps are 85%.

Personally, I chose to enchant my armor with Resist Magic enchantments. Using a Fortify Enchanting potion and the "Shield of Solitude" Resist Magic enchantment, these enchantments give me 29% magic resistance each! I have three of them, for 87% magic resistance. I find that, on normal difficulty, this pretty much makes me immune for any magic. I also make a potion (Snowberries, Hawk Beak, Mudcrab Chitin) that gives fire, ice and shock resistance at once. I never, ever needed that potion.

I understand that for a rogue, armor does not seem so important. But what if you get caught? You know it's going to happen, and in those cases you should be able to stand your own in a skirmish. In such a situation, having a shield might help. (At least until you're reaching the armor cap.)

If you really don't want to mess with armor and shields, maybe you could find ways to become invisible. The top sneak perk, "Shadow Warrior", helps with getting out of combat as well.
raubrey Oct 14, 2013 @ 5:49am 
Hi Crundir. That info helped me understand a lot and answered much!

I really had no hard numbers to go on. Thank you. Otherwise, I didn't say I didn't want to mess with armor etc. (just didn't use potions that much -- even though I gathered a lot of ingredients). I just never got my enchanting skill that high -- or the perks rather as I always found another needed perk. I had most all my light armor perks except matching set and maybe another.

By the time my magic enchanting was even usable I found better stuff on sale usually though indeed found it hard to come by. Next time I might forgeo one of the magic fields like restoration (or maybe not -- that stamina boost is nice) to give me more points. And I don't mind shields but did usually use my off -hand for magic or weapon at the ready.

Anyway, I'll check into a couple of the enemies that gave me the most trouble...maybe the numbers is where is at. Again I just found it weird I didn't have trouble with certain ones and yet I did others. I found the Deathlords much easier than the Briarhearts...which wasn't the case for me before that I remember. I thought they used poison too and I had resistance there -- both my bloodline and sometimes that Savior armor.

Good alchemy recipe to know too. :)

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Armor cap can easily be maxed out if you dedicate the time to raise your alchemy and smithing- with the precise quantities coupled with training in enchanting it becomes redundant to play on the adept difficulty. Always have patience.
raubrey Oct 14, 2013 @ 9:51am 
500 hours in Skyrim isn't patience? 250 hours per game? 0.o I'm a mature adult mind you -- patience wasn't the issue. Altered priorities may have been, but not patience. ;)
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⚜ Heijin Val ⚜ Oct 14, 2013 @ 10:00am 
Originally posted by raubrey:
500 hours in Skyrim isn't patience? 250 hours per game? 0.o I'm a mature adult mind you -- patience wasn't the issue. Altered priorities may have been, but not patience. ;)

Lol xD Well I didn't mean't to test your maturity mind you- do whatever sets you to be better and have fun in the game. :}
raubrey Oct 14, 2013 @ 10:06am 
No problem.:) I think a lot of people assume people on Steam are "console kiddies," (myself inclduded) hence the clarification. I obviously enjoy the game...I think I was just trying to approach it like Mount & Blade or similar and find out how/what to improve. Oddly, I'm better in combat in that game and by most accounts it is a more difficult game. I think I've gotten the jist of what I could have/should have done differently for better play. Thanks again.
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