The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Sturmgewehr_44 2013年9月21日下午7:05
Eyes Missing
I'm using an enb (project enb) and my eyes are suddenly missing, they are now just depressing, empty sockets! How do i fix this? eyes appear black for females, hollow for males (kajiiti and argonians don't have this issue). I'm also having problems with textures being missing in the load screens. I don't have any mods that could cause missing eyes. How could this enb cause it? Btw, all npcs and the player character seem to have this problem.
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Sturmgewehr_44 2013年9月21日下午7:12 
Anyone else have this issue? (toggling off the enb returns the eye textures), so i know its the enb or enb related, at least.
Sturmgewehr_44 2013年9月21日下午8:08 
DragonSamurai360 2013年9月21日下午8:15 
look for a patch on nexus or a different version of enb or redownload it might be corrupted also try googling it might be common
Sturmgewehr_44 2013年9月21日下午8:16 
It can't be corrupted, i reinstalled multiple times, and looked it up, some people report it but theres not much to be found.
DragonSamurai360 2013年9月21日下午8:37 
hm try a different enb build or version i had a problem with enb not working so i deleated all enb files and reinstalled it and where did you get it try downloading a version from then overwriting those files with the ones you are trying to use
Sturmgewehr_44 2013年9月21日下午8:39 
I tried that, i think.
DragonSamurai360 2013年9月21日下午8:43 
ok im not sure what it may be other than not using it until you can get a better answer because im not sure how to fix the problem and i dont want to give you inacurate advice could screw up your game or system try the official bethesda forums they maybe able to help you there or the nexus forums good luck
Sturmgewehr_44 2013年9月21日下午9:03 
hmm... i don't get it, do i have to run enbinjector.exe everytime is turn my pc on? (it disappears from tray).
I believe you have made two threads of the same thing. Please, don't do that.
Xandurz 2013年9月22日上午3:14 
Hmm... What kind of mod did you download? Could you point me that way and tell me how you got the empty eye sockets? I need it for my upcoming Dunmer necro game :D: it will look cool.
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Sturmgewehr_44 2013年9月22日上午7:14 
The eyes aren't very cool- i want them gone. i assume it is from project enb.
Fell 2014年1月9日下午8:56 
A bit late to the party, but have the same problem. Missing male eyes, black female eyes, missing armor textures in loading screens. Happened while trying around ENBs - deleted every trace of them, tried for cleaner saves, reinstalled/uninstalled Eyes of Beauty, Covereyes and different texture patches etc... to no avail. AA disabled and so on.

Anyone with a solution?
Fell 2014年1月9日下午9:09 

Finally found a fix. Huge thanks to this guy for the ini tweaks;

引用自 Gropax
i would clean out the whole enb and start all over again and make sure you have the INI settings also he posted

set this values in SkyrimPrefs.ini:

最后由 Fell 编辑于; 2014年1月9日下午9:10
Sturmgewehr_44 2014年1月10日上午11:44 
Yes, disable Mulitsampling and AA, aswell as possibly AF? That will solve it!
getting the same issue, tried this fix..didnt work..still says hardware aa is enabled..grrr
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