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Wuyek 26 SEP 2013 a las 14:52
Go towards the pointer, fetch, give item to NPC, rinse, repeat
This game is boring. Quests are incredibly boring. There is no story and I do not care for either the characters nor quests. The pointers ruin the game - dumbed down to the extreme.
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Wuyek 26 SEP 2013 a las 14:53 
Oh, and am level 34 now, and the game is not gettng better - it is getting stale, boring, pointless.
XH 26 SEP 2013 a las 14:55 
99% of Skyrim players would disagree. If you hate pointers so much then disable them. There's a mod. If you hate the HUD disable it. There's a mod.
If you think it's a boring game then it's probably not for you, there's no way to fix that. Try mods if you want.
Brandybuck 26 SEP 2013 a las 15:19 
If that is how you are playing the game, no wonder you hate it. It's like trying to hammer in nails with a screwdriver, and then stating that screwdrivers suck and have been dumbed down. If you want to hammer in nails, then go get a hammer.

First off, turn off your quest markers if you don't want them. You don't even need a mod, just uncheck the quests and their markers won't show up. Just use your map to figure out where to go. Next, stop waiting for people to tell you where to go, just go set off in your own direction. This is a roleplaying game, not a follow-the-narrator adventure game. Decide on some goals for your character, or just start wandering around until you find something that strikes your fancy.

There are actually very few fetch quests in the game, compared to earlier TES games. If you don't like fetch quests then just don't do them. Yeah, the main questline has two fetch quests, but there is no rule that you must do the main quest if you don't want to.
You can turn the quest pointers off. Just unselect any quests to not make them active
Biff 26 SEP 2013 a las 15:49 
Don't complain about that which you can change.
We Are Groot 26 SEP 2013 a las 19:22 
You can not only use mods but even create your own. Creating your own can even be more fun then the game itself at times.
Andorian25 26 SEP 2013 a las 21:14 
I strongly disagree about there being "no story". The main quest is indeed playable without knowing the details, but there's a ton of story in-world just waiting to be found. The civil war, the Thalmor, the last Dragonborn, they're all part of a story arc that dates back hundreds of years covering the rise and fall of races, mortals being used as pawns by the gods and achieving divinity themselves, schemes to transcend and destroy the universe, and the fallout from past player characters. It's one of the richest worlds I've ever played in.
Cerramir 27 SEP 2013 a las 5:08 
Not exactly sure what the point of you coming on the forums and whining to alot of dedicated fans is...other than making it obvious you have zero idea what you're complaining about. 48 hours of game time and you never bothered trying to adjust the quest markers or read the in-game books. Ask Santa for GTA V.
Dragonbored 27 SEP 2013 a las 5:40 
Someone else said it best in another topic I read... Skyrim is like a make your own adventure game... If you have a great imagination and like to role play... Its amazing.. If your don't have a good imagination and want to be spoon fed some amazing cutscenes every 5 mins to keep you interested then Skyrim is probably not for you... Also with mods, you can change your game sooo much its not even funny.... Design your game with what mods will make your experience 9000% better... Like the above poster said, maybe GTA is more your speed...
rafaelherschel 27 SEP 2013 a las 8:39 
Like other people said:

Turn the pointers off. Floating pointers can easily be disabled in the settings. Normal pointers can be avoided by deselecting quests. Or you could turn the HUB completely transparent, or you can disable the compass by changing a setting in the SkyrimPrefs.ini file.

But anyway, the point of the game is that you can and should wander of and not finish quest after quest in chronological order.

I’ll give you this though: it would have be nice to have one setting that removed the pointers, crosshair and compass with one mouse click.
Rhuto 27 SEP 2013 a las 9:27 
I think whatever you suggest itwill not save the game for him, just because this kind of game aren't what he expect....he want an action game, where you go forward, and kill whatever you see.
By that he don't need to go back and tell he has eliminated anyone, and he can just have one thought in the head...shoot first....ask question later :)

In a way is it sad that every gamehouse put RPG on their games in order to make the game sell to a bigger audience. Most of the game sold under the RPG label are far from what RPG is.

They put in some abilities, and by that the RPG are opened wrong they are.

RPG, in its original form is games like Elder scroll serie....where you start out as a prisoner/farmeboy/orphan, and by exploring and doing task raise to power, and even save the ""World""
RPG, are NOT action game....RPG are about living in a world where you have opertunities to live out some can even be about exploring yourself...investigating.

When it comes to repeating/dullness of the game, then let me ask you;

When do you wake up un the morning it steady?
When do you eat Breakfast in the it steady ?
When do you go to school/ it steady?
What do you do on school/ it steady?
When do you arrive home from school it steady?
When do you eat it steady?
When do you do your homework/ it steady?
When do you start watching TV at it steady?
When do you go to bed at it steady?

In short, life is a long chain of repeating events, so I assume you also will find life dull.
Andorian25 27 SEP 2013 a las 12:39 
To be fair though, if you're talking about the RPG style gameplay of Morrowind, it wasn't exactly great. I remember thinking "Oh crap, I leveled up, better spam these spells on myself just to make sure I don't over-level". Either that or "Meh, I'll just exploit potions or the training system later, it's a good thing stats don't matter at all".

I do agree with you in terms of setting, though, Morrowind was probably the most interesting province with the most character.
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Wuyek 27 SEP 2013 a las 13:53 
The RPG element of Morrowind was what you made of it. No pointers - you had to ask abuot directions, and not everybody's directions were good... or even truthful. This led to exploration and was a glorious feeling.

Many people hated the fact that you had to look for a location and ask for help - to me, that made the game.
TurnedToDust 27 SEP 2013 a las 13:59 
You can give the game that same feel (maybe even better) by modding it. Try that or leave the game for what it is and move on.
Wuyek 27 SEP 2013 a las 14:05 
Mod suggestion to make it somewhat Morrowind-y?

Thanks in advance.

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